NEW Hyundai Santa Fe walkaround– RADICAL look for 2024 SUV! | What Car?

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Watch our walkaround evaluation of the new . This seven-seat SUV will go on sale in 2024 with radical staying and a more upmarket interior.

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22 responses to “NEW Hyundai Santa Fe walkaround– RADICAL look for 2024 SUV! | What Car?”

  1. Ashes Avatar

    That rear looks like a mini van. And im sure it will grow on us. And a tan upholstery or black would look dope. Rest is just awesome.

  2. J Raheem Jefcoat Avatar
    J Raheem Jefcoat

    I see G-Wagon inspiration on the rear. I overall LOVE IT!!

  3. UKMike2009 Avatar

    Great looking car – yes even that ever-so-practical rear end. Definitely an improvement on the original model and is an interesting and attractive design. However, if you just need to seat 7 passengers don’t exclude the Dacia Jogger at less than half the price of this.

  4. Devil's .Breath Avatar
    Devil’s .Breath

    I actually find it very interesting. It grabs attention. The more I look at the car the more I like its funky design.

  5. MAGA Avatar

    Looks good. Hyundai is on the roll with their new products rolling out. Better than most cars in the industry.

  6. Daniel Evans Avatar
    Daniel Evans

    That rear end kills it for me. Rodius for sure.

  7. nurpurp15 Avatar

    I think the car looks great with the exception of the rear, but I feel like the design writes checks that it’s actual off-road capability and performance can’t cash. I’ve actually seen one in camo on the road because I live near a Hyundai HQ, and it looks a lot lower and longer than you’d expect it to be.

  8. Colin Renfrew Avatar
    Colin Renfrew

    The styling is just what this sector wants….so, it’s likely to be a success. Elements are certainly derivative, but so are many SUVs on sale at present. Full marks for Hyundais design confidence.

  9. funnyfiveminutes Avatar

    The steering wheel enhances the Land Rover feel even more

  10. GlowingTube Avatar

    I generally like the styling apart from the rear end which brings the whole design down.

    1. M Salzberg Avatar
      M Salzberg

      Yes, this design is more refined on the new Defender.


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  12. ΗΛΙΑΣ ΓΟΥΣΙΟΣ Avatar

    Πολύ ωραία παρουσίαση,ευχαριστούμε 👌🇬🇷

  13. Rapid Abdul Avatar
    Rapid Abdul

    Every part of the car i love, but the rear just killed it

  14. Shepherd Overland  Avatar
    Shepherd Overland

    I would love to see XRT trim with some 17″ rims /35 tires for some overlanding

  15. Dima Rosca Dall'acqua Avatar
    Dima Rosca Dall’acqua

    One thing I can say is that Hyundai is extremely bold. They are trying to surpass themselves! I love what they are doing! 😊

    1. M Salzberg Avatar
      M Salzberg

      Copying Land Rovers?

  16. nabill arif Avatar
    nabill arif

    Thank you Hyundai for being bold and not boring like others , this is ace on so many levels

  17. Toby Centre Sydney™ Media Network Avatar
    Toby Centre Sydney™ Media Network

    I reckon the rear would look more cohesive if only the gave the car muscular shoulders so it looks less ungainly with the visual mass of body to glass, but that’s probably not the only problem with its design.

  18. tunedskillsz Avatar

    This is insane! Im tired of trading my car in every 2 years! Kia and Hyundai keep coming out with awesome cars! I just got the 2023 Kia Niro but now this is on my bucket list.

  19. Jocelyn's Journal Avatar
    Jocelyn’s Journal

    I love it! For me this has shades of the big American SUV’s such as the Lincoln Aviator and the GMC Yukon. I love the design of the rear end and the interior is a big move upmarket. The new Santa Fe may very well be on my shopping list when I move home to France from England. Well done Hyundai!

  20. Christian Avatar

    Love this new design ❤ especially the rear. Looks so 70s

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