NEW Hyundai Santa Fe review – the ULTIMATE seven-seat SUV? | What Car?

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In this new Hyundai we take a look at whether this huge, practical and luxurious seven seater is even much better than its brilliant predecessor.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Brand-new
1:22 Interior styling
1:58 New tech
2:51 Masses of storage
3:47 Interior evaluation
5:05 Middle row
6:23 Third row
8:26 Boot area and functionality
10:40 Performance
11:28 Driving impressions
13:52 Driving through Seoul
14:57 Pricing and competitors
15:19 Decision


24 responses to “NEW Hyundai Santa Fe review – the ULTIMATE seven-seat SUV? | What Car?”

  1. @nawafa4307 Avatar

    The design in the back will translate much better if they make the light box signature a solid fill instead of the H pattern.

  2. @David-kl4kn Avatar

    GJ. Nissan Sentra review pls

    1. @joey-pn3xe Avatar

      Do we get that car in the UK?

  3. @rodrigofazendeiro8914 Avatar

    What Car faz um vídeo sobre o Mercedes-Benz GLB 35 AMG 4Matic(What Car makes a video about the Mercedes-Benz GLB 35 AMG 4Matic)

  4. @brianallan9035 Avatar

    I am not in the market for this type of vehicle, but I can see it doing very well. Maybe more so in North America where size matters. Great review as usual.

  5. @matthewsalmon8194 Avatar

    It looks like a knock off Range Rover – for prob about half the price and running costs..but most of its features

    1. @brianallan9035 Avatar

      And no breakdowns…

    2. @matthewsalmon8194 Avatar

      @@brianallan9035 well fewer for sure..and you can insure it inside the M25

  6. @nicholasriley3569 Avatar

    Hyundai are a car company in a hurry. But they do seem to completely restyle cars at frequent intervals meaning your current gen version now last gen version gets dated.

  7. @gijsprins5589 Avatar

    It’s odd you didn’t mentioned it is just a copy of the EV9 and the interior is also very much like the new KIA cars, since KIA and Hyundai share designs. except this is hybrid and not full eletric.

  8. @_manojkumar_ Avatar

    good explaination and good car.

  9. @jraheemjefcoat429 Avatar

    I see nothing but G-Wagon in the back! I don’t mind the look at all. It serves a purpose for more cargo space.

    1. @dzmitrykuliashou1309 Avatar

      And for me back design looks like renovated VW Transporter T3

  10. @jraheemjefcoat429 Avatar

    There is an off-road version of the new Santa Fe coming to North America market. The trim is called XRT.

  11. @MrSgtzara Avatar

    No diesel? 🥲

  12. @zal_models Avatar

    It has a MOC Lego SUV feel

  13. @dwardy Avatar

    Love it

  14. @edwinng2046 Avatar

    Back design is ugly 😮 overall is good 🎉

  15. @BUY_YOUTUB_VIEWS.843 Avatar

    I’m officially a fan of this channel now. Subscribed! ✅

  16. @andrewg9236 Avatar

    Fun fact : same designer as the ‘ Land Wind ‘……..

  17. @spatialstudio1 Avatar

    X5 competitor? 😂

  18. @juliandclarke Avatar

    Think I prefer the Kia EV9, if I needed a 6/7 seater

  19. @jakes5530 Avatar

    I think color really makes a difference for this. White exterior with the “black ink” package looks awesome. Some of the other colors look bleh

  20. @user-jw4nz8km2x Avatar

    Why do you need to adjust fan speed? Cars have had auto climate options for some 30 years now and the car will do it for you if needed. It will adjust the air mass temperature and fan speed combined as needed. It will automaticaly activate moisture blower, it will adjust to tunnels to activate circulation. I just can not understand why there is so damn much time spent on some climate controls while I can’t even remember when did I last time change my interior climate settings. Maybe a month ja six ago or such and it is freezing winter here. Set to 21c summer and winter and Auto does everything needed. Only think I might wanna do is put a defroster on for windshield, but when thats deactivated car is back to Auto again.

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