NEW Hyundai Kona Electric REVEALED – better than a Kia Niro? | What Car?

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The brand-new Hyundai Kona Electric has been exposed– will it be the very best electric SUV? Enjoy to discover what's brand-new

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Video chapters:
0:00 Introduction
0:30 What is the Kona?
2:27 New exterior
4:08 New interior
5:46 Brand-new engines
6:17 The Kona Electric
7:48 Prices and decision






35 responses to “NEW Hyundai Kona Electric REVEALED – better than a Kia Niro? | What Car?”

  1. Tram. Avatar

    Looks better in person.

    1. Brian Avatar

      I’m not sure. The front had shades of Beluga Whale for me….. Colour can make a difference though….

    2. DC Various Vids Avatar
      DC Various Vids

      Looks more like the Citroen Cactus now. Used to have a style of its own, sadly no more.

  2. Rui Avatar

    They could have skipped the hybrid version imo.
    edit: hope there weren’t compromises to the platform because of that.

    1. Brian Avatar

      I think some car makers will begin dropping standard (non plug-in) hybrids from their ranges altogether fairly soon…. I think legislation requiring hybrids to have the potential to cover X miles on battery alone, will be along soon. Only plug-In hybrids are able to do that. Standard hybrids cannot.

  3. Brian Avatar

    At £38k for the fully electric version, it’ll be a harder sell against some strong competition…… That said Kia/Hyundai have proved to be some of the most efficient EV’s around. That might matter to some…..

    1. DC Various Vids Avatar
      DC Various Vids

      Wonder if they’ve solved the Hyundai & Kia self draining 12v battery system.

  4. androo4519 Avatar

    I like it a lot but fast charging is surely a must these days. Might be a dealbreaker for some so it seems an odd decision.

  5. Paul Taroni Avatar
    Paul Taroni

    From the back end it looks like it’s pants are falling down……..

  6. TL Avatar

    £8k premium over the hybrid and £13k over the petrol equivalent? Way too much. It is no wonder why interest in EVs are declining over the past year. How can a working class person like myself afford EVs? I can only afford to buy used cars at around £10 to £15k max.

    1. bbbf09 Avatar

      MG4 is same price as Ford Focus £26k. Don’t think anyone ever put Ford Focus in the rich mans plaything. £10 to 15k would surely put you only in 2nd hand terrritory anyway – even for petrol cars. As for 2nd hand EVs I notice a BMW i3 now in that range <£15k...and used Teslas now approaching ~£20k. Given most EVs are only a few years old you might have to wait a while to have choice in sub £15k though. (p.s. the affordability of EVs has to be balnced against where, how you charge it and how much mileage you do ... I charge at home on night time tarriff at 7p/kwh. This means I have 300miles range for about £5 - something that would be approx £50 in petrol/diesel. My high mileage commute means fuel used to cost £250 a month - but is now only £25 per month - so the savings of £225 per month easily makes an EV very affordable to me .

    2. Sad Niskanen Avatar
      Sad Niskanen

      @Loz Etchells exactly, Im salesperson and getting 60k car basically free

    3. Sean Mullery Avatar
      Sean Mullery

      @Mark Robins absolute bell

    4. Mark Robins Avatar
      Mark Robins

      @Sean Mullery 🤣

    5. TL Avatar

      @bbbf09 It’s still not starting price of £38,000 , that’s my point. I simply cannot afford to buy it even when it is 5 years old and with a clapped out battery. At least I can afford a 5-year old Focus with an engine that can last another 10 years, just like the one I currently am driving.

  7. Samson Ermias Avatar
    Samson Ermias

    It looks amazing do you know when is available in the UK?

  8. paul taylor Avatar
    paul taylor

    As with all Kia a Hyundia car’s give them a few years and they look very dated, and this one looks way over designed, strips of led DRL’S don’t help at all.

    1. Mark Mills Avatar
      Mark Mills

      Completely agree, they always age really badly

  9. Marky Mark Reviews Avatar
    Marky Mark Reviews

    Too expensive. yes I know EVs have ben expensive but with Tesla price cutting these models now look over priced. Unless the dealers are going to discount (quietly)

  10. What Car? Avatar
    What Car?

    Does the new Hyundai Kona look like a big improvement? 👇

    1. 80Y3R Avatar

      Looks nicer on the inside than the niro I ordered.. annoying as it still hasn’t turned up

    2. Colin Goode Avatar
      Colin Goode

      In a word errr, No. Slow charging speed & price let it down. Styling is a bit bland as well. I’m still looking for a cost effective 5 door hatch EV which I’m pretty sure will have to be a used model, prices for which seem to be dropping nicely.

  11. woody1569 Avatar

    I think it’s a great update from the last one and it will go far.

  12. A A Avatar
    A A

    I like it 🙂

  13. Habit7 Avatar

    Exhaust tips?

    1. SHROOMY Avatar

      Not on the EV. Only on the N-line petrol.

    2. Habit7 Avatar

      @SHROOMY yes obviously, but why talk about petrol spec option on a EV review.

  14. Daniel Avatar

    The price difference between the petrol and electric models is ridiculous. Surely Hyundai/Kia can be more competitive given the number of EVs they sell. Price has to be closer to £30,000 for the Kona to out sell the MG 4 or 5.

  15. 80Y3R Avatar

    So.. it won’t be 38k for the basic otherwise it’s be more than the Kia and that isn’t the model

  16. M B Avatar
    M B

    Twin exhausts to jettison all those electrons 😂

    1. SHROOMY Avatar

      That’s only for the petrol version.

  17. Kevin Carson Avatar
    Kevin Carson

    Can’t help thinking that those lights in the lower rear end are not going to last long and must be prone to damage

  18. PSW 77 Avatar
    PSW 77

    The Kona and Niro didn’t have the same battery, that’s why the Niro was never recalled!

  19. Pete S48 Avatar
    Pete S48

    The blue model is so bland looking at the front.

  20. Sam Bomorse Avatar
    Sam Bomorse

    I’ve got the latest Kona Electric and the best I’ve managed is 314 miles from a charge and several times I’ve got 300. And that’s with mixed motorway and city driving.
    No car in this class is as efficient in the real world. The new Mégane E-Tech has a terrible real world range and the iD3 and Born are the same.
    I will almost definitely be upgrading to the new Kona when my lease ends.

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