New Hyundai IONIQ 6 DRIVEN! Should you cancel the Tesla Model 3? / Electrifying

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The Ioniq 5 is among our favourite vehicles, however the styling is Lego-brick blocky. Besides not being to everybody's taste, it's not the most aerodynamic either. Get in the wind-cheating Ioniq 6, which brings extra efficiency to the package.

The 2nd to be constructed on and Kia's innovative new electrical platform, the Ioniq 6 is open for order and seems among the most talked-about arrivals for 2023. Longer and sleeker than its chunky Ioniq 5 sibling, the Ioniq 6 also guarantees to be more effective thanks to its streamliner exterior style.

However does it live up to the buzz? Has the Tesla Model 3 lastly met its match for efficiency and variety? Join Ginny as she gets behind the wheel of a pre-production right-hand drive design for the very first time.

Are you a fan of the design? Will the Ioniq 6 be on your electrical vehicle shortlist for 2023? As always, we 'd enjoy to hear your viewpoints in the remarks below.

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23 responses to “New Hyundai IONIQ 6 DRIVEN! Should you cancel the Tesla Model 3? / Electrifying”

  1. Keith Reynolds Avatar
    Keith Reynolds

    Looks like a traditional Jag had a love child with a Porsche… or was it a Ford Sierra? But will it fit in a parking space?

  2. RC18 Avatar

    I’m curious to see how this does against the updated model 3 highland, nio et5, byd seal, xpeng p5 and other’s in the expanding 4dr mid size ev sedan market. I say not for me with the exterior styling to saab/merkur looking, but way to go team Hyundai. And bring in the i5n please. 👍🏻

  3. Mick Wilson Avatar
    Mick Wilson

    It would be great if you guys did a UK video for us Motability customers – a view of what was available and the best of those along with the costs.
    There is a really poor choice just now – I have a Soul EVFE just now, I dont htink I’ll be able to get anything close to that spec come next december when I have to replace it.

    1. Ian Trott Avatar
      Ian Trott

      Definitely 🙂

  4. Mr SWR Avatar
    Mr SWR

    Now watched five reviews of this same poor Car. It gets about😂. That passenger door mirror may have a bad scratch just saying 😉 Well done Hyundai doing it their own way. Be interesting about sales of EV’s now Tesla has lower the price so much. The boot opening is acceptable to me as I’ve accepted I’d be ok with the Model 3 boot.

    Hyundai just knocking it out the park 👏👏👏 I may not ever buy one but I appreciate what they are doing. You obviously tested this after a few journalists have launched it. It actually gets real world 270 miles (winter).

  5. Shaun Mckenna Avatar
    Shaun Mckenna

    Hello Ginny great review i love this car and yes my first thoughts were the 4 door 911 Porsche or the 989 . I think Hyundai is on a winner with this car i was surprised with your range even in the winter , I live now on Vancouver Island and I drive a Genesis GV60 our weather is much the same as the UK at this time of the year when i am charged to 80% i have 250 mile range same battery as the Ioniq 6 . The Ioniq 6 is much lighter and much more streamline I am sure we will see a large increase in range thanks again look forward to more updates.

  6. Noah E Avatar
    Noah E

    It looks like it melted. At some point aesthetics and utility need to trump efficiency. I’d be willing to venture a lot of consumers would gladly sacrifice a few miles of range for a higher rear that would both look better and provide more trunk/boot space. Sedans are a dying breed so they need to bring their A game to the segment. I don’t see this taking a lot of sales away from the Model 3, even with it’s own issues (inconsistent build quality and adversarial customer support)

  7. Sven Gaefgen Avatar
    Sven Gaefgen

    I love the car, but the glossy black does not suit it as well as the lighter colors.
    I don’t like driving tablets, so I’m in for the driver display and the HUD.
    It’s a different class than a M3, serving slightly different type of customers.

  8. Julian Ilett Avatar
    Julian Ilett

    Old school pronunciation of Hyundai – the new TV ads tell you how.

    1. Brian Avatar


  9. Darren Aitcheson Avatar
    Darren Aitcheson

    I’m not convinced, but it might grow on me. It almost looks like the front, middle and back have been designed by three different teams who never talked to each other.

  10. Marvin Samuels Avatar
    Marvin Samuels

    I’m gutted it doesn’t look as stylish as the Prophecy show car due to the practicalities of everyday life, but it looks way more stylish than my super efficient Ioniq 38kWh

  11. Armin Pfeiffer Avatar
    Armin Pfeiffer

    Really nice car, but I definitely wouldn’t choose it over a Tesla.

  12. chrys Chrysostomou Avatar
    chrys Chrysostomou

    Sorry Ginny, but if you read the spec sheets you would see that the car is capable of 381 mile range if fitted with the 18″ wheels. Your test car has 20″ wheels that reduces the range to 328 miles, as mentioned by others who drove the exact same car.

    1. Simon de Haas Avatar
      Simon de Haas

      According to other reviews I’ve seen, in the UK only the 20″ tyres are offered.
      The more relevant point is that aerodynamics are only going to help at higher speeds. At 30-50mph like this review largely appeared to be, you should surely expect similar efficiency to the Ioniq5. It’s the same drivetrain.

  13. Joseph Avatar

    Nice review. I thought you would have been able to reset the efficiency so that it was based on your driving rather than the cumulative of the community of test drivers(?).

  14. DC Various Vids Avatar
    DC Various Vids

    If they’d made the retail version look like the concept. The out looks would have been even better that a Tesla or Taycan. As it is, a bean counter won the day and slightly soiled the promise.

    Streamliner = sweptback saloon

  15. P M Avatar
    P M

    Think this will appeal to the more mature driver as its not a radical change from current ICE car looks. Most new EVs look like they’ve escaped from the studio of Space 1999.
    As for the efficiency Ginny all the other testers I’ve watched have got into the high 3’s.

  16. Baz H Avatar
    Baz H

    I’d imagine the efficiency really comes with motorway speeds, since aerodynamic gains rise exponentially with speed… that combined with the epic 800V charging make it a strong choice for the niche of drivers who want to do regular long distances on routes with top quality chargers & little need for luggage (and who don’t want a Tesla, for whatever reason). For families or urban commuters the shape and ridiculous boot probaby make this an instant ‘nope’, but there’s probably still a (small) place for it.

  17. Thomas Eriksson Avatar
    Thomas Eriksson

    As always-great first test🌹👍
    But dont like the 2 tone exterior..should look much better if all was painted in bodycolor. And i think the 17 inch wheels get much more comfort and range..

  18. slug781 Avatar

    Got 4miles per kWh out of my mg 5 today. -2 to 2 degrees. Heater on 21. 160 mile trip. Not sure I’d be forking out the extra 15 grand for something not as good.

  19. Niklas Wejedal Avatar
    Niklas Wejedal

    I absolutely love the looks – Tatra 87 for the 21st century! So happy that streamlining is “sexy” again – not a decade too early. The lower the Cw, the better the looks.

  20. Michael G Avatar
    Michael G

    Be a great estate car.
    Your comments on efficiency are consistent with other reviews I’ve seen. Really disappointing as imo it’s the most important metric going forward and even in our model Y we get 4 miles per kWh without trying, and 5.4 in the model 3.

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