NEW Honda CR-V revealed! Full details on BIG changes for hybrid SUV | What Car?

The new CR-V has been revealed with a BIG overhaul bringing a new look, new interior and new hybrid tech. Idea the old CR-V was big? Well this one is even larger! View to discover whatever you require to understand.

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26 responses to “NEW Honda CR-V revealed! Full details on BIG changes for hybrid SUV | What Car?”

  1. Mano Z Avatar
    Mano Z

    Looks mint, much better presence

  2. Paul Robinson Avatar
    Paul Robinson

    Looks really nice but Honda have priced me out so no brand new Cr-v’s for me now!

  3. Gerald Swift Avatar
    Gerald Swift

    I like the improved styling and infotainment screen. Retaining heating controls is also a winner. Don’t like the suggested increase in starting price.

  4. threeleafshamrock Avatar

    I like it! It’s the Civic for me but if I was looking for a SUV, this would get serious consideration. 👍
    Great no-nonsense review btw.

  5. Pradeep Magan Avatar
    Pradeep Magan

    Will be interesting to see if it sells

  6. Colin Renfrew Avatar
    Colin Renfrew

    If this car was good looking, that would be heads up in this review. The fact that you’re excited about a few dashboard controls….says a lot.

  7. Lambo Avatar

    It does look like an estate car.

  8. Avu Azahc Avatar
    Avu Azahc

    Honda got very serious this time with this CR-V

  9. Krzysztof Ćwik Avatar
    Krzysztof Ćwik

    We need Pilot PHEV and Odyssey PHEV in Europe !!

  10. Paul Milsom Avatar
    Paul Milsom

    I like the fact that the plug in hybrid can recharge from the engine too, I often wondered why this wasn’t a feature on other models. I’m sure that others will now follow suit, but £50k+?? Crikey

    1. TL Avatar

      They all do, not just the Honda. The problem is that it takes an awful long time to charge the much bigger battery and it is actually very inefficient and therefore the fuel economy tanks.

    2. Mia Miata Avatar
      Mia Miata

      Why would you? It burns extra fuel to charge the battery and with the efficiency losses in the process will get you less far eventually

    3. Paul Milsom Avatar
      Paul Milsom

      @Mia Miata  OK, didn’t realise that

    4. Paul Milsom Avatar
      Paul Milsom

      @TL  System needs to be better then, thanks for replying

  11. Matthew Tink Avatar
    Matthew Tink

    This will be too expensive if the pricing turns out to be correct. Also puts it into the premium road fund licence bracket, which is bound to put private buyers off. Honda seem to believe many current CR-V owners will buy a ZR-V instead but I think they may be sadly mistaken. The new ZR-V sits lower and the styling is not that attractive, obviously designed in the US to compete with the Ford Escape (Kuga) as has similar styling. Honda Europe always make the mistake of thinking they have a premium product and price it that way but when you drive one it doesn’t feel all that premium. Current CR-V has rattly plastics and lots of tyre noise for example.

  12. Artov Noyes Avatar
    Artov Noyes

    Be interesting to see what the lead times are. I’ve waited 6 months for my Civic so far with no end in sight yet. If they put this engine in the HR-V I think that would be a top seller, depending on price of course.

    1. Andrew M Avatar
      Andrew M

      It’s likely an uprated, more powerful version of the new Civic’s-2 litre engine, if Honda are using the same powertrain as for the hybrid CRV in the USA.

    2. Paul Mussett Avatar
      Paul Mussett

      Looks fantastic! Has the look of an XC90 but i much prefer the Honda!

  13. silvacrest11 Avatar

    I get that everything does not need to be an EV yet, but Honda are dragging their feet with it, Personally I would have loved a few more models from them

  14. D C Avatar
    D C

    Honda have absolutely killed it with this, Fantastic Design 👍

  15. JDM guy Avatar
    JDM guy

    The design looks great, very sharp inside and out. Being a Honda it will be well put together and last (just about) forever given my experience with the brand. Pricey but then so are all it’s rivals. Quality comes at a price though.

  16. Derek L Avatar
    Derek L

    Ultimately ride quality is what drives the sales of these vehicles.

  17. Richard Smith Avatar
    Richard Smith

    We bought an HRV. Smaller engine but the principle is the same. It’s really very good, better than my last car which was an excellent yet flawed Suzuki. We are getting around 62mpg in slowish local driving, and yet I still got a speeding ticket when I really do not want to speed. I was afraid to brake because I didn’t want to lose momentum, I think. We wanted the Crosstar Jazz thingy and even ordered one, and the following day were told that they couldn’t get our car for at least a year… I’ll be dead soon so that was ridiculous. Anyway, the Honda system is superb.

  18. 22imp Avatar

    Nice in-depth review

  19. Edward De Jong Avatar
    Edward De Jong

    A wonderful step forward in quality and features. However, they are really pushing the envelope with regards to price. Getting close to BMW pricing, and at this price you can consider a Tesla Model Y long range.

  20. Enigma Avatar

    I just bought the previous version, aware the new one was likely to cost a lot more. I think I made a good decision. The issues with the old one are the clunky tech and the lack of a spare wheel. The old one is also more economical.

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