NEW Genesis GV70 Electrified review – best electric SUV? | What Car?

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Is this ANOTHER huge electrical hit for ? In this brand-new Electrified , we take a look at whether it has all the essential credit to be a high-grade electrical SUV.

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01:06 Competitors
01:40 Infotainment
02:38 Build quality
04:12 Practicality
05:44 Efficiency
07:24 Charging
08:06 Handling
09:00 Noise and vibration
09:30 Finest thing
10:00 Worst thing
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14 responses to “NEW Genesis GV70 Electrified review – best electric SUV? | What Car?”

  1. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    You are a very good Youtuber. ❤

    1. disarchitected Avatar

      Are you his mum?

  2. ipb1966 Avatar

    If one of your reasons to buy an EV is to reduce your carbon footprint, I suggest you think carefully about buying one from Genesis in the UK. Two issues with my car have resulted in two 520 mile round trips on the back of a diesel lorry to what is currently their only service centre in the UK. Three months of Genesis ownership have resulted in a higher carbon footprint than three YEARS of Tesla ownership.

    1. James SEZ Avatar
      James SEZ

      Would have thought it could just go to a local kia or Hyundai dealership as they cannot be that different underneath

  3. L1GHT 1 Avatar
    L1GHT 1

    I had a Genesis G80. It was truly a great beautiful car . Only challenge I have with this iteration is the interior is less spacious than the Model Y and range. Range without the Tesla network is spotty and quite not a fun experience. Even in one of mY Performance Model Y’s riding on 21’s… I dislike road trips over 600 miles due to the amount of time used in charging

  4. TL Avatar

    These cars are so expensive now, and also so expensive to run that it no longer makes sense for the vast majority of the population to buy them. Depreciation alone will cost £5k to £10k a year with these behemoths! Running costs are also going up so fast that it cost more to run these cars when driving long distances. Also, these cars are around 2 to 3 tons GVW! The amount of scarce resources used to produce them is not eco-friendly and simply beg the question, why do we allow ourselves to be forced by politicians into such a questionable solution to replace ICE.
    We do need to reset our thinking about whether EVs are the right ‘one’ solution.

  5. disarchitected Avatar

    Not sure why Genesis didn’t just launch as a pure EV brand in the UK.

  6. Peter Harrison Avatar
    Peter Harrison

    I was the in the market for a lux SUV EV.
    This is a segment above the iX3 and iPace – it competes with the Polestar 3, Bmw iX, Mercedes EQE, and Audi Q8 eTron (like you said). Sadly it falls short. The spec is poverty in standard form – you need to add £7k of options, e.g. no heated fronts as standard 🤨 Your video was full of option recommendations – “if you add x option pack then it improves…..”
    The battery is too small and thus range is poor, just the same as the base model iX.

  7. Martin Beacher Avatar
    Martin Beacher

    FROM £64K 🤣 – with a real world range of 220-miles 😂 – sorry but you’re having a laugh.

    1. Winter Sun Avatar
      Winter Sun

      Just go for Model Y. 😂

    2. joey020 Avatar

      @Winter Sun model y rides like a horse with a cart!

  8. Harry Blinkhorn Avatar
    Harry Blinkhorn

    Will never buy an electric car,all this charging time and that if you can find one available and is working, London recently had a 5hr wait time,no thanks

  9. paul taylor Avatar
    paul taylor

    Paintwork looks like it’s been cleaned with a yard brush or it has very soft paint, either way it’s not a good look for a “premium brand” car. I think you’d look like you couldn’t afford a Bentley, so you bought this Korean offering to, similar to a Boxter over a 911 years ago.

  10. bodrulm1 Avatar

    The BMW iX3 uses the last version of iDrive with buttons, not the fully touchscreen one. That is the best infotainment on the market and better than the one shown here

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