NEW Electric Car Range Test – does hot weather REALLY make a difference? | What Car?

We drive 12 electrical automobiles until they pass away to discover how far they'll actually travel on a complete charge in hot weather.

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33 responses to “NEW Electric Car Range Test – does hot weather REALLY make a difference? | What Car?”

  1. Paulo GOMES Avatar
    Paulo GOMES

    great test !
    efficiency is the key !
    TESLA is always working for !

  2. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    Perfect content, keep it up.

  3. Snoopy Avatar

    There are many energy companies with overnight changing rates of around 10p/kWh. That’s a THIRD of the costs mentioned for home charging in this video. BIG difference

  4. GDSte 25 Avatar
    GDSte 25

    No changes from the motoring companies with as always pie in the sky WLTP figures for ranges. Good to get much more accurate figures from What Car though thanks guys. It would be good to see more actual on road journeys though that involve using the still very patchy public charging network that Government seem to have washed their hands of.

    1. Bob UK Avatar
      Bob UK

      Hi, it’s the same as with claimed mog figures for internal combustion engines. There are so many variables that a standardised test is needed. That means it is not ‘real world’ and won’t tell you how far you will get with your style of driving in the conditions and on the roads you drive on. What it does do is enable you to compare one vehicle with another. Driving a car with a good WLTP will get you more range than one with a bad WLTP. What that range actually is depends very much on you, just as it does for internal combustion vehicles.

  5. NEALY Avatar

    Average UK driver drives 20 miles a day so even the old I3 may be a viable option for many.

  6. Stephen clay Avatar
    Stephen clay

    A good review, I do agree to a point about efficiency but that can only be compared with a similar size car. An ID BUZZ for example is never going to be as efficient as a MG 4 but you can’t carry 6 people and there luggage in an MG. Also if you had the AC on in the cars those with heat pumps would be slightly more efficient. But then you have to way up the cost of the heat pump and how often you need it on if it’s not a standard fit. I had to make that choice when ordering my Kia EV6. and chose not to spec it at a cost of £1,000 my thought process was as I charge 95% from home and do about 6 to 7,000 miles a year it wasn’t worth it for me. How you drive and what drive mode you select has a bearing on it. Your not going to buy a a Kia EV6 GT and drive it all the time in eco mode. So as you can see it’s not just a simple case of buying the most efficient car.

    1. Adrian Carey Avatar
      Adrian Carey

      Good point. MG doesn’t even come with a heat pump.

    2. A Nemeth Avatar
      A Nemeth

      You can’t carry 6 people in the short ID Buzz either…

  7. Ricco123tube Avatar

    Charging at home is not 30p per kilowatt. Most people pay between 6 to 10 pence.

    1. Chris Mowatt Avatar
      Chris Mowatt

      He said that

    2. Chris O'Mahoney Avatar
      Chris O’Mahoney

      Plus there are tariffs that don’t mean you pay more in the day. Ovo charge anytime for example. 10p kWh for EV charging. Everything else standard rate.

  8. Martin Greig Avatar
    Martin Greig

    Efficiency has always been the most important point of an EV and, sadly, one that car manufacturers have failed to achieve. Instead they all focus on range and do this by simply adding more batteries, making the cars bigger and heavier and more expensive – but less efficient.

    1. Paul Tasker Avatar
      Paul Tasker

      True. If the main advantage is environmental, efficiency is incredibly important.

    2. TL Avatar

      Fe people actually understand energy efficiency and range is much easier to understand and easier to market to a mass audience.

    3. DavidT Avatar

      @TL I disagree, I would suggest that anyone can understand miles per gallon and the cost of that, nobody talks about the size of the fuel tank or how far the goes goes non stop. The other factor of just throwing in a larger battery because of laziness or otherwise poor engineering is the additional weight but also the extra charging time.

  9. Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting Avatar
    Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting

    I would’ve liked to seen the Nissan Ariya in this lineup. It seems to have an excellent range and is certainly a lot more practical and cheaper, than the ID buzz. Especially for the rear passengers, that don’t get Aircon or opening windows. That would be fun for them in this hot weather. 🙂

    1. Peak Proof Avatar
      Peak Proof

      For my use the Buzz would be way more practical. I’m not sure there’s anything more practical than a van.

  10. Richard Johnson Avatar
    Richard Johnson

    i like these range tests i find them very useful please do more mainly on the more affordable new cars to come. thank you.

  11. Richard Johnson Avatar
    Richard Johnson

    i own a fiat 500e and it comes a lot short of its official range of 199 miles it only manages 150 miles approx, but it is a well made car and at the moment it suits me, but i would consider changing to the new fiat 600e or the VW id2/ id3 in 2025

    1. Ralph Armsby Avatar
      Ralph Armsby

      I own a 2 year old e Niro and it achieves the 283 mile stated range quite easily with non motorway driving. ATM fully charged shows over 300.

  12. Eric Lafoy Avatar
    Eric Lafoy

    You maybe able to transport 6 people + luggage in the ID BUZZ but what will be the final range. You should also do tests at full passenger capacity + luggage. Too many of these tests are with only the driver not even a passenger. But I do like the test and very informative.

    1. Tom OOO Avatar
      Tom OOO

      Bjørn Nyland does lots of detailed reviews of range and efficiency – and did one with an EV + driver , then EV + driver + 400kG (of screen wash). He found that the car was statistically exactly the same (actually slightly better fully loaded – but probably test error) when unloaded and loaded. EV’s are much less affected by weight (loading) because they use regen to recover the extra momentum of a fully loaded car. It of course requires a car with reasonable regen levels, but most cars have good enough regen to never need to use the brakes. Of course, this is very different than an ICE car where we have to work brakes harder due higher momentum.
      In general – an EV is only marginally affected by load (there is a small % on rolling resistance as a function of weight), but due to its high efficiency from “fuel” if is much more affected by wind resistance (and coef of drag), wind, standing water and temperature

  13. Shay Whelan Avatar
    Shay Whelan

    Excellent analysis. This is where whatcar excels. I might suggest adding the prices though

  14. Bob UK Avatar
    Bob UK

    Hi What Car. This is REALLY useful. Thank you.

  15. Aniello Liguori Avatar
    Aniello Liguori

    OK Here is my experience, I have a V2 Cupra Born 58kw. Had it from new since July 2022 done 19500 miles. Most of them commuting 64 mile round trip to work. Most of the time about %80 Motorway rest a mixture of fast A roads and slow A roads. Sometimes i do a different route if the motorway has problems. The car does have the optional heat pump. Nearly all my charging is done at home on Octopus go. So in good conditions I can get 5 mile/kwh I travel Max at 60 mph on commute. Recently I got 5.8 mile/KW when it was 25c and i did most of my journey on A roads. On a day trip to the Lakes from Manchester travelling at motorway speeds 70mph then on slower country roads in the lakes I averaged aprox 4.2mile/kw Now that was travelling mainly at 70mph on M61/M6 with a few bottle necks which would probably increase effiency (regen breaking going slower etc.) Also going up & down in the lakes was a mixed bag ie. going up hill less efficient, going down very efficient etc. Now going back to last winter when we had extreme cold before Xmas doing the same commute the worst I got was 3.4 aprox doing the same journey’s at the same speeds I also had to make sure the battery nver dropped to less than 40% in these arctic conditions. I have probably charged the car at public charger aprox 6/8 times since I have had the car. I took it to Cupra after a year for its check the battery hasn’t lost any of its capacity (charge 80% unless i go on a day trip to Lakes or Wales etc. then its 90%) Indeed I haven’t noticed any depreciation in range! The Car is the most expensive car I have ever bought! Do I like it YES! So far after 19500 miles which has been almost entirely done on 7.5p Kw Service at £90 and car no car tax. Compare that with my Leon. Petrol costing me £65/week for 400miles aprox Car tax at £150> Services every 10000 miles costing aprox £200 at a time, i’ll let you do the maths!

  16. Gary Davis Avatar
    Gary Davis

    Range tests must be carried out with part load, passengers to get some reality on real world distance.

  17. Henry Ludlow Avatar
    Henry Ludlow

    The range of that i3 on a freezing cold day will probably just about get you to the newsagent and back. 😂

    1. Chris Mowatt Avatar
      Chris Mowatt

      If that’s all you use it for, what’s the problem?

      We have a ten year old Peugeot Ion that does 65 miles, but that doesn’t matter because the furthest we ever have to drive it is 56 miles and almost all our journeys are a 24 miles round trip.

  18. max holland Avatar
    max holland

    Excellent clear information, thank you!

  19. Alan Foulkes Avatar
    Alan Foulkes

    I do think you should included the calculation based on the cheap overnight rates that most EV drivers use. It does seem to be a regular oversight on your EV reviews. Otherwise a useful informative video.

    1. Tom OOO Avatar
      Tom OOO

      See my post : £163 for 10,000 miles on the large purple -8 legged sea animal tariff. of course I pay slightly more during day, but I have solar – so not really relevant.

  20. David Knollman Avatar
    David Knollman

    Again Tesla tops the efficiency list. Ioniq 6 was counted as the new king but alas it’s fallen short. And now Tesla have improved even more with the new model 3. In a league of their own.

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