New Dacia Jogger HYBRID review – best hybrid ever? | What Car?

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In this new Dacia we discover if this seven-seat budget plan champion is the best hybrid you can buy.

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27 responses to “New Dacia Jogger HYBRID review – best hybrid ever? | What Car?”

  1. KamPlaysFan Avatar

    I think this is the best 7 seater ever made, especially since it has hybrid technology.

  2. Joe 80s Avatar
    Joe 80s

    Dacia alongside MG really giving value to their customers.

    1. Mr Mawson Avatar
      Mr Mawson

      Chinese cars I think the MG for sure is

    2. 001r Avatar

      Was in a fully electric MG yesterday. Really nice car and no complaints from me

    3. steven moran Avatar
      steven moran

      ⁠Dacia is Romanian but owned by Renault hence the same dashboard and hybrid setup

  3. Stephen Etherington Avatar
    Stephen Etherington

    I am testdriving today and this has been very helpful, I don’t often have 7 in the car but 5 people all the time, I hope the tce is enough

  4. Stefan CA Avatar
    Stefan CA

    I think its worth mentioning though that the 110 tce is a 3 cylinder 1 litre engine that also has a turbo to worry about whereas the hybrid has a 1.6 naturally aspirated 4 cylinder engine which some may prefer. Granted you have a more complicated hybrid setup which may come with its own set of challenges but i personally would take it over the other one especially considering the weight you will have to carry around with 7 people in the car.

  5. steve cross Avatar
    steve cross

    I think you’re missing the point. If you load the car with seven people, as it is designed to accommodate. You will definitely need the extra power the hybrid provides. If you don’t need the seven seats, there are much better options on the market. But this car is still brilliant value for money.

  6. SHROOMY Avatar

    I think I would recommend the hybrid to people who are buying the Jogger to own. The smaller standard engine has proven itself in many a test to be incredibly capable even with an overladen car (past the official weight limit), however being a small turbo 3-cylinder dragging a larger car around there are concerns about long term reliability in comparison to an older fashion NA 4-cylinder. However, if you are looking for an affordable lease/pcp and you won’t be owning the car for more than, say, 4 years then it’s not as much a concern.

  7. Remo Barcellone Avatar
    Remo Barcellone

    When I first saw the jogger I just couldn’t help that it’d be a really interesting option as a hybrid, but mostly as an electric car. A small EV that still can seat 7?? Make it basic, that’s ok, just make sure it’s cheap.

  8. presterjohn71 Avatar

    I think for a lot of people the Auto aspect will be as important as the battery so that extra £3k when split over the two aspects of upgrade are not that bad.

    1. steven moran Avatar
      steven moran

      All hybrids are auto no matter who makes them.

  9. Ahmd-Mi9 Avatar

    If only it was a plug in hybrid or total EV, many would buy for cabing

  10. russvhill2 Avatar

    The extra money buys you an automatic transmission, so for that alone, many Mums on the school run will prefer it, as would I who used to drive commercial vehicles without synchromesh.

  11. Random Avatar

    Nearest thing to a proper estate car. Dacia won’t have problems selling these.

  12. Megapangolin Avatar

    I really enjoyed this video. So clear, paced, informative, well-presented and entertaining. So much better than many alternative channels. Thank you. I really don’t know why anyone needs anything more than this car to transport loads/family. It does everything for 90 percent of people.

  13. Lozzy E Avatar
    Lozzy E

    My biggest concern about non-plugin hybrids is when you go to do an overtake thinking you have 140hp, but your battery is depleted so you only get 90-odd hp. I’d prefer to know for sure how the car is going to perform.

    1. Joe Peddie Avatar
      Joe Peddie

      It doesn’t work like that . My battery is never depleted and the petrol engine in turn will work the electric motor. It surprisingly has some poke in it when overtaking

    2. Lozzy E Avatar
      Lozzy E

      Might not happen very often to you, but a quick Google suggests it very much is a thing

  14. Lewis McNicholas Avatar
    Lewis McNicholas

    Worth saying that the second row of seats also fold upwards as well (not shown in the video) so you really do have a flat floor boot space once the additional seats are removed – brilliant set up!

    1. Lewis McNicholas Avatar
      Lewis McNicholas

      Having driven both I’d also recommend the hybrid – much more refined with the auto box as well as the greater power – in my test drive I was seeing over 60 mpg and I live in a hilly area so surprised how low it was in this review

  15. Colin Hughes Avatar
    Colin Hughes

    Wow that real world economy is terrible? I’ve got the 1Ltr Jogger and I can do 46 MPG in the real world.

  16. Yourtubisfilled Avatar

    Please add liter/100km or km/l fuel consumption ratings for the non- *coughs* … ‘special’ unit users in your reviews, if only in text

  17. Patrick D Garez Avatar
    Patrick D Garez

    A sign of an excellent auto journalist is their ability to keep their audience thoroughly engaged, while featuring a pretty modest vehicle (not without its merits).

  18. Tim-Tim-Cheroo Avatar

    It’s not £3k for marginally better performance and economy though. It you factor in the cost of an automatic transmission, which is at least a £1.5 – £2k option for most manufacturers, the actual cost of the hybrid system is much more reasonable. I really like my 110tce Jogger, but would have definitely gone for this if it was available when I ordered last year

  19. cabottaxi Avatar

    Looks good value for the money.

  20. Toby Bushnell Avatar
    Toby Bushnell

    I’d be more interested in a full EV version

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