NEW Dacia Duster revealed! – cheapest AND best SUV? | What Car?

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The has been revealed– is it still the least expensive SUV around? Watch to learn what's brand-new outside and inside and get the full rundown on its brand-new hybrid engine lineup.

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27 responses to “NEW Dacia Duster revealed! – cheapest AND best SUV? | What Car?”

  1. @HamishBradley-dk4zb Avatar

    Very cool hope there are a few more to come
    💕 3

  2. @10mbc Avatar

    8:50 The TCe 100 with LPG is a 3 cylinder unit.

  3. @GaffStraid Avatar

    There are shades of Volvo XC40 in the external looks, if the pricing remains competitive, this will sell like hot cakes.

    1. @anemeth9281 Avatar

      The Jogger is a copycat of the Volvo too

  4. @brianallan9035 Avatar

    Sensible pricing, practical and well put together. What’s not to like. In the age of £30,000 superminis this will do very well. Makes you wonder if other manufacturers are ripping us off a bit. Nice presentation as usual.

    1. @_JotaroKujo_ Avatar

      What’s not to like? Being an SUV comes to mind. Just get a Sandero and you’ll save big on petrol and have a much better driving experience.

    2. @Andy-kp6mi Avatar

      @@_JotaroKujo_Honestly after You will drive SUV it is hard to go back to regular flar car. You feel weird on this low old fashioned mashines.

    3. @mateiandrei9206 Avatar

      ​@@Andy-kp6miyup , driving a suv in a corner could learn how to fly în a tree. There are still a lot of people that want to be economic and chose a regular car or want to feel a spor car not a big whale😅

  5. @sebastianstoica578 Avatar

    8:43 The bi-fuel 100hp engine has 3 cylinders. And the one available in 4×4 and the 2×4 is now a 1.2 petrol engine, also a 3 cylinder. The only one with 4 cylinders is the hybrid 1.6 one.

    1. @laurradu868 Avatar

      The only thing in common with the current 130bhp engine is the name: TCe 130.

    2. @lesleyfernandez636 Avatar


  6. @rafaelcarneiro8957 Avatar

    If they made a Dacia Logan with an exterior and interior this good and a diesel option, it would be insane.

    1. @maxbodifee3263 Avatar

      Except for the diesel

  7. @colinrenfrew48 Avatar

    Looks great, and Dacia should be congratulated in bringing this to market. In the real world, many people will go for this.

  8. @urbanstrencan Avatar

    Love the exterior design looks like the car class higher, and it looks like it could be electric 😉

  9. @resnonverba137 Avatar

    It’s hard to knock them too much as they undeniably offer good value for money. The flip-side is that the are built to a price and offer zero feel-good factor. You pays your money…

  10. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    Looks good for a Duster

  11. @kerryjones1508 Avatar

    As always, a cracking review !

  12. @BillyNoMates1974 Avatar

    Dacia looks great but the pricing is now coming closer to main stream rivals.
    which is why people will compare it to more main stream cars (like a Honda Jazz) ……. where the faults like driving dynamics and road holding will be critisised.
    thats my only issue with Dacia.
    I have had four Dacia’s now (as thye have a loyal following of existing owners).
    Had two Dusters and two sandero stepways.

  13. @williammorris1384 Avatar

    Brilliant. £17,500 for the admittedly base spec version. Looks great, nice interior, practical and the very essence of that “ beat the system “
    All other SUV makers , ( apart from MG), hang your heads in shame .
    A £38,000 Vauxhall corse EV, or this ?!
    I wish it every success!

  14. @davewalker7126 Avatar

    Certainly interested. I hope there will be a 4WD option without all the touch screen bling – just a basic tool for hauling dogs and the odd lost sheep!

  15. @AR-zr1om Avatar

    This is how I wanted the new generation land rover defender to be. Instead of a 60-100k car

  16. @parf2665 Avatar

    Regardless of the price, the Duster looks very good. As someone has already mentioned, i think car companies are ripping people off. People will talk about tech, a lot of which is unnecessary. Well done Dacia (Renault) !!

  17. @michaeledwards8079 Avatar

    would like to see a comparison between an MG HS and the Duster, especially seeing the discounts available of 16% on the HS, comfort, economy running cost ETC

  18. @kokoscom Avatar

    oohh well. I never thought that I would ever be interested as well as watch a full review of a Dacia . Well done Dacia and Renault group. This is what actually people need..

  19. @BuildersM8 Avatar

    It looks like what the Qashqai should have been. Instead Nissan has increased the size of the QQ over the years and moved pricing close to premium brands.
    Dacia could be onto a winner if priced right in the UK.
    Place the Mk1 Qashqai next to this new Duster and the signature features are evident on both.

  20. @jimpackard8059 Avatar

    The cabin looks really okay for a low cost car. Bit like the quality level of a Tesla cabin . And bonus…. Proper heater controls too ! Should sell very well.

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