NEW Cupra Tavascan revealed! – better than a Tesla Model Y? | What Car?

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The brand-new Cupra Tavascan has been revealed. It's a totally electric coupe-SUV looking to handle the Tesla Design Y– watch to find out whatever you require to know!

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Video chapters:

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Background
01:18 What is the Tavascan?
01:56 Rivals
02:48 Interior
04:10 Practicality
04:46 Battery + range
05:20 Performance
05:54 Cost
06:16 The problem?
07:04 What is next for Cupra?
07:50 Outro






25 responses to “NEW Cupra Tavascan revealed! – better than a Tesla Model Y? | What Car?”

  1. Lucas Avatar

    The looks on the car are insane!

  2. Will Smyth Avatar
    Will Smyth

    Lovely looking but far to expensive for normal folk

    1. Peak Proof Avatar
      Peak Proof


    2. Will Smyth Avatar
      Will Smyth

      @Peak Proof people like you should add an L to it 🤪

  3. celmkvist Avatar

    I guess I’m not the only “European”viewer, is it possible for you to show mpg in kilometre per liter and miles in Kilometres? Love your reviews!

    1. Amaze_Tase Avatar

      This is a UK Car channel so predominantly info will be based accordingly. Not hard to do the conversion yourself really

  4. Amaze_Tase Avatar

    Nice car but electric car prices are insane!

    1. presterjohn71 Avatar

      All new car prices are insane. Look at the price of a mid range Fiesta!

  5. ck Avatar

    Exterior looks really good! Not sure I’d compare a car with 540 litres of storage to The Model Y which has over 900 (before folding seats). Also just FYI my Model Y has up to a 351 miles of supposed range (19inch wheels) so it’s not less than the Tavascan. Nice to see other brands improving their offering, hope they actually produce this in a reasonable quantity

  6. Renitur229 Avatar

    Crazy expensive, no physical buttons, uncomfortable seats….heavy pass

  7. Emaratilfy Avatar

    Good luck selling at that price. 10k more than an entry level Model Y is insane.

  8. femresoylu Avatar

    Cupra designers are smart enough not to put a rear wiper. It would definitely ruin the looks.

    1. Draig'a' ur Avatar
      Draig’a’ ur

      My Skoda has no rear wiper , it’s a real pain when it’s wet and reversing limits your view a lot

  9. alex135789 Avatar

    10k more than the Tesla Model Y. Good luck.

  10. Obie Paddles Avatar
    Obie Paddles

    So its competitors are the 3 other VW group cars…plus a couple of others!

  11. Colin Renfrew Avatar
    Colin Renfrew

    The price is optimistic.

  12. hen van Avatar
    hen van

    Does the Cupra born also have all the Id3 software issues?

    1. fenec 🦊 foxy Avatar
      fenec 🦊 foxy


  13. Alex Pang Avatar
    Alex Pang

    Very nice looking car

  14. Steven Jones Avatar
    Steven Jones

    I love everything about this car……except the price. That is a dealbreaker.

  15. Johnnyxp64 Avatar

    If Cupra doesn’t make their own software and get away from the idiotic touch buttons they will suffer like the rest vw group.

  16. Carfan678 Avatar

    I love the interior it looks so unique not sold in my country though😥

  17. Stephan Tranquille Avatar
    Stephan Tranquille

    Model Y this model Y that, you seem to have forgotten the brilliant Kia EV6 GT!!

  18. first name last name Avatar
    first name last name

    So, is it better than a Tesla Model Y?

  19. Nik H Avatar
    Nik H

    who are these people who said in focus groups that they want a 55k Seat? It looks great but at 55k makes no sense.

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