NEW Citroen e-C4 review – bargain electric SUV? | What Car?

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23 responses to “NEW Citroen e-C4 review – bargain electric SUV? | What Car?”

  1. @pradeepmagan6951 Avatar

    Nah it’s not a Citroen, at least they got manual aircon controls

  2. @mikadavies660 Avatar

    I have a 2023 E-C4… Totally agree its a nice sized hatchback. Seats are brilliantly comfortable as is the suspension. Fit and finish is miles better than the MG4. I find it very quiet with no wind noise. My E-C4 only had one battery size and I disagree with the winter range stated here…. I have driven in freezing weather, constant 70mph and still did better than 140 miles. The outstanding part of the E-C4 is its brilliantly cheap second hand price.

  3. @piglet5287 Avatar

    The poor range and depreciation rule it out for me

  4. @Muushondje Avatar

    The ë-C4 is a lovely EV. A car is more than only range and battery size. This car extremely comfortable by it’s PHC dampening system. And thats a unique selling point that really stand out from the crowd. If you spec it up there is not much more to wish for. I drive a shine version which is a lovely well specced car. And very reliable car with no hussle at all. Avant-garde design unique comfort.

    1. @stevenjones916 Avatar

      How is the depreciation ?

  5. @Lando-kx6so Avatar

    Not an suv at all

  6. @80y3r9 Avatar

    Good to see Joe Wilkinson bouncing back after being fired from cats does countdown

  7. @pcr8918 Avatar

    Succinct, relevant review. Thank you.

  8. @noname85808 Avatar

    when will the car manufacturers stop putting piano plastic in the central console?.. 🤪

    1. @axelaminoff9258 Avatar

      Yeah, the reflections are so annoying and distracting

  9. @jeremygeduldt936 Avatar

    British model not coming to South Africa the comparisons also not they featured .

  10. @philiptaylor7902 Avatar

    I have a 21 e-C4, it’s a great car. The comfortable ride sold it to me. Is it a bit soft – of course it is – it’s a Citroen!

  11. @drxym Avatar

    I think I’d prefer my MG4 to this. The interior isn’t so nice looking but you get much better performance range for less money. But it does show European manufacturers are starting at last to produce (almost) price competitive EVs – just need to bump up those battery capacities boys. As a side note, the accessory you need for the tablet pop out thing in the dash at 2:23 costs £80+ and I think if I did buy this car and wanted to use it, that I’d be designing a 3d printed piece instead.

  12. @gilesa.4052 Avatar

    Driving one of these is like driving on velvet, an incredibly soft ride. Perfect car except how much the real world range dropped by when on a motorway.

  13. @BN1960 Avatar

    No, it’s not a bargain and I can’t ever fathom why these magazine channels think this sort of thing is.
    £32000 for a winter range of 140 miles is an utter joke…and the car will be worth 35p in a years time not just because it’s an EV but also because it’s a Citroen
    Get a grip

  14. @rasherbasher8203 Avatar

    😮good to see a member of the public reviewing a vehicle. I mean hes not very good but… let me do a review.

  15. @timnicholls9827 Avatar

    Slightly damning with faint praise. I have had one since 2021 and never been as low as 140 in winter. Driven properly you can easily get 170+. Even in Eco it will beat a Range River away from the lights even in Eco. Never had any handling problems and you get a lot more as standard than entry level Niro and certainly more than the ID3 where everything is extra.

    1. @Andy-zi1wj Avatar

      Can beat anything away from the lights as long as it’s not racing you. The e-c4 maybe a comfortable cruiser but fast it isn’t!

  16. @Saundersj1701 Avatar

    I’ll keep my 2021 C4 Diesel auto thank you 👍

  17. @CheeseyWotsit Avatar

    I wouldn’t touch EVs with a barge pole at the mo. The bubble has well and truly burst.

  18. @StevenHaggis Avatar

    You speak so much cr ap.

  19. @ianelliott229 Avatar

    Bargain? Maybe not when the residuals plummet along with so many other EVs

  20. @JamesSmith-qs4hx Avatar

    The best part of EVs is watching other people have to deal with, complain about, learn the truth about them. And sit back in smug satisfaction and think “thank God it’s not me”.

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