NEW BYD Seal vs Tesla Model 3 vs VW ID.7 – best EV? | Road trip costs compared! | What Car?

The new Tesla Design 3 is better than ever, however is it beaten by the ? Or does the brand new VW overcome both of them? We drive numerous miles in all three EVs to compare them in every area and crunch the numbers.

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58 responses to “NEW BYD Seal vs Tesla Model 3 vs VW ID.7 – best EV? | Road trip costs compared! | What Car?”

  1. @gerbrady4947 Avatar

    And VW thinks people are not interested in buying EVs when in reality people are not interested in buying poorly designed EVs.

    1. @KCJbomberFTW Avatar

      Tesla sells millions of them the model y is the most popular car on earth
      The euro market is tiny also nobody really cares it’s about China and USA

    2. @DzeiEidz Avatar

      VW is improving, but very slowly. They have a fossil problem, and in this case fossils refer to the old-school engineers designing their EVs.

    3. @thecontinuedvoyage3746 Avatar

      They have a bit to catch up with Skoda and a long long way from Tesla

    4. @tommietolan Avatar

      I sincerely hope vw never go to Teslas level.. because Teslas interior is lack lister and unergonomical

    5. @robertvanzant2653 Avatar

      Not to mention so expensive!

  2. @andyeb504 Avatar

    Ps. Tesla charger locations are built into the SATNAV (I know you showed this) but it makes long journeys so very easy and so very cheap. Even buying a used Tesla (as mine is) with older battery tech is way ahead in cost of ownership compared to others.

    1. @CyAn-e Avatar

      Many non teslas have a built in route planner so nothing truly unique anymore.

    2. @andyeb504 Avatar

      @@CyAn-e well all EV’s are a step in the right direction.

    3. @robertmandl9326 Avatar

      @@CyAn-e True, but what people also tend to forget is the ease of use of those superchargers if you have a Tesla. You drive up to them, get out, grab the charging cable, press a button on the cable to open the charge port on your car (!) and just plug it in.
      Wait a few seconds for the charge indicator on your car to turn from blue to green and that´s it. No matter what country you´re in, as long as they have a sufficient amount of those stations you are basically set to go.
      The charging station recognizes your car as a Tesla, recognizes which car it is and automatically feeds the charging info to your phone app and charges the associated bank account.
      There´s literally nothing easier than this. You also get notifications once the car comes close to reaching its set charge limit and fo course once its done. Unplug the car, close the charge port and off you go again.

    4. @djtaylorutube Avatar

      @@robertmandl9326 THIS^^^^^^^
      I popped over to France, Belgium, Netherlands a couple of weeks ago. Arrived at the hotel to find an EV charge point which I hadn’t planned on but figured I would try to use for convenience. I didn’t need it but figured it was there. Neither of the typical two RFID cards were accepted so I tried three apps, one wanted a Belgian address, the other failed to create a new account and the third signed up but wouldn’t work as a virtual card. As a techie, I found this ridiculous that an hour later, someone with technical competence couldn’t get this to work. In the end I just gave up and figured i’d use the Tesla Supercharger the next morning, just up the road as was the original plan. Stayed on Tesla thereafter. THIS is the difference between Tesla and others, it’s all integrated and just works.

    5. @rj7855 Avatar

      Ps even my humble ID.3 has a satnav with charger locations …. Including Tesla chargers that are open for other brands

  3. @Brewtal2009 Avatar

    great review. So morale of the story is that use a tank of fuel for £60 or get a tesla. Those charging costs for VW and BYD are disturbing

    1. @LouDeVere Avatar

      Here in Western Australia we’re lucky as we never use DC charging always charging at home Super Off Peak and paying 8c/kWHr on AC. This is also offset by solar when sunny so really, it costs virtually nothing for us to charge. If we did have to go on a long trip and use DC charging, I think it’s around 60c/kWHr.

    2. @alex135789 Avatar

      Yup. Just buy a Tesla.

    3. @jonpaxman Avatar

      Not really, as most EV users very rarely need to use public chargers if they have somewhere to charge at home.

    4. @guilopes007 Avatar

      Only 10% of EVs consumers recharges out of home.

    5. @mackan7086 Avatar

      There are so many more important parameters than public charger cost since I would charge at home like 99% of the time.

  4. @LouDeVere Avatar

    Thanks for the review guys. Maybe the car that will knock the M3 off the top position will be the MY Juniper version out mid to late next year. This is what I’m waiting for.

  5. @Sidewinder1009oli Avatar

    I would say that anyone who owns an EV and plans to drive it would be far better off on an EV tariff with overnight rate of 7.5p/kWh. Also would have been great to see the Model 3 with the aero wheels, as it make a real difference, especially motorway driving

    1. @Nickbaldeagle02 Avatar

      Or have an employer with free 400V chargers in the staff car park.

    2. @MILKYBAR1969 Avatar

      Why do you only work 1 hour a day? 😂​@@Nickbaldeagle02

  6. @salvatoremarinelli1969 Avatar

    Yes the Seal has a larger range…but it also has a bigger battery than the Tesla. So not terribly surprising. How it uses the available energy is the key, i.e. the efficiency. Also the super charger network is plentiful, fast and ultra reliable. So actually for me Tesla wins in every category

    1. @dlokcn1 Avatar

      not reallly. Winter shortfall Seal 23% Model3 33%😛

    2. @ciybersal3499 Avatar

      No Stalks, no heads up, no V2L , no fire proof battery. Seal is the deal

    3. @simoncove1 Avatar

      @@dlokcn1yeah but overall efficiency is 3.3 byd vs 3.7 in the Tesla

    4. @NormanGaming196 Avatar

      If they had the long range model 3 with aero wheels this would have been a joke lmao. It costs the same amount as the seal and gets 100 more miles.

    5. @06younger Avatar

      @@dlokcn1 yep…..that was on screen alright but completely ignored.
      It was a Tesla promotional video.

  7. @cokyrobes Avatar

    I just ordered the new Model 3 RWD in Red with 19s! Great to see it doing so well in the real world – I chose it vs the Polestar 2 and the BMW i4 because of the efficiency combined with class leading tech and of course the supercharging network.

    Not having to use my phone to find a charger is a really nice advantage along with the confidence that the chargers will work and be available.

    Also I think this new look makes it the best looking car in the segment.

    That ID7 price is totally nuts…at that price you would just get an i4 if you didn’t want to get into a Tesla…?

    1. @FirstLast-rh9jw Avatar

      I don’t use my phone to find a charger either, but then again its a diesel.

    2. @rl9702 Avatar

      @@FirstLast-rh9jw EV owners do the majority of their charging at home, it’s super cheap and more convenient than buying gas every 1-2 weeks.

  8. @franky3830 Avatar

    Hi Guys,
    What a phenomenal video. Thx!
    A test between these three cars is awesome.
    Next week I’ll get my Seal, and I’m pretty happy that I decided to this car. 😁

    1. @maximilianholland Avatar

      Seal is a great car, comes with 6 years full vehicle warranty, and an LFP battery that has a lifetime of half a million miles or more. You made a great choice!

    2. @franky3830 Avatar

      Yes, next to the design, the LFP battery and the warranty was the reason why I have waited for. 😊

    3. @ciybersal3499 Avatar

      I love the Seal, V2L, Heads up, blade battery, Stalks and Autogful German channel called it’s driving dynamics better than Model 3 highland. It’s incredible

    4. @thiagolima5232 Avatar

      ​@@maximilianhollandvw is best

  9. @IgorJukic Avatar

    Great job guys! Amazing real world test – exactly what people should see. ID.7 does not really belong in this group, but still, great to see how it compares.

    1. @tonypaca3015 Avatar

      should bring the nio et5

  10. @shepherdsknoll Avatar

    One aspect these tests are always overlooking ; is the EV a proprietary, fully integrated vehicle ? Do all of the EVs components communicate through a central computer to create a seamless experience ? To BYD’s credit , it is a partially integrated EV, the VW – not even close, the Tesla you can give voice commands to about half its functions, receive software updates OTA, and control many abilities on your phone app. , it is simply in its own league.

  11. @ateiviz Avatar

    Great to see the comparison, I’m waiting for a Seal in the new year. What did it for me over the Tesla is the physical controls in addition to it using an Android based system so there’s more flexibility with apps etc. It also looks really good, has good power and lots of bits that otherwise be extras on any other car. I’ll be charging it at home and at work for free so my decision wasn’t based on using the public network.

    1. @tonypaca3015 Avatar

      for me the byd won the test if it wasn’t for the interior that looks a little outdated and needs a little faster charging time. the battery on the byd is bigger so y pay more to charge because y go further. 60 miles extra range than the model 3 is a big big deal that’s 1 extra hour of driving so road trips gonna be fun

  12. @maximilianholland Avatar

    Thanks for a well balanced and fair review. Non-Tesla rapid charging network is still a very mixed bag, especially in unfamiliar areas where it’s hard to make optimal choices. No such issues for Tesla / Superchager network. Probably worth mentioning that the BYD has a six year vehicle warranty compared to 4 yrs Tesla, 3 yrs VW.

    1. @jpizel1070 Avatar

      I’m assuming you are talking bumper to bumper warranty since Tesla’s battery warranty is 8 yrs/ 120k miles.

    2. @wayzUX Avatar

      There are markets that Tesla is ignoring, and where there are no tesla superchargers. This is where the BYD jumps in.

    3. @trevorshields7347 Avatar

      Yes for the battery and motors.​@@jpizel1070

  13. @dayoadeosun1520 Avatar

    great video, guys, keep up the good work😀

  14. @user-jz7tr8zb5h Avatar

    great comparison thank you guys ! but I think driving dynamics comparison is more important than costs for me ! Please if possible tell us handling, cornering, braking etc. comparison about these cars

    1. @borinvlogs Avatar

      If you like this kind of stuff, wait until next year when Tesla releases Model 3 Plaid that will do just over 2 secs 0 to 60, under 10s 1/4 mile with brakes performance better than the latest 992 generation Porsche 911.

  15. @jonpaxman Avatar

    Pricing in different markets is kind of strange. The base model Seal in Australia is $14000 cheaper than the Tesla.

  16. @mhoseinofi Avatar

    Great video!
    Goes to show how expensive EVs are to run if you have to rely on public chargers. Very eye opening!
    My old and inefficient 3.0 diesel e-class is cheaper to run on a long journey than the EVs even if I filled the tank at a motorway petrol station.

    If the government (in the UK at least) wants a better adoption of EVs over ICs, they really need to do something about the cost of energy.

    1. @haukikannel Avatar

      Well the increase of the price of gasolin about 15 years in future will remedy that…
      But yeah… The price difference of home charging and public chargin in UK seems very steep!

    2. @dzonikg Avatar

      @@haukikannel 2/3 off fuel price is government taxes ,just look in USA and Russia how fuel is cheap because they have way less taxes

  17. @BigFatDan Avatar

    I’ve already ordered the model 3 RWD with the aero 18s, I can’t wait. Great video, feeling more confident in my choice. The supercharger network swayed my decision, I do long journeys for work, and finding a random, expensive charger in an unfamiliar area isnt something I want to do regularly.

    1. @tonypaca3015 Avatar

      with the byd you can drive 60 miles more than the tesla that’s about 1 extra hour of driving

    2. @BigFatDan Avatar

      @tonypaca3015  This is true, but it doesn’t have full access to that supercharger network.
      Also, it’s a company car, and BYD wasn’t on the list of available cars when I was choosing.

  18. @alanwebber5444 Avatar

    Just love these real world comparisons – please keep it up

  19. @rl9702 Avatar

    You guys did it again, great video. Very unique and insightful! I really liked the back and forth style.

  20. @philipptielmann Avatar

    i think id 7 had something wrong. i’ve seen quite a few tests where it came out as very efficient…

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