NEW BYD Seal review – is this electric car REALLY better than a Tesla? | What Car?

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The brand- Seal is an electrical automobile from which appears like it has all the active ingredients to take on the Tesla Design 3. It has a huge variety, a useful interior and it is loaded with devices.

However is it truly better than its European rivals? View to learn.

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39 responses to “NEW BYD Seal review – is this electric car REALLY better than a Tesla? | What Car?”

  1. @mascness_gaming Avatar

    The price for this (Extended Range Premium ) in Hong Kong is around GBP 34500.

    1. @PsychedMedia Avatar

      33k GBP for the Performance AWD here in Malaysia

    2. @darrenbodfish4591 Avatar

      Yeah I’m right in thinking you don’t pay inport duty on your cars, also the tax is calculated differently to the mainland? Hence cheaper prices.

    3. @mascness_gaming Avatar

      @@darrenbodfish4591 i think mainland china is even cheaper, i think in HK we still need to pay the import duty coz it is 2 different system, and we also drive on the right in HK (same as UK).

    4. @chaudhry1972 Avatar

      If you scrap your old car for new ev I think there are more than 10 thousand gbp discount in hk

  2. @felixjw4655 Avatar

    with a MG umbrella. wink wink. LOL

    1. @ianrobson3713 Avatar

      Just noticed that as well, do you think it’s deliberate, I certainly do, too much of a coincidence not to be.

  3. @sayaIbnuFajar Avatar

    BYD forgot to give you an umbrella

    1. @anemeth9281 Avatar

      It’s not a Rolls…

    2. @ateiviz Avatar

      I got one with my car 😂

    3. @anemeth9281 Avatar

      Doug is an MG fanboy 😅

  4. @noodlefoo Avatar

    Different countries, different prices, different perspectives. In Australia, the prices of Seal are unbeatable, cheaper than Model 3. Also here in Australia the indicator stalk is the correct way, unlike Model 3 which has no stalk at all. Plus Model 3 has the stupid ways of changing gears (on the screen or overhead buttons).

    1. @BendeVette Avatar

      What do you mean with “Plus Model 3 has the stupid ways of changing gears “.
      I’m not aware of any gears on a Tesla, so I think you mean something else.

      The BYD Seal is about $3000 less expensive than a Tesla Model 3.
      So that’s a thing indeed.
      Whether or not this is an unbeatable price difference?
      In overal, the Model 3 is a better car with (probably) a higher sale price after 5 years and cheaper to run (less kWh per km).
      The Model 3 has a better ride quality and seriously more boot space.

      So, it really depends if those stalks are worth the difference.
      p.s. I like the looks of the Seal better, but the new Model 3 is not an ugly car either.

    2. @cai0 Avatar

      ​@@BendeVette probably means by “gears” changing to drive, reverse, etc.

      The Seal in Australia is $51k on-road (in QLD) and the Model 3 is $65k on-road. That’s a little more than $3k difference 😉
      However, the $51k is the “dynamic” version, which is one level lower than the one shown in this video. Not even worth considering.

      If you compare the Seal Premium, which is equivalent to the one from the video, then you’re talking $5k difference.

      About resale value, it’s hard to tell, but I would bet on Tesla holding the value better than BYD. Both would still be bad though.

      One thing not covered in the video is the “safety” features of the BYD, which tries to send you to oncoming traffic, and the “auto pilot” that can’t even keep you in the lane. Features you have to disable on every single drive so the car doesn’t try to kill you.

    3. @theflightclub7969 Avatar

      I just had a test drive of a Seal Premium and Dolphin top range today. Seal has very attractive exterior when I see it in person. Nicely designed interior feels like traditional car interior with all the buttons so those who like physical buttons will like it. However, the deal breaker for me was the flimsy infotainment system and the lag of one pedal driving. Also the dash screen was not designed in intuitive way so even though it displayed a bunch of information, none of them is useful while driving. Their hardware looked pretty good, however, they need to work on the software way much more. With the price gap of $3k from Tesla Model 3, I would go and buy a tesla Model 3. Seal has a value for people who don’t want many features from a car but for me Tesla is way more advanced in terms of feature wise.

      My conclusion is, BYD’s hardware almost matches Tesla’s one but the software and the features are far less advanced at this stage. No netflix, no YouTube, no browser, no sentry mode, no pin to drive, no pin to glove box, no auto hold on a steep road, having to start and stop the car and etc. are what it’s missing compared to. Tesla.

      Dolphine was quite good but the price range of over $45k AUD is not really attractive for what the car is.

    4. @sargfowler9603 Avatar

      The new Tesla model 3 Highland is a non-starter for many people as it’s too minimalistic.
      This car looks great and is more conventional to suit buyers moving to an EV.

    5. @SpankeyMcCheeks Avatar

      Have you tried the new Model 3? I was VERY sceptical towards the indicators in the wheel, but it took me only half my 30 min test drive to get completely used to it. Not a problem at all. And changing “gears” through the screen is very easy. The car can even choose for you if it detects an obstacle in front of you it’ll assume you’ll want to go backwards.

  5. @Emjackson89 Avatar

    BYD also gives us the London Bus lol sneaking in everywhere without anyone seeing

    1. @kanding3369 Avatar

      It has to sneak in to provide public service. Whos the joke on?

  6. @drxym Avatar

    I drove a Seal with a head up display and it was only a test drive so I didn’t fiddle around with the settings but I thought the HUD was very bright. Hope there is a way to dim it. I also found having the indicators on the right side of the wheel was very annoying. It’s still better than having no indicator stalk at all like the Tesla 3 which is safety nightmare. Driving wise it seemed quite refined but it rolls rather than being 1-pedal. I think the infotainment screen is too big imo and the rotation is just a stupid gimmick. Should just fix it a bit lower in the vertical config and for android auto / carplay, split the screen so aircon and other controls appear below them.

  7. @Zepa123 Avatar

    But, but, but…thanks for review but it felted a little nitpicking…I’ve been in both this and TM3 highland and for me this feels lot more premium. Tesla has supercharging network, but very many other things is better in seal than in TM3. Anyway, competition is good for customers 👍

  8. @Mobile_Dom Avatar

    the problem with the two versions of the SEal is that whilst most people should just buy the base model, when the top spec model is only 3 grand more, on a lease you’re not really going to notice the difference

  9. @anemeth9281 Avatar

    BYD European factory will be built in Szeged, Hungary

  10. @anemeth9281 Avatar

    MG umbrella in a BYD test? You are funny Doug… 😂

  11. @DougHolmes Avatar

    So, about the name… If Tesla had released the Tesla Seal, people would be ooh-ing and ahh-ing about how clever it is. Anyone does it – it’s a silly name, pick a random set of letters and numbers next time. About the price, how much would a Model 3 be if specced up to be as similar as possible (lets say you choose a paint colour other than white)

    1. @presterjohn71 Avatar

      Literally no one would be doing that.

  12. @Andydwyer99 Avatar

    Shortcut button on steering wheel to adjust fan speed and temperature.

  13. @Joe-ud2hb Avatar

    Agree with you totally bout the consumption figure on the screen – far better just to have range up there than lower down in smaller display.
    It’s some car to drive tho & soooo quiet

    1. @iantelinside Avatar

      I think it’s nice to have both, but I personally use the consumption figure more in my daily drives. The calculated range is very much an estimate which many folks never get to hit

    2. @aerox69x Avatar

      @@iantelinsideI agree, I rarely look at the range figure when driving, it’s interesting to see but no real use after you’ve had the car a while

  14. @yggdrasil9039 Avatar

    Wow so expensive in the UK. This car is very popular in Australia, but it’s about half the price of the UK price!

    1. @pallettowngangster9297 Avatar

      Yep. I’m fully expecting the price to come down significantly over the next 12 months or so.

    2. @TB-up4xi Avatar

      It’s not 1/2 the price… the $51k Aus version is not the same base version as the UK – their base is our Premium ($59k). Australia also has no import tariff (UK=10%) a lower GST / VAT (10% Aus v 20% UK) , 1/2 the shipping costs (East coast Aus v Grimsby UK), a direct selling model (dealer model in the UK they need to recoup dealer margins).

  15. @yggdrasil9039 Avatar

    Actually a dial would be better, like on the older EVs, the old Leafs and Ioniqs I believe, as that helps conserve energy and moderate your usage. Very helpful if you are running low on battery.

  16. @cpandsooz Avatar

    Does the LFP in this mean like a Tesla 3/Y LFP RWD you can and are advised to charge to 100% (rather than the usual EV 80%) if so, cool.

  17. @birdmanmarbella Avatar

    I prefer the styling of the Seal, exterior and interior, compared to the Tesla. I do want to see instrumentation in front of me and not just in a central position.

  18. @garethjones2125 Avatar

    Good job you didn’t start the video with the price. I watched assuming it was going to be a cheaper alternative to its rivals. This is more expensive due to the inevitable high depreciation.

  19. @chriss4949 Avatar

    Shame about the clickbait title…but a fair review

  20. @cokyrobes Avatar

    Great video – really perfect summary from my own experiences

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