New BYD Dolphin DRIVEN: the small, affordable electric car we’ve been waiting for? | Electrifying

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If you're in the market for a small, effective and cost effective electrical cars and truck, you don't need me to inform you that alternatives are thin on the ground. In stark contrast to the fuel vehicle market, where low-cost runabouts are simple to come by, those wanting to switch to electric power have precious couple of to select from.

However, that might be about to alter with the arrival of vehicles like the . Thanks to low production expenses and what's known in the industry as a 'vertical supply' chains (which implies one business builds and makes whatever from the microchips to the mirrors) Chinese brand names are completely put to brings their products to the market at costs that European carmakers simply can't match.

The Dolphin is set to follow the 3 into UK display rooms by the end of 2023 and has the potential to be a real game-changer. With valuable few competitors (the MINI is set to be changed, the Fiat 500e is beautiful but costly and the Renault Zoe (complete with a worrying no star EuroNCAP safety ranking) has actually long given that passed its prime. In many methods, the Dolphin is aiming at an open goal..

Geared up with a 60kWh battery and with a WLTP range of 265 miles, the ₤ 27,000 (estimated) big supermini might be an unbeatable plan. Join Mike as he takes a look round the new European-spec Dolphin and takes a right-hand drive prototype for a drive.

Will the Dolphin be on your shortlist? Let us understand in the comments listed below.

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36 responses to “New BYD Dolphin DRIVEN: the small, affordable electric car we’ve been waiting for? | Electrifying”

  1. Tim Scott Avatar
    Tim Scott

    I really like this car.

  2. Ian Ackery Avatar
    Ian Ackery

    Nice looking small car and if that £27k price is real then could do well. Will be good to see it reviewed against the base MG4 which is similarly priced.

    However I expect the version we’re seeing here will be well into the £30k’s.

    1. Potter Li Avatar
      Potter Li

      Can’t blame them if they price 30k consider the like of Leaf sells around that region as well. Personally i think the best buy is wait till you can get a low mileage 1year used car. EV prices dropped a lot in the used market.

    2. Michael Avatar

      @Potter Li you are right, once my lease is over I be back to buying used cars again, hopefully there is some bargains to look for 🤔

    3. Potter Li Avatar
      Potter Li

      @Michael I have to wait a few years now before i buy another EV. I bought a 2years old i3 that done 4k mileage recently for 21k on pcp. Only put 1k deposit and i not planning to keep.

  3. Neil Blanchard Avatar
    Neil Blanchard

    I wish we could get this car here in the US!

    1. RC18 Avatar

      @Neil Blanchard I own a 2019 bolt I got for a steal right before the pandemic began and has a recalled updated pack.

      2. I’ve owned multiple hot hatches from a built Honda k20 to a fiesta st and a nice 2014 st2 fost. People do not buy hatches here in enough volumes to make them profitable period. 2dr sports coupes in an average year outsell hatches. 🤔

      The tesla compact might be for you, it should be a smaller model y type hatch. Rwd Single motor using an lfp ctp catl battery with 220-250+miles of range for just 25k to start.
      Might be available mid to late 2024. Should come with a heat pump, fast charging etc. Much better than the bolt or dolphin is now. 😎

    2. Hisham G Avatar
      Hisham G

      @RC18 out of curiosity, why is that? Is it habit, culture or some other reason? My dad only ever drove saloons/sedans and did not like hatchbacks, estates (station wagons) or SUVs, which I thought was just personal choice, he thought saloons were more “elegant”. I live in the UK and I have only ever had hatchbacks and estates because I find them practical (my dog goes in the boot/trunk 😁).

    3. Neil Blanchard Avatar
      Neil Blanchard

      @RC18 Hopefully, my next vehicle will be a Launch Edition Aptera.

    4. RC18 Avatar

      @Neil Blanchard nice, I want to swap the paid for bolt in on the tesla compact or maybe the fisker pear?
      And trade my almost paid for work only 2019 f-150 in on a base rwd 6.5′ bed ev truck here hopefully soon. 👍🏻

    5. RC18 Avatar

      @Hisham G honestly? No idea really probably a leftover from exactly what you are talking about. I.e. that’s how dad did it, that’s how America does it and so far it’s worked out pretty good. Me I’m more of a rebel type or outlier. Hatches have always fascinated me except for the fwd part.

      Easy to park and maneuver in tighter spaces, cheap to operate and maintain. Useable cargo area vs sedans. I’ve even removed the rear seats and used them to actual move myself during earlier single life day’s. 😀

  4. Michael Avatar

    It’s finally here 😁

  5. Dan Avatar

    Atleast it comes with a decent battery. I think 60kw should be the minimum for any car. Yes most journeys are short but when you do a long journey the fewer charging stops the better.

    1. Hisham G Avatar
      Hisham G

      Not to mention if you don’t have a drive and your own charger and are relying on public chargers.

    2. gonzaloleviatanh Avatar

      Agree. Fast changing and range at good price.

    3. James Lamm Avatar
      James Lamm

      yeah but it gets so little range for that big battery.

  6. Garry Croft Avatar
    Garry Croft

    A sensible EV to join the ATTO 3, MG4, Ora funky cat and Smart #1 Keep them coming we need these to get away from all the fat SUVs ✅

  7. hartoz Avatar

    I’m surprised BYD are using exactly the same battery and powertrain as in the Atto 3. This means the only diefferentiator is size and price. The Dolphin may even have a greater range than the Atto 3, but I don’t think it will accelerate any quicker because those tyres look a little too skinny to handle the power (I had similar problems with the Atto 3 until I replaced the Atlas Batman tyres with a decent set of 235 Continental tyres, which dropped my acceleration times down to 6.8 seconds (less tyre scrabbleing)).

    1. Potter Li Avatar
      Potter Li

      Depend how fast you need, most EV is capable to fast accelerate in town. My i3 has 168bhp with skinny tires can do around 7sec and it feels pretty quick. Had an S4 (or might even be RS4) next to me on the red light trying to jump me but end up my i3 fast burst can beat him (unless he underestimate my i3 and not floor it). EV with 6-7secs 0-60 can probably keep up with the high power ICE if is 0-30 (even 0-40). Instant power and torque in town gives us advantage while being efficient ish lol.

    2. Colin Goode Avatar
      Colin Goode

      The UK Atto 3 has Continental tyres as std. I test drove one the other day. It’s a good well spec’d car but this Dolphin may be a better option for us providing it’s not too expensive.

  8. David Jackman Avatar
    David Jackman

    I hope the seagull is more affordable or I will have to wait for the Wuling Bingo

    1. James Lamm Avatar
      James Lamm

      yeah, not that great a price for a car that charges that slowly.

    2. David Jackman Avatar
      David Jackman

      These cars are so cheap in China and when they come to Europe they double the price

  9. The Continued Voyage Avatar
    The Continued Voyage

    Good looking small car. Funny to read someone suggesting it’s a copy of the Tesla 2, car not released yet😅. However, when you get down to it, lots of small cars look similar, although interesting to see of any new small EV’S released later will be as big inside or go as far!

  10. Chas F Avatar
    Chas F

    At last a long range good to drive EV that is not a large heavy SUV or 4.8mtr saloon. About the same size as a Golf Mk6 which to me was ideal for the UK. The Fun starts when Tesla launch the model 2 which will hopefully force BYD to cut prices above the rather optimistic high launch ones.

  11. drew Heffero Avatar
    drew Heffero

    Nice car..but we still need a sub 20k pricetag to get the conversion rate really moving

  12. mcr photography Avatar
    mcr photography

    The way I laughed when he said ‘herring’

    1. Roger C Avatar
      Roger C

      “You won’t be herring any of those jokes. This isn’t the plaice to be carping on with those kinds of cheap gags”. 😁
      On another note, such a lanky lad. 😃

  13. martin whitney Avatar
    martin whitney

    By far the best offering from BYD so far

  14. Riaz Avatar

    Doesn’t set the pulses racing, but looks alright. I’d rather wait to see what the ID2 is like.

  15. James Lamm Avatar
    James Lamm

    the range seems really little compared to the battery size and size of the car. A model Y for instance does better on a smaller battery and is much larger.

  16. bryan Avatar

    Being 6 ft 5″ myself, seeing you sit behind yourself is brilliant👍

  17. Jonathan Thorpe Avatar
    Jonathan Thorpe

    When I lived in China I did use the BYD E6. It was a really capable car. Would definitely consider one of these or the Atto 3 in the UK.

  18. Matteo Carrozza Avatar
    Matteo Carrozza

    Not sure why BYD decided to increase the battery size (and make wheelbase longer than in China). Surely, if they had kept the 45kWh battery, and priced it at £23-25k it would sell very well. At £27-32k, I think most people will prefer MG4, as MG is a far more established brand in the UK.

  19. Pad A Avatar
    Pad A

    The price is right ! They should have brought this to market BEFORE the overpriced Atto 3 – love the fishy humour lol

  20. Ricky Bryan Avatar
    Ricky Bryan

    Looks good!

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