NEW BYD Atto 3 review – the best EV from China? | What Car?

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In this review of the BYD Atto 3, we take a look at what this new Chinese electrical SUV has to use.

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36 responses to “NEW BYD Atto 3 review – the best EV from China? | What Car?”

  1. Jansen Wilder Avatar
    Jansen Wilder

    I understand the later models Byd only logo will be ship to Europe and other seal ….

  2. Andrew Marsden Avatar
    Andrew Marsden

    Think they have mispriced that to be successful.

  3. Paul Hannaford Avatar
    Paul Hannaford

    It needs to be £10.000 cheaper !

    1. Sarg Fowler Avatar
      Sarg Fowler

      Just thinking that myself!

    2. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      Political Tarrifs

    3. Andrew Dwyer Avatar
      Andrew Dwyer

      The extended range version available in Thailand is £27,200 and the best selling EV available there.

    4. Shakeel Zaman Avatar
      Shakeel Zaman

      ​@Andrew Dwyermuch more expensive to export to UK

    5. Sarg Fowler Avatar
      Sarg Fowler

      @Andrew Dwyer Is that current exchange rate and includes VAT? Not sure what import duty we pay in the UK for cars made in China

  4. WildReefer Avatar

    Here in Israel they are the number 1 best selling car currently – but the MG4 only arrived a couple of months ago, so we’ll see how that pans out.

    I think I’d prefer the MG4 overall.

    1. raul8578 Avatar

      The MG4 interior is not comparable at all with the one in Atto 3. Believe me, I tested both.

    2. WildReefer Avatar

      @raul8578 perhaps, but the same is true with the driving dynamics, in favor of the MG4.

    3. Anna Y Avatar
      Anna Y

      I have an MG4 SE long range and love it. Great to drive and has a range of 281 miles.
      I test drove a BYD but preferred the MG.

  5. HurBrowns ! Avatar
    HurBrowns !

    I knew BYD from the electric bus they make and actually now everywhere in UK.

    1. Let’s take a walk Avatar
      Let’s take a walk

      They are driving in the Netherlands as well.

    2. WileyFox Avatar

      Yes, Southampton is proposing 32 electric buses to operate in the city (UniLink) at a cost to the taxpayer of £16.5 million….double the cost of Euro 6 compliant buses from Routemaster.

  6. David Ho Avatar
    David Ho

    At that price there’s no reason to buy this over a Kia Niro EV.

    1. Manish Gurung Avatar
      Manish Gurung

      Kia Niro ev uses trash NCM chemistry battery which has a high chance of battery fires

  7. Ronald Hammersmith Avatar
    Ronald Hammersmith

    this car is amazing!

  8. wendy hopkins Avatar
    wendy hopkins

    Will stay with my niro e.v level 4 😊

  9. Airtime Avatar

    Need more cars from china here. Its crazy how much china has advanced in a relatively short time. Their cars seem crazy good. Ive seen videos of them. The prices should be cheaper but the western governments will tax like crazy to not make them viable to come here

    1. Michael Hamilton Avatar
      Michael Hamilton

      Some are good, some aren’t.

  10. Novash X Avatar
    Novash X

    Im still hesitent on the longevity of ev’s – until it can replace my 15 year civic at similar running costs, reliability and ease of diy maintence ill be the last one holding onto my ICE car.

    I cannot find any comprehensive information on battery degredation from daily use after 5,10,15 years in all weather conditions .evs are not carbon neutral in ther manufacturing

    1. Conn Clissmann Avatar
      Conn Clissmann

      ICE cars are not carbon neutral in their manufacturing.

    2. el-jay-bee Avatar

      That’s an interesting way of saying you don’t have money for any type of new car…

    3. Novash X Avatar
      Novash X

      @Conn Clissmann absolutely, the point was – no difference

      @jaybee_impossible – I can definitely change my civic for something new , but unlike some, I buy my cars,not lease – and I wouldn’t want a 15 year old ev that cannot hold its charge,In the middle of winter, unable to take me to the shops and back 😂 .

      if these have a shorter shelf live than ICEs then is it really better in the long term ? Would love to see some data

  11. DF9 Avatar

    £37k and it can even detect rain on the windscreen 😂😂😂 first car to have that was in 1996

  12. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    It’s an alright car

  13. Liquiid ghost Avatar
    Liquiid ghost

    I think it’s safe to say,that i won’t be buying a BYD anytime soon!

  14. iFumoffu Avatar

    hope the west can test some serious Chinese ev brand such as zeekr and nio

  15. SynthMaker Avatar

    If I ever want to build my dream of being in a Gym with a rotating screen and money is no object, I now know which car to buy.

  16. tooltalk Avatar

    All lithium ion batteries, including LFP, degrade faster when they are charged to 100% full. It’s however required to do so frequently to recalibrate the BMS — so to avoid misreading SOC/range.

  17. Lloydi Avatar

    Swipe up from bottom of screen in CarPlay to reveal ac settings, it’s really not difficult, it amazes me how many reviews are done without fully understanding how a car functions

  18. Rob Jarvis Avatar
    Rob Jarvis

    Charging speed is slow but unless your cought out most people will charge at home and you plug it in at night when it’s cheapest and it charged in the morning…

  19. Geoffrey Bexon Avatar
    Geoffrey Bexon

    Being a pedantic as I am! it’s not a portable plug but portable socket

  20. Aldo Carr Avatar
    Aldo Carr

    In Australia same atto 3 cost £27.4k , my brother has got one and i driven it plenty of times handels really well at all speeds nice and planted the steering is fantastic even when hoonig a bit maybe british roads are worst than here but i doubt it , my experience has been different from this review.

    1. Tesla Bot Avatar
      Tesla Bot

      Thanks BYD “plant” U just made all that up! 😆

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