NEW BMW 5 series + fully electric i5 REVEALED! | What Car?

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The brand-new and fully electrical have actually been exposed! But what's new? And will beat the Mercedes E-Class and Tesla Model S?? Watch to learn whatever you require to know.

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Video chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:35 What is the BMW ?
01:15 Makeover
01:52 New size
02:46 New interior
03:20 New tech
05:10 Plug-in hybrid
08:48 BMW M5?
09:12 Specs
09:44 Cost
10:19 Outro


23 responses to “NEW BMW 5 series + fully electric i5 REVEALED! | What Car?”

  1. Shocksink Avatar

    rear looks too soft….should look more aggressive

    1. Jason Bernard Avatar
      Jason Bernard

      Poor take

    2. Rob Small Avatar
      Rob Small

      ​@Jason Bernard Or it could be the opinion of that individual 🤷‍♂️

    3. Chu2k Avatar

      Extremely bland and generic

  2. Lewis72 Avatar

    I lost interest in the 5-Series after the E60.
    Probably bigger than an E38 7-Series now.

  3. Foreign Fez Avatar
    Foreign Fez

    Looks like a bigger 2 Series Gran Coupe. Don’t mind the front but the rear looks too pinched-in for me.

  4. Tin Avatar

    Wow what is happening to bmw

    1. anotae Avatar

      Don’t know. Really don’t know…

  5. omid namin Avatar
    omid namin

    why can’t bmw design cars anymore???

  6. Kel R Avatar
    Kel R

    Looks great, and the quality of the dash and consuls looks well thought out.

    1. Chu2k Avatar

      Doesnt even look like a RWD car anymore. Horrible proportions

  7. Василь Шерстюк Avatar
    Василь Шерстюк

    One of the best looking car for me ❤❤❤!!!
    Front end of I7 is ugly😢

  8. john shaw Avatar
    john shaw

    No 6 cylinder models for EU customers, rest of the world is OK afaik.

  9. Dimitri Hadzitomov Avatar
    Dimitri Hadzitomov

    So much black plastic bits that you’d think it was a Subaru. 😢

  10. Chu2k Avatar

    The flush door handles and that new tailights make this car look extremely bland and uncharacteristic for the model. Looks like an A6 cousin.

  11. RobG Avatar

    No diesel, = no interest! shame.

  12. babyfaceNelly  Avatar

    No diesel really I guess I have to look somewhere else

  13. MarSer Avatar

    it’s only chance is that it looks better in reality than on screen. Looks very very underwhelming. Interior is nice though
    7 series is bliss compared to this
    A6 needs to update fast now, way behind

  14. William A-D Avatar
    William A-D

    is the rotary dial glass or plastic?

  15. SimpleCarGuy Avatar

    Time to buy last gen m550i!

  16. C J Avatar
    C J

    does anyone else think the back looks like the new Accord?

  17. Jonty B Avatar
    Jonty B

    Looks miles better than the 7 or 4. But like all new cars it’s ridiculously expensive – especially the i5.

  18. alex135789 Avatar

    Depressing acceleration specs for a BMW 5 series. Shame.

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