NEW Audi Q8 review – better than a Porsche Cayenne? | What Car?

# #AudiQ 8 #NewSUV

Is the really better than a Porsche? We remain in Cape Town, South Africa to test 's newest Coupé SUV.

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21 responses to “NEW Audi Q8 review – better than a Porsche Cayenne? | What Car?”

  1. Stephen Collins Avatar
    Stephen Collins

    That must be the laziest facelift ever. Had the same drivetrain in a Q7 and the gearbox issue is really bad, especially when trying to pull out into fast moving traffic from a rolling start. It really feels like Audi just can’t be bothered to develop their ICE cars any more and are just trying to make an old range last as long as possible.

    1. Bej Bogdan Avatar
      Bej Bogdan

      Totally wrong. They are developing NEW models that will be launched in about 3/4 years. I own a 2023 Q8 TDI, owned another Q8 in the past and they are really good. This new 2024 model is just a facelift. The Q8 is a best seller so they didn’t need to overhaul it completely.

      The are working on the new Q8 which won’t be a facelift.

  2. MG Avatar

    Stop with the click bait titles. There are other ways.

  3. The Zanzibarbarian Avatar
    The Zanzibarbarian

    I have to congratulate you all for returning safely and not getting car jacked while in South Africa 8-))…
    But to spot the difference between this updated model and the last one, you’ll need to be Hercule Poirot ;-))…

    1. Prakash Narismulu Avatar
      Prakash Narismulu

      😂 last time I was robbed I was in London , welcome to South Africa 🇿🇦 home of the RWC champions

  4. Neuro Weaver Avatar
    Neuro Weaver

    Finally, a GREEN car! And I love this British Racing Green.

    1. P D Avatar
      P D

      I think it’s Goodwood Green, which is an Audi Exclusive colour.

  5. Daniel Berdasco Avatar
    Daniel Berdasco

    He‘s so cute 😍😍

    1. Brian Allan Avatar
      Brian Allan

      100% agree

  6. Hugh Venter Avatar
    Hugh Venter

    This has to be THE laziest facelift if ever there was one.

  7. Boxing Fan Avatar
    Boxing Fan

    Looks like a lovely car and well well-presented. But I am struggling with the term “new model” being used. Surely this is little more than a refresh or facelift.

  8. Ian Rayner Avatar
    Ian Rayner


  9. Thomas Hillier Avatar
    Thomas Hillier

    Did What Car? or perhaps Audi send you to SA for the slight facelift of a low-volume over-sized Diesel? I can’t help wondering whether that’s an essential use of energy ressources…

    1. Al mac Avatar
      Al mac

      You don’t have to watch it if this isn’t your kind of car. Click on reviews that you are interested in.

  10. CnE Avatar

    Audi’s look so frumpy now.

  11. puff0086 Avatar

    the build looks cheap to me…

  12. Steven Tilley Avatar
    Steven Tilley

    That music is horrific and depressing!

  13. Gas Janssen Avatar
    Gas Janssen

    Gros SUV pour bobos 👎👎👎👎

  14. Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting Avatar
    Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting

    The car coming from behind gets to within 2 m before the brake lights come on? I don’t know any car that can stop from only 20 miles an hour in 2 metres. If the car behind can’t see that you are stopped. Warning him just 2 m away, is in my opinion, a little too late. You’ve got to give him a fighting chance of stopping. Why not make it 5 m. At least he might be going slow enough not to do too much damage when he hits you. 😂

  15. Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting Avatar
    Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting

    So basically, the hard pressed VW group have whisked you all the way to South Africa, no doubt, business class. To review a facelift of Audis Q8. Aren’t they made in Bratislava? Sounds about right. 😂

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