MG4 vs Cupra Born review – what’s the BEST small electric car? | What Car?

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In this evaluation of the MG4 and Cupra Born, we compare these 2 fantastic electric vehicles in every location. Is the terribly priced MG4 too excellent to be true?

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Video chapters:.
0:00 Intro.
0:36 1. Background.
1:26 2. Born interior.
3:44 3. Functionality.
4:08 4. Range.
6:16 5. Charging.
6:59 6. Driving.
8:34 7. Prices.
9:16 8. How to spec the Born.
9:41 9. How to spec the MG4.
10:19 10. Decision and outro.






26 responses to “MG4 vs Cupra Born review – what’s the BEST small electric car? | What Car?”

  1. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    The price makes the difference

    1. Reddylion Avatar


  2. Dheeradj Lachman Avatar
    Dheeradj Lachman

    I like the design of both brands but i dont like vag group brands cupra is orignal a Seat👎

  3. steve cross Avatar
    steve cross

    Why don’t car companies, advertise real world range. They must have accumulated thousands of hours of data, during the development process. They could at least average it out. Wouldn’t that be preferable, to what are unrealistic and deceiving figures. Most people buy vehicles, that suit their needs. I am sure, real world range is an important part of the decision-making process. This ambiguity; I am sure, is putting a lot of people off buying a fully electric vehicle. Especially as the real world range, can differ from 30 to 50 less miles from the advertised range. That is completely unacceptable.

    1. rikkiola Avatar

      This is actually what the WLTP figure is supposed to do, isn’t it?

  4. mev202 Avatar

    On the MG4, you can dedicate the steering wheel buttons to be your climate control, and drive modes. It also has voice control. As for the 50kw charging times, that’s simply not accurate. I’ve test driven the MG4, it is quiet on the motorway and handled perfectly.

    1. rikkiola Avatar

      It’s ridiculous that car journalists don’t spend a little time before these reviews to learn these features, which are so important for a balanced review. Quite a lot of content in here seemed to go against most of the reviews I’ve watched (I’ve watched many), such as the build quality (not necessarily materials). The handling on the MG4 is also fantastic, I’ve test driven one, it was like an electirc go-kart. It seems that some of these journalists have an agenda or preconception about a car or the outcome of a review before the test, then go looking for things to support it.

    2. Ben Cole Avatar
      Ben Cole

      @rikkiola agree. With the early reviews, it was clear they had the car for a very limited time. But by now they should have this info. I agree, the MG build quality on the interior seems good – though perhaps this was an indirect reference to oil leaks and bulging under-trays. The MG drive has won rave reviews in every other review I’ve seen, so I was surprised by this – though I don’t know how it compares to the Born, so perhaps it is slightly less good.

  5. Paul Boreham Avatar
    Paul Boreham

    Sorry to disagree I have driven both and the MG4 is by far the more fun to drive

    1. rikkiola Avatar

      Yeah, as I mentioned above, this is pretty much the only review that slates the driving experience. Guess it’s subjective, though this review is by far in the minorty from those I’ve seen

  6. Hugo Cass Avatar
    Hugo Cass

    It’s rather sad that car journalists consider cars like these to be small.

  7. Tony Cashman Avatar
    Tony Cashman

    Bit unfair, you can assign actions to the star buttons on the MG4

  8. Michael Goode Avatar
    Michael Goode

    I’m buying a used ID.3 and I am very happy to have made that choice. I’ve found a Life 58mWh for under £25k with average miles and considering that we will do probably 8,000 miles a year it will soon be well below average miles.

    The ID.3 just felt more comfortable, more composed on the road and more practical for rear seat passengers than the MG.

    You pays your money …

  9. Tony Cashman Avatar
    Tony Cashman

    The MG4 is nearly as good as the rivals as you say, then add in £10k cheaper spec dependant and can you honestly say the Born is a £10k worth better car? I probably am a bit biased as I have ordered a Trophy model.

    1. Manuel Avatar

      Trophy battery size is similar to the Cupra Born smaller battery size, which is what you should compare to. Then, the price difference is not that big, although still sustancial.

  10. Michele Oncini Avatar
    Michele Oncini

    In my opinion the benchmark is the Renault MeganE not the cupra that is a rebadged VW ID3…

  11. Paul van Druten Avatar
    Paul van Druten

    Never cared to read the manual?
    you can dedicate the steering wheel buttons to be your climate control, and drive modes

  12. sevensixtysteve Avatar

    That price difference is obviously way too large to ignore – I read that Kia had put their sub £30K EV on hold as it was difficult to make a profit below that figure. They also acknowledged that if sub £30K cars like the MG started to steal their market share, they would be forced to react. Interesting comment and I wonder if MG is being heavily subsidised to achieve this pricing. We have seen their other models jump in price after they have been out for a while so the same could happen to the 4. Grab it while its cheap I guess !

  13. Mc WinK Avatar
    Mc WinK

    I have ordered the 61kw 450km EURO 31500. mg 4 in Ireland. Hope to get it in march. The curpra is 10k more and same range except with creature comforts. Government also reducing the 5k green tax this summer. Get them while you can.

  14. NZsarge1 Avatar

    Incorrect conclusion, the MG is the best VALUE FOR MONEY small EV available, not the best small EV

  15. Jesse Ketokoski Avatar
    Jesse Ketokoski

    Cupra Born is a magical car: it can charge 77kwh in 10 hours with 7kw charger! Car journalism at its finest!

  16. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
    Jonathan Taylor

    In summary, then… “The Cupra Born is the BETTER car all round – but, because everyone likes a bargain, buy the MG4” 🤣

  17. Jeff. Avatar

    Small electric vehicles? Compact family runners I think.
    Pretty large and more than adequate space.
    I’ve got a Born. Think I would have seriously thought on the MG4 with that price when it would have been available.

  18. Mike Holmes Avatar
    Mike Holmes

    How about Born vs Megane E-Tech ?

    I think your conclusion is wrong. You’ve already said the Born is better in every area (apart price).

  19. undecided25 Avatar

    This is a pointless comparison. The Cupra goes from around £36k – £40k. It would be better to compare it the Megane E-Tech or Niro EV. Just ordered an MG4 SE Standard range and there is absolutely nothing to touch it at the price. Poor review i’m afraid.

  20. Manuel Avatar

    Not sure why you were comparing cheap vs cheap and expensive vs expensive versions.

    The MG4 with larger battery is very close to the Cupra Born smaller battery, 61 to 58. So, in that regard, the price difference is not as big.

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