MG4 or Nissan LEAF: we crunch ALL the important numbers. A surprise winner? / Electrifying

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Whenever we speak about electric automobiles, there's one thing that always comes up. It's not charging, it's not variety – it's cost. There's no avoiding the reality that electric cars and trucks are a great deal of money. While there are vehicles at the more budget friendly end of the marketplace, such as the MINI and the Fiat 500e, they aren't much good as useful family automobiles. If you desire space, variety and functionality, you'll be looking at a price in excess of ₤ 30,000.

Or will you? In spite of widespread inflation and cost hikes, there are still two five-door, five seat family automobiles that can be picked up for less than ₤ 30,000. State hi to the and the . The Nissan may be the elder statesman of the electrical automobile market nowadays, but that doesn't indicate that it has actually lost any of its appeal. Roomy, packed with package and decent to drive, it still makes a great buy. As does the among the most recent arrivals on the marketplace, the . This award-winning 5 door has redefined what buyers can expect in the sub- ₤ 30,000 sector with its sharp appearances and great range.

But is the MG still the winner when you look at ALL the figures? Sign Up With Nicki and Mike as they crunch the numbers and compare every detail to exercise that makes the very best buy. Which would you select? As always, we like to hear your viewpoint, so leave your ideas in the remarks listed below.

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26 responses to “MG4 or Nissan LEAF: we crunch ALL the important numbers. A surprise winner? / Electrifying”

  1. Graham Castle Avatar
    Graham Castle

    I decided not to by a Leaf after finding out that the battery was air cooled and could only be fast charged once a day. Bought a Zoe instead has a water cooled battery and can be fast charged as often as you want.

    1. Lewis Standing Avatar
      Lewis Standing

      Chademo put me off as well as the details you mention but in the end it would have saved me 15k getting that second hand leaf+ Vs my Kona and I’ve rarely rapid charged and certainly not twice a day so maybe didn’t need to care.

    2. Thordur Hognason Avatar
      Thordur Hognason

      Where did you get information about 1 fast charge a day max?

    3. Howard Wologritz Avatar
      Howard Wologritz

      @Thordur Hognason I’ve had a leaf for a few years. The truth is somewhere in the middle. You can charge more than once a day, however, it’ll slow down severely if the battery is over heating. So basically, you’re not going to want to rapid charge more than once

    4. Clas Oskarsson Avatar
      Clas Oskarsson

      Zoe has not a watercoolant battery, but a ffan which cool the battery.
      Leaf has not even a fan….

  2. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
    Jonathan Taylor

    Surprised (or not…?) that warranty wasn’t mentioned – 3 years for the Leaf and 7 years for the MG.

  3. Rhys Latham Avatar
    Rhys Latham

    ChaDeMo is the Betamax of the car charging world, if the Leaf had CCS I would have stayed in one. Why would you buy or lease a new car that uses a different standard to the vast majority of the charging network?

  4. Zk Motivation Avatar
    Zk Motivation

    -“The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it.” —Henry Ford

  5. Richard S Wiggins Avatar
    Richard S Wiggins

    If the MG4 had been out the same time as the leaf in 2018, there would have been no contest in my purchase. But as it wasn’t, it was the right car for me.

  6. Chris Mawby Avatar
    Chris Mawby

    Range, price and long warranty, MG4 for me.

  7. The Observer Avatar
    The Observer

    LEAF is a 10 year old car.
    Air cooled.

  8. Tesla-Spectre Avatar

    Between those two the decision is absolutely easy: it is the MG4 in absolutely aspects. Although I would go for the comfort trim…

    1. undecided25 Avatar

      Trouble is that the comfort trim (Trophy in the UK) is over £32k. For that you get an electric seat that has no memory function, a spoiler that slows the car down and reduces range, wireless charging without wireless Android auto and heated seats and steering wheel in a car that you can pre-warm from the comfort of your own lounge. Is all of that really worth £5k more than the standard model?

    2. Ian Anderson Avatar
      Ian Anderson

      @undecided25 Comfort is the SE Long Range … the EU version of the Trophy is the Luxury.

  9. Mark Mills Avatar
    Mark Mills

    Good grief I never thought the leaf was an attractive car, but since they have put the black roofs on and those black and crome wheels its so ugly it actually hurts my eyes 😂

  10. Billy Heywood Avatar
    Billy Heywood

    Great video guys, it’s good to demonstrate how much car you can get for your money. My observation is that as the Leaf is £29k, you could fairly have compared it to the MG4 SE Long Range which is just £500 more. Then you’d be comparing a 39kWh battery car with a 64kWh battery car – that would have been a slam dunk win for the MG4 – 80 miles more real world range and 85kW higher charge speed

  11. sha wing Avatar
    sha wing

    New cars and PCP are a con! Unless you’re into literally throwing 1000s away.

    If you want an actually affordable car buy a used car instead, saves you way more and you can do what ever you want with it 😊

  12. Tom Quimby Avatar
    Tom Quimby

    The first 20 seconds were a joy, my hope bar was raised, but then the D lister popped in and ruined it.

  13. fred bloggs Avatar
    fred bloggs

    The leaf is hideously overpriced and out of date

  14. MyTurnRacing Avatar

    I was about to order a leaf…. but i counted the chargers at motorway service stations i went by. so many had 1 or 2 CHADEMO, and 4,,6,sometimes 10 CCS. Charging on long journeys with 2 young kids, I want every chance to get a charge and get going, and CHADEO isnt the one to have. Even Nissan agree, their new Aryia is CCS. When the leaf stops being made in the next couple of years, what new cars will use CHADEO? I cant think of any? So why will installers add many more?

    Having said that, I took delivery of my new MG4, had it a week, andits now in the garage getting stuff sorted….. and is likly to be there till next week aparently. I am sure it will be good when its fixed.

  15. Ray Emre TUFEKCI Avatar
    Ray Emre TUFEKCI

    The best one is a used, good condition Nissan Leaf Tekna, full bells and whistles. Or if I am spending 30k, I would go for a used Tesla model 3.

  16. ozone🌎 Avatar

    Pretty sure you can hook up a rear camera on the MG. Lol.

  17. Kipper Dog Avatar
    Kipper Dog

    Nissan Leaf is more heavily discounted which makes them both around 26k. This makes the leaf a good deal, as long as you’re happy with rapid gating, lack of battery thermal management and higher rate of battery degradation.

  18. Will Kirkham Avatar
    Will Kirkham

    I would give points to Nissan for interior quality materials seats etc.I would suspect Nissan is more reliable in the long term. (December 2022 MG4 was £26000 now £27000) 7 year warranty on MG4 but this does not included everything, seats I hear are 1 year warranty! Electric cars expensive to charge on the open road, home charging (cheap) is not available to every one (you need your own drive/charging point).EV Infastructure needs vast improvement. My next car will be nearly new petrol for around £20000!

  19. James Guy Avatar
    James Guy

    The build quality of the MG4 is not the best. Mine has a few rattles but worse is the wind noise from the drivers door. However all is forgiven because it’s the only vehicle in the UK with LFP and VTL giving me up to 50kWhr of standby power in the event of a power cut – we get a few at the end of a Dartmoor power line.

  20. Brian Avatar

    😂🤣😂🤣 one is the past, one is the future, the result might surprise you……

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