MG3 review! – the CHEAPEST MG and the best?? | What Car?

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In this MG3 , we see if the most affordable the manufacturer makes is really the best. Watch to learn.

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Video chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:40 What is the MG3?
01:49 Competitors
02:11 Interior
03:27 Functionality
04:52 Engine
06:15 Driving
07:22 Pricing
08:46 Best thing
08:50 Worst thing
08:56 Verdict






29 responses to “MG3 review! – the CHEAPEST MG and the best?? | What Car?”

  1. Minarchist 412 Avatar
    Minarchist 412

    Looks like a scoda fabia

  2. Steve Long Avatar
    Steve Long

    Had a 65 reg one which I liked but it cost less than 4 grand second hand. Can’t believe the prices now on Autotrader for one, averaging 5 grand + with big miles . Still enjoyed mine though, it averaged 42 mpg and I could leave it in fifth gear from 30mph all day long.

    1. bryan Avatar

      The mg3 is a hard sell,unless you really,really really want a brand new car.
      As you say depreciation is going to hurt, I think most people now think of the mg brand as cheap electric cars, the petrol mg3 seems a decade old (at best) even the moden stuff (no android auto) seems a token gesture.
      The 7 uear warranty is good,but my money would go on a 2 or 3 year old kia

  3. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Like getting beaten up 😆

  4. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Great review mate

  5. AM Avatar

    I had the displeasure of driving a few of these, it’s dreadful. Avoid it. Five speed gearbox in a modern car is absurd

    1. David H Avatar
      David H

      The 20k VW Polo still has a 5 speed!

    2. AM Avatar

      @David H I’ve driven a few, every single one of them has had six

    3. David H Avatar
      David H

      @AM the non turbo Polo is still 5 speed, still the same on quite a few small cars. They should be six though considering how much you pay.

    4. AM Avatar

      @David H I agree. No modern car should have five, I’ve only driven the turbo ones so can’t comment on NA versions. I briefly drove a captur on 2021 plate, that only had 5gears. It was revving it’s bollocks off at 70 (ish)

  6. kenzohkw Avatar

    Decent wee car but the ancient engine and ancient fuel consumption would bankrupt you. Lucky to see 35MPG on a good day.

  7. Fast H Racing Avatar
    Fast H Racing

    Very low price £13500?

    1. Charlie Avatar

      Compared to rivals it is a low price

  8. Lando1876 Avatar

    This should’ve been sold as an Austin

  9. David J Avatar
    David J

    They have really destroyed the MG brand. Sad.

  10. Mr SWR Avatar
    Mr SWR

    I’m sure they will do a fully Electric version in the end. A plugin hybrid may be a good fit. A new Car for under £14k what can you complain about a new MINI Cooper is more like £23k now before options,you do get a years free insurance on the Cooper but even still.

  11. Emmanuel Gutierrez Avatar
    Emmanuel Gutierrez

    2013 – 2023 the great reset

    1. Dobbymir Putin Avatar
      Dobbymir Putin

      That thing qanonces keep crying about?

  12. James Mccormack Avatar
    James Mccormack

    Seen a recent flurry of these around, seems to have had a 2nd wind. I have known some folks that have them and all sing the MG3’s praises. The interior looks good, and the materials are good compared to some rivals. There are some cheaper materials used, but I think they have used the better materials where it actually matters. Most people buying at this price point aren’t bothered by tactile feel of materials. The seats are really comfy. they’re very capable and can take four adults easy. They seem to have been underrated for some time in the market it’s aimed at.

  13. What Car? Avatar
    What Car?

    Would you rather own the petrol-powered MG3⛽️ or the fully electric MG4⚡️?

  14. Wayne Heyes Avatar
    Wayne Heyes

    No automatic option not good enough

    1. mynameisleeyesitis Avatar

      You mean if you cant drive or have an arm missing, this isnt the car for you? Id rather have a ZR and I can drive a proper manual anyway.

  15. Kenneth Foster Avatar
    Kenneth Foster

    If given the choice between a MG3 and a dacia sanderoo it would be the sandero for me

  16. Andrew Preston Avatar
    Andrew Preston

    My thought, for what its worth, is that the Dacias have become more and more accepted and desirable, whilst remaining great value for money. Whereas, the MG3 has had 10 years, and really, in everything that’s important with the car itself.., it has progressed barely a notch.., yet the price has inflated. Basically, it’s the Lada Riva of the 21st century.

  17. PlanetMingo Avatar

    Have owned one for the last year and not had a single issue. About the engine, it’s OK for me. It can go fast if you thrash it.. I don’t want to go fast!

    1. Sérgio Santos Avatar
      Sérgio Santos

      A year doesn’t say much about a car’s reliability.

  18. Tom Allen Avatar
    Tom Allen

    Why wouldn’t you just buy an old ZR?? More reliable, much better looking and gets better mpg and you can pick one up for a few hundred ££

  19. Will Kirkham Avatar
    Will Kirkham

    Thanks for review… cheap? and overall a bit nasty , old (ancient) engine, cheap materials poor ride quality..I think I would prefer a good second hand Fiesta for a similar price..

  20. Tim Skelton Avatar
    Tim Skelton

    Have a 2013 model and it’s been excellent as a first car and extremely reliable. Older engines mean more reliability and less complexity. Complexity will be the killer of newer model cars as it’s expensive to fix. We’re talking these days of a single headlamp that is £500.00 plus etc.

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