MG ZS review – better than a Dacia Duster? | What Car?

View our brand-new evaluation to discover whatever you need to understand about this bargain SUV. Is it actually much better than a Dacia Duster?

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43 responses to “MG ZS review – better than a Dacia Duster? | What Car?”

  1. @matthewwebb8206 Avatar

    Having owned one (auto exclusive) for 2 years it’s perfectly acceptable. You get what you pay for. It did us well, great deep boot for camping and if you have a large dog etc. Fuel economy is not impressive but it’s not a hybrid so as to be expected.

  2. @totoianugheorghelucian488 Avatar

    Dacia is a better package overall, but I have to admit the interior on the highest MG trim looks nice.

    1. @ndukasmith Avatar

      If you really believe that, then why are you watching this video? Why don’t you go and watch the dacia video?

    2. @robsmall6466 Avatar

      ​@@ndukasmithWhat did they say that made you reply like that ? Completely needless

    3. @davidspencer7254 Avatar

      Sadly its not, at least on the outgoing Duster, true.

  3. @Thunderbird-vv3dt Avatar

    Dammmm a digital display at £21000?!? That’s unheard of.

    1. @oliverstemp9132 Avatar

      It doesn’t actually do much other than show a nice picture of the car, so it’s pointless.

  4. @i11usiveman97 Avatar

    Cars like this just show how much brands over charge for a badge. We have a SEAT Leon 2021, based on the new Golf, Volkswagen group car and we’ve had nothing but trouble with it and its terrible Digital screen controlling everything in the car. We have just ordered a new MG HS Trophy because the quality inside feels similar and it has more kit for less than the price of our car, new. No brainer for us.

  5. @HowDareYouu Avatar

    if they fix the steering wheel, the gearbox & the infotainment this would be nicer than the current duster(not the 2024 one)

  6. @JRGRAY-33 Avatar

    Another cracking video review 👍🏾

  7. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

    If it had to be a combustion engine, surprising that MG hasn’t developed a mild hybrid or regular hybrid

    1. @robsmall6466 Avatar

      MG HS SUV offers hybrid. Supposedly the new MG3 will as well

  8. @marksapollo Avatar

    This design is better looking than the Duster. But it’s still ‘cheap’, even so it highlights just how overpriced cars have become in a very short space of time.

    1. @leontedumitru Avatar

      I don’t think it’s better than the new Duster, that appeared couple of days ago.

    2. @leonardbacau Avatar

      ​@@leontedumitruthe dacia duster îs better from every Point of view Think renault as a car maker and chinese car makers and that says it all

    3. @davidspencer7254 Avatar

      Ehhh. No. Renault used to be notorious for electrical faults, those are mostly gone. These days the problems are clutch and gearbox related. On the Dacia, also corrosion. Fair enough most of its hidden (under body or on parts that on all cars eventually rust) but it’s embarrassing on a year old car (or less) having rust visible at a glance I’d you happen to look at the right angle through the alloys

  9. @oliverstemp9132 Avatar

    I had one as a hire car, the steering was actually so vague and light it was unpleasant and it felt like it was going to roll over going round a roundabout at very normal speeds. The engine was slow and noisy. Not mentioned here was how terrible the stereo was, worst sounding speakers in any car.

  10. @ivanbabovic3379 Avatar

    I’ve owned one for a year now (actually cancelled my Dacia Duster order for it) and I am beyond happy with it. You get exactly what you pay for and it is definitely more premium than the Duster on the inside. The latest 2024 Duster still looks excessively cheap on the inside with all those hard plastics and the back bench is shockingly thin and uncomfortable. MG any day

  11. @TheDirkdams Avatar

    I live in Spain and driving a mg zs 1.5 for 2 years now ! End of the year I am driving up to Belgium for the 3th time whit it and it’s a real comfortable car takes about 6 l of fuel every 100 km and it the best car you can by for that price here in Spain 15000€ ! The same as a Kia Picanto . Si what would you choose

  12. @ramyttsh Avatar

    Why comparing the MG to old Dacia, the duster has released a very renewed all new version this year. Weird or outdated comparison

    1. @robsmall6466 Avatar

      This MG has been about for a long time as well. So comparison is justified. Not saying it’s any good but a lot of UK buyers have bought them ( they were on heavy discounts back in January ). A lot of Dacia about as well mind

    2. @ramyttsh Avatar

      @@robsmall6466 your point is totally valid, and the comparison is also valid. The only reason for my comment is the timing of the comparison. So, if today I’m in the market to compare between both, I shouldn’t compare with this old version. That’s all. If this video was released 6 months ago, I wouldn’t have said a thing.

    3. @robsmall6466 Avatar

      @@ramyttsh I guess from their perspective the new Dacia Duster isn’t on sale yet. The recent vids on YouTube have all been non drives as well. So they can only compare this MG to the current old Dacia which is on sale now

    4. @ramyttsh Avatar

      @@robsmall6466 I see, but let’s agree that they must have spread the awareness at least as a disclaimer for any buyer watching this video about the new Dacia coming soon, so they don’t mess lead people

    5. @robsmall6466 Avatar

      @@ramyttsh I agree. They should of said compared to the out going Dacia Duster that’s soon to be replaced and we’ll bring you a verdict on the new model later

  13. @thomasfrancis5747 Avatar

    Friend of mine was offered either a ZS (subject to delivery time) or Suzuki S Cross (available immediately) on Motability at the same very low cost – no brainer to choose the latter and he’s very pleased with it.

    1. @davidspencer7254 Avatar

      So person never tried an MGZS, got an S Cross and was happy with it. I feel informed. 😂

  14. @sevensixtysteve8662 Avatar

    I guess if you must have a new car but this is your budget, then there aren’t many options. I actually think it’s a decent looking car for the money but the driving experience would be a deal breaker for me. The price of the ZS would get you into a good used car in the same class but of much higher quality and ability — a 2 year old Qashqai for example, way better than the ZS by any metric.

    1. @woolychewbakker5277 Avatar

      Agreed, but what warranty do you get with a two year old Quashqai ?

  15. @ciybersal3499 Avatar

    Definitely MG the way to go at this great value

  16. @uk..bruiser..4046 Avatar

    Dacia Duster is still a better package and way better for off-road, which is something that Duster owners actually look for. Better interior for the MG, but basically the MG is a raised road car, a raised estate.

    1. @davidspencer7254 Avatar

      I’m sorry but that’s just not true, having both here.

    2. @uk..bruiser..4046 Avatar

      @@davidspencer7254 I do believe it is true. Still a great value car, wondering if all the money is going to go to China?

  17. @Brian-om2hh Avatar

    Personally for around £18k, I’d go for a nice used Skoda Kamiq at around 18 Months old……

  18. @Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    I very nearly got a ZS EV for my first electric vehicle. The new version is a very attractive car. For, however, it’s got to be able to be a daily ride and a camper conversion.

    1. @markcrane9661 Avatar


  19. @jansenwilder1335 Avatar

    Wish you all had the MG Marvel R for review.. it was out in China.. sporty Suv.

  20. @Markgorth Avatar

    Emekli olmak için 1 milyon dolar kazanmak için 40 yıl çalıştılar, bu nedenle bazı kişiler 10.000 dolarlık kripto para birimine yatırım yapmadı, tüm akıllı telefonlarda ve milyonlarca paradan mahrum kaldılar, ancak bu çok güzel. Linda. Que Dieu vous bénisse, senhora…

    1. @DavidMake-px6bu Avatar

      Evet, çok teşekkür ederim, özellikle Bayan Linda’nın sizinle daha iyi bir ticaret yapmak için yazdığından bahsediyorum..

    2. @DavidMake-px6bu Avatar

      İyileştiğimi ve anlaşmaya varamadığımı fark ettim…

    3. @Nicolas-ot8re Avatar

      Bu, kendi yeteneklerine gerçekten ilgi duyuyor. 0,5 BTC ve 2,1 BTC’den oluşan bir liste….

    4. @MakeTenny Avatar

      Her ne kadar bu bir tür olsa da, Linda gibi özel bir uzmanla karşılaşmak pek mümkün değil. İşte bu, sizin için en iyi mobilite aracısı…

    5. @Matthieu-pf2cq Avatar

      Bu ticaretin fiyatı 2 600 $’dır. Bugün bir aileyle birlikte ticaret yaptık ve faydalar sağladık…

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