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It's no overstatement to state that has transformed itself in recent years. Although its cars have actually constantly used decent value for cash, the brand's pre-electric range was somewhat doing not have in appeal. Now, in the electric age, is back to its best. The estate and MG ZS SUV set new benchmarks for value when they initially got here and stay terrific buys for motorists aiming to change to battery power.

2023 sees the MG electrical variety at its most remarkable and extensive yet. Sitting together with facelifted variations of the and MG ZS is the brand name's 3rd new design, the MG4. A numerous award-winner, the MG4 has redefined the electric vehicle sector bringing with it exceptional value for money and striking design.

However which is the best one for you? Join Nicki as she puts all three through the .com evaluation procedure, highlighting their strengths and giving you all the key realities and figures along the way.

And don't just take our word for it, why not attempt one on your own? Click the link below to organise a test drive of the brand-new MG4 at your nearby MG merchant. If you have currently tested on or have actually purchased one, let us know what you believe in the remarks listed below – we enjoy to speak with you.

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MG4 Long Variety
₤ 29,495 SE Long Variety, (₤ 32,495 Prize LR, MG4 SE Standard Range ₤ 26,995).
201bhp, 184lb feet of torque.
Rear wheel drive, 1-spd.
7.9 seconds 0-62mph, 99mph leading speed.
61.7 kWh battery (useable), 280 miles vary WLTP.
135kw DC, 11.0 kw air conditioner, 34 minutes quick DC (23- 180 miles added), 68min 50kW.
10hr on house wallbox.
Weight: 1,785 kg.
Boot: 363-litres/ 1,177 seats folded (No frunk).
Tow: 500kg.
Vehicle-to-load 2.2 kW air conditioning.

MG5 SE Long Range (LR just).
₤ 30,995 SE (₤ 33,495 Prize).
154bhp, 207lb ft of torque.
Front-wheel drive, 1-spd.
7.7 seconds 0-62mph, 115mph leading speed.
57.4 kWh battery (useable), 249 miles range WLTP (200 genuine).
87kw DC, 7.4 kw a/c, 42 min quick DC (21-164 miles), 63min 50kW.
9hr 15 on home wallbox.
Weight: 1,637 kg.
Boot: 479-litres 1,367 (no frunk).
Tow: 500kg.
Vehicle-to-load 2.2 kW AC.

MG ZS SE Long Range.
₤ 32,995 (SE Standard Range ₤ 30,495).
154bhp, 207lb feet of torque.
Front-wheel drive, 1-spd.
8.4 seconds 0-62mph, 109mph leading speed.
68.3 kWh battery (useable), 273 miles vary WLTP.
94kw DC, 7.4 kw air conditioner, 37 minutes fast DC (23-180 miles), 62min 50kW.
11hr on house wallbox.
Weight: 1,695 kg.
Boot: 448-litres 1,166 (no frunk).
Roof load: 75kg.
Tow: 500kg.
Vehicle-to-load 2.2 kW air conditioning.

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27 responses to “MG GROUP TEST: MG4 vs MG5 vs MG ZS – which is right for YOU? | Electrifying”

  1. Jansen Wilder Avatar
    Jansen Wilder

    I wish you all had the MG Marvel R Suv to review.. it was a strong design when it was released in China and Europe. I just saw the 2023 Marvel R in MG Cambodia LH drive.. I wish they built the RH drive version.

    1. benrgrogan Avatar

      Not sold in the UK. Won’t be coming until the next generation in a couple of years time

    2. Ian Ackery Avatar
      Ian Ackery

      Looks good in reviews but no more space than an MG5 – needs a bigger boot for me.

  2. Grizzly HP2 Avatar
    Grizzly HP2

    MG is making great EV’s. MG4 hands down the nice oneof this 3.
    Maybe a small Cabrio next?

    1. JK31 Avatar

      the cyberster is coming out too

    2. Grizzly HP2 Avatar
      Grizzly HP2

      @JK31 Thats where our hopes were (untill we saw the estimated price of €60k).
      The only EV cabrio with a usable range is the 42kWh Fiat 500e Cabrio, but that is already €38.000.
      I guess the cost of the Cyberster will be even higher. That will make it unobtainable for us.
      We used to be able to buy several ICE Cabrio’s for around €20k to €25k.
      The ICE Fiat 500 Cabrio still is €20k
      But with the arrival of the electric cars, they seem to have doubled in price, and even more than doubled.

    3. JK31 Avatar

      @Grizzly HP2 ICE is the way to go man, i dont see myself in an electric car not with them prices as well, get an old MG F you’ll never stop smiling

    4. Grizzly HP2 Avatar
      Grizzly HP2

      I think you are right there.
      Though i am pro electric, and would like to own one, the price difference between ICE and EV is still huge, even after 10 years doing 20.000km per year, ICE still is cheaper.
      And the starting prices are like unobtanium.
      I buy a brand new ICE cabrio for €20.000. Same car as EV starts at €38.000.
      To get a loan for that €18.000 difference wil set you back an other €3.000, which makes a total of €21.000 more for the EV than the €20.000 ICE cabrio. . . . . .

  3. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Having had a deposit on an MG4, I had a serious look at all of these. Including test drives. I think MG are like Hyundai 10 years ago… by that I mean, they are basically good vehicles (with a great warranty) but there is something wrong with the way they look! The design is OK but not quite right!! The SUV is proportioned wrong, the MG4 is so cheap when you are close up to it and MG5 is boring. However, after driving all of them …. I would choose the MG5. Whilst ugly, its proportions & quality of finish is actually the best. With the correct finance they are seriously affordable. Currently the deal on the MG Web site is a new MG4 for £109/mth…. Which is the cheapest deal I have seen for any Electric car….

  4. Maria Shippam Avatar
    Maria Shippam

    I have been trying to make the decision between the MG4 and the ZS. My boys are now teenagers so no need for the additional space for buggies. Liked the ZS for the ease of access, as it looks taller, however the MG4 is still my favourite. Just need to go for a test drive in both now to completely make up my mind. Thanks. 5* for your review from me. 🙂

    1. Electrifying Avatar

      Hopefully our review will help you too, and there’s a link to help you book a test drive on it! Let us know what you decide 😊

  5. iTech Talk Avatar
    iTech Talk

    I’d choose the MG4, I find the ZS looks a bit too generic and while the MG5 seems like a good offering, not the biggest fan of estates and certainly don’t see myself using one. So definitely the MG4 because of its design and overall great value.

  6. djModu Avatar

    The MG4 would be the one for me. I was really surprised about the passenger backseat space. The MG5 was not as practical as i thought and had not so much space on the second row. So see and test it yourself.

  7. Olivarus Avatar

    The ZS just doesn’t look right, it’s too small to be so tall! The MG4 has much the best external looks, but the interior is disappointingly cheap and the lack of a rear wipe is a cardinal sin. The MG5 is a big improvement, visually, on the pre-facelift model, both inside and out, but where are the buttons? Too much is hidden in the infotainment screen resulting in all the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving and, as you say, the ride and range isn’t as good as the previous model. I don’t like the ZS, the MG4 is too small overall, so I would choose the MG5. But I’m not proud and am not out to ‘make a statement’, so I’ll stick with my pre-facelift MG5 Long Range Exclusive with it’s superior ride and marginally better range. It’s a great car and to match its spec would cost a huge price rise for a Kia Niro EV or Skoda Enyak.

  8. Simon HairyCheese Avatar
    Simon HairyCheese

    I wish the Marvel R had come to the UK. The better than a Leaf (MG4) the VW Passat / Toy Avensis love child (MG5) and the MG ZS which feels unique (but not in a good way) are all amazing, great value and competitive. But it’s only when the MG Cyberster arrives which may change the marque forever by combining nostalgia with futurism! Hmmmm 2 seater MG convertible for the weekend, I think so sir….

  9. Supa Mario Avatar
    Supa Mario

    I would rather an updated ZS on the MG4 platform.. and preferably with AWD.

  10. Bruce Kennedy Avatar
    Bruce Kennedy

    All 3 are decent, but it was never a competition. MG have pulled a blinder with the 4. Tesla charging network aside, I think it’s the best medium sized EV you can buy in the Uk right now for price and features.

  11. Ian Ackery Avatar
    Ian Ackery

    Unfortunately for us none of them at the moment. Need space for 2 dogs, camping gear and a towbar bike rack. MG5 could do but it’s a bit too small and the MG4 is much more modern.

    Now if they had an MG6 – bigger boot, pure EV from the ground up and under £35k I’d bite their hand off (or my dogs would!).

  12. Paul Harvey Avatar
    Paul Harvey

    I would buy a MG3 EV but hear they aren’t going to make one . Such a pity that smaller cars are being ignored.

  13. David Jebson Avatar
    David Jebson

    I bought my ZS ZV in sept 2021 and loved it loads until a small mistake on my part landed it back to the supplying garage for repair – 3 months ago !!!! They say they’ve ordered parts but not yet received them and have no anticipated arrival date. They also told me that they have another ZS EV at their garage waiting parts for over 12 months !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Rob Avatar

    Thanks for this, I tried the 4 and 5, wanted to love the 5 as i like estates and pretty much zero ev estates out there…..however i could not get on with the driving position, it feels like your sitting on top of a few yellow pages, the 4 is much more mordern and i did like it (especially considering the price)

  15. Ash B Avatar
    Ash B

    Correction : the MG4 Long range has 11kw AC charging, not 7kw. You do need to buy a 32amp 3 phase type 2 cable, as the MG cable can only charge at 7kw. I’ve tested this at a local 22kw podpoint and it works a treat.

  16. Colin Johnson Avatar
    Colin Johnson

    I’m patiently awaiting the delivery of my MG4 Trophy. I enjoyed the video, thankyou Nicki, very informative.

  17. Chris Mowatt Avatar
    Chris Mowatt

    I have both the 4 and the 5 (Pre-facelift) and if I could only choose one I would struggle to decide. The 4 is a better car in every department, but I rather like the understated competence of the 5. The 4 is a truly brilliant car, great fun to drive, looks good and is amazing value, but apparently bugs software in the software are still being ironed out.

    ZS is a non-starter for me, as it’s a SUV.

    If I had to choose, I would choose the 4, no the 5, no the 4… probably the … 4, no the 5

  18. Arvid Nielsen Avatar
    Arvid Nielsen

    The 4, yes 👍🏻

    (Is that headphone bleed, we’re hearing?)

  19. Stuart Avatar

    Hello. My M5 has 11kW AC charging. I have the Trophy if that makes a difference.

  20. Stephen Wensley Avatar
    Stephen Wensley

    I agree MG4 probably the best car, MG5 best family option and we nearly leased one – but couldn’t fit all the family including child seats comfortably

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