Kilowatt Half Hour Episode 30: Cancelled flights and our Ace-man in China |

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Today, Ginny, Mike and Tom shoot the electric breeze on a range of subjects, including World Automobile of the Year, the long-awaited return of the Ford Explorer and Omoda's arrival in the UK. The team likewise respond to listeners' concerns to assist them find the best electrical automobile.

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Weekly, the .com meet online to go over all the important matters at hand. Such as the weather condition, what we're all having for our tea and who disposed who in last night's Love Island. Between these heavyweight topics, we likewise discuss electric vehicles. A lot. Most likely an unhealthy amount to be truthful.

And when we do talk about cars, we discover a lot. From industry gossip to the more ordinary functionalities of electric vehicle ownership, it's the place where we dish the dirt on the cars and trucks we have actually been driving and deliver our own verdicts on the current electrical vehicle . We also like to have a good laugh at the daftest littles anti-electric that we've seen in the press.

We can't guarantee that you'll learn much. You most likely will not. But if you elegant 30 minutes of idle chat and gossip about the world of electric automobiles, we're here for you. If you like it/ dislike it/ believe it's too long or too brief, let us understand.


21 responses to “Kilowatt Half Hour Episode 30: Cancelled flights and our Ace-man in China |”

  1. @BMWHP2 Avatar

    Yeahhhh, keep the KHH episodes coming please 🙂

  2. @crm11450 Avatar

    I think you should add concept cars to the ‘Leaf’ list.

  3. @ashtaroth1975 Avatar

    Tom, you finally said the work refering the owners manual🤦pound in the jar please

  4. @thelaserhive3368 Avatar

    We are a 2 EV family, 2019 E Golf bought used, and we love it for everything within a 50 mile radius, and a Motability leased Niro EV ( thanks Nicola). It’s a great combo.

  5. @RichardAylward-lu1pc Avatar

    We are a two car electric car family with an ohme wallbox. It is really simple with a little planning😊

  6. @simonevans8979 Avatar

    Rule one of overseas travel: Put ALL the light stuff in the bag you carry in the cabin.. That and `smellies` are de rigeur for the overhead lockers. I crossed Europe on a motorcycle with a pair of smalls and THREE socks – worn on rotation.

  7. @karlInSanDiego Avatar

    Spot on, Tom. Tesla’s update is that they don’t know what they’re going to do to deliver a cheaper car.

  8. @karlInSanDiego Avatar

    I’m disappointed. Why are Brits flying to France and Spain? Use the Eurostar and TGV, please. I know it takes longer. But you’re getting schmoozed on a junket to shill for a car company. Take a stand and use the climate friendly system, please. What’s the point of promoting EVs but ignoring the hundreds if hour of flying your job still creates? You can address this. Local press days, and stay grounded.

  9. @robsmith1a Avatar

    I was looking forward to the GWM Ora SUV being called the ‘Fat Cat’

  10. @Jaw0lf Avatar

    Great episode and in answer to having two EV’s , we just have one car in the family and never looked back over the past 3 years of being an EV driver. In reference to the FSD, I think there are a lot of people out there that only drive because they have to. Also if you have a medical condition that makes driving difficult, then this technology may well be a life line and enable more people to do their own journies. Also if it is something you can enable, there is nothing to force you into using it.
    I make full use of the Tesla in the UK as much as it allows, in traffic jams, on 30’s, 40’s etc to maintain speed and not go over the limit. It also steers on gentle corners and slows down behind slower cars. I love all of this technology and the Tesla is again a huge jump from the Kia Niro EV 4+ that I had prior.

  11. @RobVerleg-mf9hx Avatar

    I hope to see you again next week 🕺

  12. @Clar-K.T Avatar

    Love my Leaf – another 1.5 year to go with my lease.

  13. @Pottery4Life Avatar

    Thank you.

  14. @scotteladd2537 Avatar

    Oh Ginny, you are not well informed on the status of Tesla’s Full Self Driving (FSD), in the USA.
    I’ve been using the product for two years now. I have been receiving updates as the product has improved, and the latest version I have received, 12.3.4, is a major step change, as it uses AI in place of heuristic code.
    In my opinion, this is level 4. I downloaded this version during a business trip, using the hotel’s WiFi. My first drive was from Groveland CA to Benicia CA, a distance of about 125 miles. This was a zero intervention and zero disengagement drive, and it’s only getting better. I use the feature every time I drive my 2017 Model S, which I purchased used from Tesla; and I upgraded the MCU to MCU-2, out of my own pocket, so I could use the FSD feature.
    This is unbelievably good!

  15. @adrianupnorth Avatar

    Masterplug offer a EV plug mode 2 with combined RCBO (type A) for around £50. It should be on a separate circuit Ideally but your local electrician will advise you best. You can get 2.3kw (10 amps) out of it. A standard socket could struggle with the heat as it’s not designed to take the continuous power of a EV charger. If you have a eco 7 tariff you can still add enough miles per night. Great for smaller battery cars.

  16. @lixx9277 Avatar

    2 EV household, no issues.
    Just FYI, in order to install a 2nd wall charger, you need to get permission from your local electricity board. Your installer will help with the paperwork.

  17. @paulwilletts5268 Avatar

    We are also a two electric vehicle family and have had no issues whatsoever. The first is a Kona 64 soon to be replaced with a Model Y SR and you may remember the email you read out about charging and my experience bouncing up the M1 in my e-Dispatch. Well ‘Joules’ is nearly at the end of a camper conversion and will be taking us to Denmark in July.

  18. @vp272 Avatar

    Got a Honda e:ny1 and got a Indra charger fitted by ovo energy with their charge anytime tariff.

    Bought it as thought it will charge overnight/ off peak but absolutely rubbish as even when you plug in all day it barely charges more than 30mins

  19. @MartinSonderby Avatar

    I just signed the deal on my first ev – 2021 kia e-niro.

    I am so looking forward to see if it keeps to the hype regarding the range. And to show my husband that range anxiety is so 2020😂😂😂

    Seeing that you have been talking great about this car since its launch i really am looking forward to the car and hope to get it as soon as possible😎😊🙂

    1. @davefitzpatrick4841 Avatar

      It’s a great car the E-Niro, 250 miles range easy , right weather and mothering the accelerator 300 miles , it was a good choice 👍

  20. @Flyingtwiglet Avatar

    2 car EV family here; ID3 & ID Buzz and both are great. Can we have a bit of love for VW? They have quite a range of EV ground up designed cars now, ID 3,4,5,7,Buzz some with performance variants and now the cool looking Code.
    How many other manufacturers have that range of vehicles? Code apart the designs are “safe” but VW’s have always been evolutionary rather than revolutionary. I loved Nicola’s Buzz video which really reflected the joy of having one.
    Loving your videos and chats 😀👍

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