Kilowatt Half Hour Episode 22: Baguette baskets and tank turns |

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In this week's bumper episode, the team talk about the brand-new ₤ 15k Dacia Spring, Ecotricity's new EV home charging tariff, the Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer and the stylish brand-new Cupra VZ. Postman Mike dips into the postbag to address your vehicle buying quandaries and discovers a listener's secret technique to increasing driving range. Delight in.

If you have a car purchasing question or want to be included in our postbag, include your remark below or message us at

Weekly, the satisfy online to discuss all the important matters at hand. Such as the weather condition, what we're all having for our tea and who disposed who in last night's Love Island. Between these heavyweight subjects, we also speak about electric vehicles. A lot. Most likely an unhealthy total up to be truthful.

And when we do discuss cars, we discover a lot. From industry gossip to the more mundane practicalities of and truck ownership, it's the location where we dish the dirt on the automobiles we've been driving and provide our own verdicts on the most recent and truck . We likewise like to have a good laugh at the daftest bits of anti-electric that we have actually seen in journalism.

We can't assure that you'll discover much. You probably won't. But if you fancy thirty minutes of idle chat and chatter about the world of electric automobiles, we're here for you. If you like it/ dislike it/ believe it's too long or too short, let us understand.


27 responses to “Kilowatt Half Hour Episode 22: Baguette baskets and tank turns |”

  1. @EmilyRivasko Avatar

    Your videos are like a bright ray in the world of content. Thanks for your creative light illuminating our days!💙 5 😋!

    1. @SWR112 Avatar

      Never thought I’d even consider a Renault but I’m at a age when I grew up with the 5 GT turbo and Turbo 2 and that looks epic. If it drives as well as it looks brilliant. The 0-62 is so disappointing all the same, nearly 8 seconds when it should be closer to 6 seconds. Yes I realise they are holding back for a Renault Sport ( RS ) version I bet over the bonkers Alpine. I currently have a two factory ordered Cars one on low miles that is ten years old in April. I’ve never had a Car that long but I feel I’m going to wait till the second generation on a few models although that EX 30 looks brilliant and was in one in December. I do road trips and holidays so need real world 300 miles. A second gen Renault 5 with 350 real world would be perfect. It’s a scary time to buy a new Car with a possibility of a jump in tech.

  2. @Yanquetino Avatar

    I loved my LEAF, and wish Nissan had refreshed it over the years with CCS ports, thermal management for the battery, 250+ range, etc. Alas… they dropped the ball. I now drive what the LEAF could’ve been: an Ioniq 5. I am surprised you didn’t mention that, on this side of the pond, Ford EVs can now use Superchargers with a free adapter. That’s the biggest EV news here this week.

    1. @Lewis_Standing Avatar

      I think that’s what they are doing now to be honest

    2. @akf2000 Avatar

      There is actually a Chadmo to CCS adaptor!

  3. @Lewis_Standing Avatar

    I drive past the Sunderland leaf factory every day, seeing their turbines spin and the solar roof shimmer.

  4. @paulphillips4419 Avatar

    We have a 21 plate leaf long range. First electric car. Made us love them. Going on to an enyaq.

    1. @TLMuir Avatar

      Currently, I have ID3, ordered Enyaq coupe 85x in Feb. Delivery July-Nov? Do you have a delivery date news?..thanks

  5. @adamsgarfy25 Avatar

    The Leaf was the first full EV is drove, just last year. It was what a lot of people needed to transition, just car that happens to be electric. I drive a Niro the same day. Shows the pace pf progress. It’s a big miss they haven’t used the Megane electric to make a new Leaf to share the costs

    1. @salibaba Avatar

      Yes. Do as before. Share parts/platform. 22kW charging leaf would be amazballs. Just as long as it’s replacement isn’t simply the Micra -Chunky style yuk 🤢

  6. @ashtaroth1975 Avatar

    I tested the Leaf at Barcelona car show in 2012 and loved. I could not afford it but It plant the EV seed on me

  7. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    9:18 yes

  8. @riaz8783 Avatar

    The Renault 5 shows that Honda was onto something with the Honda e. They just kneecapped it with poor range and a high price.

  9. @patrickh7368 Avatar

    I looked at the current Leaf but the steering wheel wouldn’t adjust towards me so it wasn’t a comfortable position for me.. ! I understand why it’s stopping, I think it’s concentration on the R5 and R4 platform is heading towards an e-Micra which looks like the Fiat e-600 and so stuff to be learnt by sharing platforms etc… 🤔

  10. @Willdrum2671 Avatar

    I have the leaf at the moment it’s sad to see it go out of production. Hopefully the new car might be better range wise.

  11. @fredbloggs72 Avatar

    B license for all ZEV’s is changing to 4.25t, which will give that ‘tank’ a payload of 800kg.

  12. @ObiePaddles Avatar

    Mystery shopper would probably want efficiency given ’saving for the future’.

  13. @scotteladd2537 Avatar

    What about the new Model 3, for the mystery shopper?

  14. @TassieEV Avatar

    The Chevy Bolt has done the same thing though as the Leaf in a couple years the Bolt is coming back but with the new ultium platform that GM is moving it to. That battery swap idea isn’t for countries where you have large population bases outside the city doesn’t work BUT in highly population dense urban environments that car is perfect for those environments. Guessing then with that YangWang U8 Nicola will be doing the primary review of that particularly as it has 1100 hp.

  15. @salibaba Avatar

    I’ve got a Leaf ATM, 1st EV had for over 3 years. Travels the UK for work. Not the best mile muncher but so versatile. Drove the e208 but didn’t feel it.
    The leaf just fit like a shoe. Bloody enraging that Nissan didn’t CCS it before now and sort the battery design, no excuse given the bar constantly moving in the industry.
    I hope it’s size doesn’t get killed off in the retooling. It needs to stay the same size, family car. Just do the same as the Prius refresh.

  16. @brummiesalteno-81 Avatar

    Mystery shopper, what about an EV6. According to auto trader has 22kw charging looks good and is likely to be reliable with long warranties. It’s technically over your budget but I’ve seen some deals for new EV6’s that fall just under your 45k budget.

  17. @MrEnz01 Avatar

    My fiance still drive the 1st gen leaf and it’s very competent for her daily needs.
    Unfortunately she needs to charge it everyday as she does 90 km+
    We postpone getting a new ev due to it being still good, no major maintenance issues.
    We got a 2023 Prius, so it pairs up nice with the Prius.

  18. @Clar-K.T Avatar

    Leasing a Leaf atm, absolutely love it for our daily family use and occasional longer trips. Not sure what we’ll do after handing it back next year.

  19. @Pottery4Life Avatar

    Thank you.

  20. @Roobubba Avatar

    To mystery shopper:
    We’ve had the Smart #1 premium since early December, and I can honestly say I haven’t ever even registered the fox (though I know it is there of course!). As a reason not at least to test drive the car, that’s pretty limp! It’s a very, very nice place to be inside the smart, and we’re super happy with the car.

    1. @stephenmuddell1383 Avatar

      Ok challenge accepted, I’ll try to get a test drive in the coming weeks before making my decision, maybe I can “block out” the fox – the fox just seems a bit childish to me, that’s all! Software wise is the Smart #1 good?

    2. @stephenmuddell1383 Avatar

      Also another unknown, the refreshed Smart brand, we don’t know yet what the cars will be like by 8-10 years old – will they be still fresh and working well, or will they be knackered?!?!

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