Kilowatt Half Hour Episode 17: It’s all gone back to Frontera |

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It's been an excellent year for electric vehicles with actually numerous new arrivals and huge growths of the charging network. But that hasn't stopped many media outlets continuing to market an apparently endless stream of anti-electric stories. While some have a grain of reality to them (let's face it, absolutely nothing is ideal), the bulk have actually been stories gotten of context, misunderstood or twisted to make a point. Some, naturally, appear to have been made up entirely.

Join Ginny, Nicola and Batch as they take a look though some of the noteworthy anti-electric automobile stories from 2023 – debunking where needed and setting the record directly.

Do you have an anti-electric story that we've missed or are you fed up of hearing a specific myth? Let us understand in the comments below.


20 responses to “Kilowatt Half Hour Episode 17: It’s all gone back to Frontera |”

  1. @stephenmuddell1383 Avatar

    Maybe with Mr Hunt’s Budget coming up in March you need to put even more pressure on them over the next few weeks to cut that VAT on public charging! Love your site and reviews and videos by the way!

  2. @stephenmuddell1383 Avatar

    The new Renault Scenic is what I have my eyes on – do you know yet when you’ll be releasing a drive review on it please?

  3. @jnksgb Avatar

    I thought about getting a 500 Electric but rear passenger space was the issue for me.

  4. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    Cheers guys great show

  5. @lukemasayanakajima2368 Avatar

    I am great fun of your YouTube channel, and that’s why I got my Ionic 5!!!
    I am disabled driver who don’t got home charging. But I am managing quite well. And I am thoroughly enjoying my driving experience with Ionic 5!!!! . Thank you for all your hard works and enthusiasm. Luke

  6. @sIightIybored Avatar

    I can believe a $25k Tesla (if they built + sold it in the US at least), but given Tesla’s prices in Europe I’d expect €/£30k not £25k

  7. @alistairl Avatar

    Thanks again and very interesting comments on the confusing VAG marques- I wonder whether the Q6 etron will look like a Volkswagen ?

    I’m a little bit of a traditionalist and SUVs from the likes of Porche, Lamborghini, Maserati and Lotus really confuse me – did you like the look of the ICE Macan ? I think the Turbo has a little over the base Macan but like you was a bit “is that it?” compared to the Taycan.

    A cheaper Tesla would be great but I do worry how they’ll build it down to a price, and whether I’ll fit in it – the ergonomics of the 3 didn’t work for me (trying the updated model 3 this weekend) but liked the S – just bigger than I need / want.

    Congrats to Nicola on the Red Bull Dakar coverage – it’s an unusual working environment. I know a couple of bikers who’ve completed and/or attempted the Dakar and they are a particular breed.

  8. @kead6636 Avatar

    Could you also compare which networks to go for charging on the go?

  9. @BMWHP2 Avatar

    To be honest, I am waiting for this fun “show” all week. Brings a lot of smiles and info. Thanks team.😁👍

  10. @fredbloggs72 Avatar

    It would seem from other stuff I’ve seen that Octopus have built a reputation of being cheap, now they are increasing prices and catching people out.

  11. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    The JAC Hunter is the perfect “affordable” electric pickup truck…

    The Electric Viking

  12. @Hayles6677 Avatar

    Hi Postman Mike, Ginny, Tom, Batch and Nicola. I own a Citroën Ami Vibe. I was slightly Disapponted in Ginny as she was the person whose video (about the Ami) I watched in your barn and you drove it out. I thought “wow” that is the cutest thing to drive and electric too! Everyone thought I was mad but I ordered one and it came in April 2023. I charge at my local Osprey(50kw) but it’s got 2 type 2 chargers 🎉. My local garden centre has a couple too! And there is a Scottish power one near my workplace. I commute daily (18 miles) and it takes 2 hours in summer and 3 hours in winter to charge up those 18 miles. There are loads of women and of course men who drive Ami’s in U.K. we all live near the sea, in the countryside and towns/cities. We all bought. Toughleads charger cable so I can charge at home but it’s on a busy road with a lay-by and that’s the only protection I have. I put traffic cones in front to protect her. I can’t charger her below 0°C though as it’s too cold. Love your videos. Hayley xx❤

  13. @TassieEV Avatar

    Well Mike, Nicola & Ginny…I’m farther away than Stan on Kangaroo Island…try Tasmania. Fairly new to the podcast but love it would vote you make it a one hour instead is all. 🙂

  14. @Pottery4Life Avatar

    Enjoyable as always. Thank you.

  15. @PaulMeier-cu3ds Avatar

    Just to say this weekly roundup is a real joy and I think you have found a format which will build audience.

  16. @Stan-at-KangarooIslandTV Avatar

    Thanks for watching my video and the shout out!! You would all be most welcome on Kangaroo Island and I’d be delighted to show around…

  17. @grahamsmith6443 Avatar

    Do you think the new tesla platform could host the roadster as well?

  18. @denischick2519 Avatar

    Tesla has stated that Redwood would be built first in Texas as that’s where all the engineering is. Ramp up will be quicker. Then they pick up in Mexico. The manufacturing engineering is phenomenal and light years ahead of legacy. Really low cost cars come from that.
    BYD – don’t forget that BYD build lots of small EVs in China that are not sold outside China and are probably rubbish. That’s where their big volume comes from, hence their lead.
    Keep up the good work team, I’m still watching you all!!

  19. @Jaw0lf Avatar

    I love my electric car but my lease is ending in 4 months and I am trying to choose my next EV. Problem is my Kia E Niro 4+ has great range is the right size, not too big and easy to operate. The new updated one improves all of the parts that were a “it would be good if it had…” Apart from charge spped at rapid chargers.
    However over £42,000 for a car with all the gadgets and the new Tesla Model 3 now at under £40k with a 344 miles (maybe 300 real world) and super fast charging and all the same toys.
    How do I choose which car?
    Love the show and all of the discussions and banter. Mike agreed with far too much this week. Aslo only reason he mentioned the jingle is that secretly he loves it!

  20. @robsmith1a Avatar

    The most compelling thing about Vauxhall’s EV offerings is the huge discounts available. Makes a Mokkary of their list prices

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