Kilowatt Half Hour Episode 16: Τhe night school power drain |

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It's been a terrific year for electric automobiles with literally numerous brand-new arrivals and big growths of the charging network. However that hasn't stopped lots of media outlets continuing to pitch a relatively limitless stream of anti-electric stories. While some have a grain of truth to them (let's face it, nothing is ideal), the majority have actually been stories taken out of context, misinterpreted or twisted to make a point. Some, of course, appear to have been made up totally.

Sign Up With Ginny, Nicola and Batch as they have a look though some of the stand-out anti- and truck stories from 2023 – debunking where needed and setting the record straight.

Do you have an anti-electric story that we've missed or are you fed up of hearing a specific myth? Let us know in the remarks listed below.


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  1. @EmilyKanens Avatar

    That was something! What were your reactions? Let’s share impressions! 😊🗨️👄👄👄 4 ‍♀️

  2. @EmmaOConnor1 Avatar

    Every time I visit your channel, I know that something amazing is waiting for me. Thank you for your bright creativity and effort!🙄💋🤸‍

  3. @whoneedsfacts Avatar

    For charging in my Aryia I use the Ohme App for the Octopus Intelligent timings but also set the car to only charge at the 23:30-05:30 as backup because the SIM in the Ohme has a habit of going offline during peak rate and charging my car to max at full price! It is a shame though as I miss out on cheap demand charging.

  4. @bellshooter Avatar

    Appropriate charger mix is a great shout, in most car parks or hotels a mix of Rapids , say 1×150 , 2×50 with stay limits auto fined, and say 8x11kW with maybe 12 hour limit , could be an ideal mix. The Rapids for AM or PM boosts or restaurant goers/passing tourers. The AC ones maybe bookable by guests for hotel car parks.

  5. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    Great show thanks

  6. @whittaker52 Avatar

    Local government don’t seem to understand the use-case for their chargers. There needs to be a mix of chargers to suit different cases. If they have faster chargers in town centres, there’s a good chance it’ll pull more people into the town centre where they’ll likely spend more money on other things like coffee, lunch etc even if they were a min of 50kw chargers that maintained that speed, it would have a huge positive impact IMHO.

  7. @thelaserhive3368 Avatar

    It may be that AC chargers are attractive where there’s a limitation to the grid supply. If your connection can supply one ultra rapid or 20 AC chargers at a supermarket then probably the 20 AC chargers are more useful to their customers.

  8. @davidkramrisch Avatar

    Schedule charging. Easy with Podpoint app. I have set the schedule to allow charging for midnight to 7am (as we are on Eon Next for Ev with solar home install) and for every night. If I plug in the car it charges st those times and if not plugged in it does not. Simple.😊

  9. @antonymcneillis Avatar

    Sainsbury’s are planning to install ultra rapid fast chargers in all their stores. This will add to the whole useful mix Ginny is after.

    If other supermarkets did likewise it would really change the charging landscape and be really useful for those people who cannot charge at home.

    1. @tonyshergold6023 Avatar

      I think others will follow, it only takes one to start. We’ll see Tesco and Asda follow in a big way, no one wants to be left behind. But they’re all going to have to watch their parking time restrictions, and also people just leaving their cars hogging bays when their charging’s complete

    2. @martinwray7001 Avatar

      Why can’t we have more rapid chargers at filling stations? All these places will be gathering tumbleweed in a few years if they don’t up their game. I think I read that it’s mandatory in Germany…if you want sell petrol/diesel, you’ve got to fit some chargers.

  10. @gregkramer5588 Avatar

    I do not see public charging getting more affordable since it is already super hard to recover that costs of equipment. It makes sense that EVs do not have as many 12V battery issues since they do not have to run a starter motor. I have seen other Sheepple too 🙂
    My wish is that we have more people being able to charge at home. This means rentals for the most part!

  11. @robsmith1a Avatar

    Well done on talking about the issue for people without home charging. It doesn’t affect me but if we’re serious about clean air everywhere it has to be addressed. Slow destination chargers in car parks where you can leave a car all day would be a step forward. Time limits on parking at chargers in places like coastal destinations just don’t work

  12. @rongalbraith5005 Avatar

    I’ve got an MG5 and a Zappi charger and I’m on Intelligent Octopus Go via the charger integration. Since mid December Zappi has been supported by Octopus but they didn’t really seem to tell anyone.

    1. @mdavid200ify Avatar

      You are absolutely right on this. I only discovered this new integration whilst doing my own research because of communication issues between the Octopus App and my Tesla M3 ( a not infrequent occurrence). Furthermore, Octopus had no obvious info on how to swap from Octopus controlling my Tesla directly, to Octopus controlling charging via the Zappi – I found out how to do that via MyEnergi (Zappi).
      It all seems a bit half-baked at present.

  13. @stevew3624 Avatar

    I would like to see formal queuing added to public charge points – it will probably require using apps, but the benefit will be worth it.

  14. @GaryCono Avatar

    Jenny I had the same problem the charger would trip the switch in the box rang the crowd who fitted the charger.The electrician came out and straight away he said we are changing the trip switches as they seem to be faulty and boom no more problems..

  15. @grahamcastle8189 Avatar

    The excessive cost of public charging is certainly a disincentive to EV ownership if you can’t charge at home. There are a number of solutions e.g. change the buiding regulations so that all new houses must have an EV charger and that flats should have banks of chargers for residents that allow users to buy off peak electricity. Another solution lies in car design where we need small, efficient and affordable Evs with small batteries.

  16. @hugoslower Avatar

    If your electric feed is tripping out regularly, check that the correct type of mcb, which is the switch in the distribution board rather than a fuse, is correctly rated for the job. Electrically, motors and transformers can instantaneously draw high current when they are powered up. Different mcbs are available to cope with this, usually having a C or possibly D rating on the information printed on the switch. If you’re feeding your charger with an A or B rated, this could be the problem.

  17. @garywilde6171 Avatar

    Regarding what would make EV ownership easier: A cost effective and legal way to get your local authority to fit a covered channel in the pavement to run a charging cable through. I have a driveway, but it’s too short to get my car on without it sticking out 4 feet blocking the pavement.

  18. @tobybushnell Avatar

    Q: Can you recommend a home charger that can charge 2 cars at once?

  19. @tim66612343 Avatar

    Tesla are opening two new superchargers in Manchester. One classed as Old Trafford (16) and one in the new, about to open, service centre near the Etihad (12)

  20. @nicholasriley8977 Avatar

    I was having the board tripping problem a little time ago. – ensure your Zappi is updated with the very latest firmware

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