Kilowatt Half Hour Episode 15: Stop scaring the kids |

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It's been an excellent year for and trucks with literally hundreds of brand-new arrivals and big growths of the charging network. But that hasn't stopped numerous media outlets continuing to market a relatively unlimited stream of anti-electric newspaper article. While some have a grain of reality to them (let's face it, nothing is ideal), the majority have been stories taken out of context, misinterpreted or twisted to make a point. Some, obviously, appear to have been comprised completely.

Sign Up With Ginny, Nicola and Batch as they take a look though some of the stand-out anti-electric automobile stories from 2023 – debunking where required and setting the record directly.

Do you have an anti-electric story that we've missed or are you fed up of hearing a specific myth? Let us understand in the comments below.


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  1. @wendyhopkins2902 Avatar

    Love this kilowatt half hour makes my week 😊😊, but please make it into a hour 😊😊

    1. @Electrifyingcom Avatar

      Lovely comment – thank you Wendy! ~ Mike

  2. @StuartDWright Avatar

    Hopwood is South of Birmingham M42 J2. Already has an impressive bank of Tesla chargers but only 2 Gridserve and in the old days the Ecotricity charger there was out of service for an absolute age.

  3. @Stan-at-KangarooIslandTV Avatar

    This so needs to be the Kilowatt hour! Ps I just drove my new Polestar long range RWD on an epic 4000 mile road trip around eastern Australia at the busiest time of year, had no problems with charging, even in remote areas and the car was amazing. Why would you drive anything other than an EV, they’re so much better in every way!

    1. @mdshovel Avatar

      There’s a Youtube opinion giver called “MGuy” in Australia who’d say that isn’t possible 🤔

    2. @Electrifyingcom Avatar

      4,000 miles! Sounds amazing! ~ Mike

  4. @GF-ep1pf Avatar

    We’ve just sold a car with self parking which we had for nearly 5 years. Never used the self parking. The 360 cameras are however really handy for parking.

  5. @bellshooter Avatar

    The decline in private purchase % of new EV cars is more to do with the number of cars acquired by leasing which get recorded as ‘fleet’ sales than a true decline.

  6. @jackfadell8848 Avatar

    My home BMW iWallbox from 2013 is still going strong. BMW installed it a month before my i3 was delivered. I use it regularly. It was completely free with the amazing home charger grants that were available in those days. Such a shame the grants were phased out so soon.

  7. @MrNeeds Avatar

    There’s been some new chargers installed in new hey hall retail park in Rawtenstall, a bank of 8 CCS and 8 ChaDeMo chargers that are 300Kw from Osprey, they work with electroverse cards as well so you can get it for 73p/kwh during the day but it can be 58p/kwh off peak, parking is free for the first 2 hours as well.

  8. @PaulMeier-cu3ds Avatar

    I too have a Zappi home charger and it too has tripped out a couple of times without reaching full charge. That does not matter too much to me in my circumstances, but would be a real downer if I was relying on it for a commute. Ginny’s comment about the complexity of the Zappi tech is not something which has bothered me, and I generally ok with my Zappi.

  9. @stekeeley1936 Avatar

    Definitely improving,I have had mine since August & really had to use 80p + chargers but now Aldi has installed 11kv chargers at 24p per kWh… gone from £40-50 for a full charge down to £15… Feels like free motoring now😂😂

  10. @JonathanPalfrey Avatar

    Hopwood services is on the M42 south of Birmingham. They always had several Tesla superchargers there, I think it’s been expanded a couple of times already.

    There are still some really big charging black wholes around the country. Somerset and Dorset for example don’t have any hubs.

  11. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    Great show thanks

  12. @crackers2767 Avatar

    I drove 600 miles in an old BMW i3 just before Christmas, and as mentioned in the podcast, had no charging delays or problems. We planned the route using the more reliable networks with multiple chargers and it worked well. However heading back on the 30th Dec, it was a much busier journey with a lot of chargers in use (although we did manage to get a space each time without waiting) and several chargers either not starting, slow to start or tripping part way through and having to be restarted (including a Tesla charger). I’m not sure if it was the weather (a very cold and wet day) or just the networks were busy, but it certainly took a lot longer.

  13. @keithwillis5662 Avatar

    Exeter services on the M5 currently has 24 Gridserve and 32 Tesla chargers. When I was there just before the New Year it was very busy but I didn’t see any queuing. The main problem with the Gridserve ones is that people block parts of the car park if they are waiting. The operators will need to change the road layout to sort this problem out, but it’s much better than just 2 or 3 chargers.

  14. @andrewroberts5750 Avatar

    Ginny, my Chargemaster was installed by BGas in 2014. It has no chips inside just wires & connector blocks, it delivers a steady 7.4Kw every time. The KISS principle apples! I use my VW V3 software to switch on the charger at the cheap charger tariffs.

    1. @ohyesitsme Avatar

      This sounds like what they call a “dumb” charger which is what I wanted but apparently they are now not allowed on new installs. Only smart chargers are available with the condition that you also have to have a smart meter as Big Brother creeps ever closer.

  15. @tat_sun Avatar

    Question for Postman Mike’s postbag – I’m receiving my first EV next month (a Nissan Ariya) and I’m already confused about which app I should use for charging it – my energy supplier (Octopus) say use theirs, my home charger company (Ohme) say use theirs, and naturally Nissan say use theirs. What do the team use at home on their own EVs? Or do you not use apps at all and prefer to use the car’s infotainment/dashboard directly?
    Also might be good fun to do a dedicated Q&A/postbag episode of the podcast!

    1. @Electrifyingcom Avatar

      Good question – I’ll add it to the bag for next time. – Mike

  16. @narrowboatlongpod4176 Avatar

    The biggest problem with the 50kW chargers (I have a Niro!) is that they usually have 2 connectors and you may only get 25kW. If you have CCS, always go for the one that has CCS+ChaDeMo as this may reduce the chances of having to share.

  17. @johnprice747 Avatar

    Quick correction – the Melksham Fastned chargers are by Starbucks, not Costa. Used them on a Friday morning in October as I was due to go on holiday to Kent and my Rolec home charger packed up completely at 11pm the previous day. In addition to that trip my MG4 Trophy went to Brittany and Scotland in 2023 and 3 of us plus 2 dogs went from Portishead to Scotland and Portishead to St Ives in my brother’s MG4 SE Standard Range. Apart from one wait at Gloucester Services there were no issues. As a retired local government officer I will say that as charger provision is a power and not a duty it is not mandatory. Unitary authorities are struggling to find the money to do the mandatory stuff such as adult care provision so unless it is fully funded (doubtful) LAs can’t afford to take the government grants for chargers.

  18. @user-us2ws9pr3q Avatar

    Hi Ginny and crew,

    Manchester has quite a few MFG chargers across the City. In the North of the City there are MGF chargers at Moston and near Middleton.

  19. @judebrown4103 Avatar

    Thanks for the helpful rant Ginny, I’ll definitely keep badgering the council about our chargers. We have excellent Green councillors on parish and county councils but the Tory’s tend to shout them down so I will be writing letters, great idea.

    You keep saying how useless 50kW chargers are but I’ve got a 38kWh Ioniq which as you know charges relatively slowly. Not having home charging my local charger is not only a 50kW charger but a BP Pulse aswell! I know what times to use it so I rarely have to queue and it usually works. I use the card but if that doesnt work I ring my wife and she does it on the app on her phone, I dont do appy things! So please don’t ban them just yet until I’ve persuaded the council to put in our chargers, theres good chaps.👍😄🏳️‍🌈👏

  20. @The2follow Avatar

    The parking button is brilliant, had it on a corolla and used it a lot, Wish the Niro had it rather than the going backwards and forwards thing 😊

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