Is this the weirdest EV of 2023?! | What Car?

#Citroen #CitroenAmi #SmallEV #AmiBuggy

Is the Citroen Ami My Buggy II the weirdest EV of 2023?! Watch to find out everything you require to understand.

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27 responses to “Is this the weirdest EV of 2023?! | What Car?”

  1. Ben Holroyd Avatar
    Ben Holroyd

    Perfect time of the year to be launching a car with no doors…

    1. Gary Ayres Avatar
      Gary Ayres

      Masterful- typical Vichy.

    2. DreadPirate Flappy Avatar
      DreadPirate Flappy

      it’s not a car…

    3. Ben Holroyd Avatar
      Ben Holroyd

      @DreadPirate Flappy from a legal point of view in this territory, no. From the point of view of the definition of a car, it is.

    4. Geshmaal Avatar

      Just wear your waterproofs, you’d get wet walking between your car and the shop anyway!

  2. Wayne Heyes Avatar
    Wayne Heyes

    Well I’m wales this will sell in numbers now there at a 20mph zones

  3. Stephen clay Avatar
    Stephen clay

    Can you get a set of golf clubs in it. Drive to the course play a round and drive back. Brilliant.

    1. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      If the golf club replaces their golf carts with em

  4. Mark Williams Avatar
    Mark Williams

    It’s so cheap and nasty and dangerous 😊

    1. TL Avatar

      Still better than e-bikes or scooters.

  5. Mark Bennett Avatar
    Mark Bennett

    In France, where I live, the VSP ( voiture sans permis) is a well established mode of transport for those who for one reason or other don’t have a driving licence. The ICE vehicles are made by several manufacturers and can be driven on the road from the age of 14. The Citroën Ami is nothing more than an electric VSP and can only be regarded as a toy outside the market it is designed for.

    1. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      Unfortunately Stellantis is treating it like a toy too. It needs to be more like it’s namesake

      The Renault Twizy outperforms it (80kmh & airbag) costs the same and regrettably hasn’t changed since 2011

      The cheapest chinese EVs would wipe the floor of all European heavy quadricycles

  6. Archie Wei Avatar
    Archie Wei

    For the money, China can build something better just as fun.

  7. Hugh Venter Avatar
    Hugh Venter

    SUV is stretching it by a mile

  8. yvs 666 Avatar
    yvs 666

    the pricepoint sounds more like “if you crap money, buy this” or better yet “if your parents crap money, they should buy you this” if you are someone wo a license. because any reasonable person with a license would just buy a used iMiev for driving as far as they are ever gonna go in this and there are electric mopeds going for about 1500€ where i am from. so specially wo a proper door, its extra pointless.

  9. Scott Avatar

    Perfect car if you live in Wales! 😂

  10. Be Low Below Avatar
    Be Low Below

    A change in flavour is not enough. Fashion accessories is not what’s needed yesterday.

    It’s been two years since we first saw the Ami. At this stage we should be expecting more improvements from the Ami/eRocks/Topolino. They’re no more competitive or cheaper than han the Renault Twizy that remains unchanged since 2011, but that Twizy has an airbag and 80kmh top speed. EV technology has improved too much to see the Ami (or Twizy for that matter) languish.

    There’s love for the beach buggy vibe but it’s just tat, it’s not enough. Price is the big one. A lot of bloggers with Amis are having the lemon experience.

  11. clanmac66 Avatar

    Ner, spend £10k on a decent Smart fortwo petrol convertible. Use it all year round and can even go on motorways for long journeys.

  12. triodekt66 Avatar

    Here in the United States, particularly in Florida we call these “golf carts” 😝😝😝

  13. Rasher basher Avatar
    Rasher basher

    Remember the fiat version coming next year.. the same product but with slightly better styling and costs more.

  14. Draig'a' ur Avatar
    Draig’a’ ur

    Look’s easy to turn over

  15. Nigel Tabb Avatar
    Nigel Tabb

    If there’s an airbag on the steering wheel and you’re using that yellow bag and the airbag deploys – you’ve got a Claymore!

  16. cabottaxi Avatar

    £10k for a car that has no doors so no protection from the elements. Not sure I’d be happy driving down the road with a 32 tonne truck bearing down on me.

  17. Kris G. Avatar
    Kris G.

    The Microlino is as loveable 😁

  18. Colin Renfrew Avatar
    Colin Renfrew

    So this is what French humour looks like?

  19. torval39 Avatar

    One step up from a mobility scooter.

  20. David Avatar

    An 8 hp off-roadet what the heck?!

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