Is BYD the new Volkswagen? Dolphin vs ID.3. HEAD-TO-HEAD | Electrifying

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When it pertains to electric vehicle sales there are two brands that stand head and shoulders above everybody else. We won't give you any rewards for thinking the first one– it's run by a quiet simple chap called Elon– however the 2nd most significant may shock you … It's .

Last year, sold more than 911,000 pure electric vehicles and if current sales trends continue, it will not be long prior to it's even larger than Tesla. Part of the reason for 's extraordinary growth is the reality that it wishes to construct smaller, more economical automobiles. Vehicles like this – the brand-new Dolphin, which has actually just landed in the UK. These are going to be the kind of cars and trucks that really open up electrical car ownership for the masses. In truth, we're prepared to reach stating they will be the 'peoples vehicle' for the electrical age.

Are we about to see a huge change in attitudes towards cars and truck brand names? Is BYD going to be the new Volkswagen? We figures that the only method to kick start that specific conversation was to compare their newest contenders: the and the new ID.3.

On paper, the BYD is less expensive, features more set and a larger battery while using the same amount of interior space. However, it doesn't featured the Volkswagen badge, which, for many, is just as crucial as a few extra gadgets.

Sign Up With Ginny and Nicola as they read the details and compare the two back-to-back. Which would you choose from these 2? Are you delighted to invest your money on a reasonably unidentified brand name in the UK? As constantly, we enjoy to hear your remarks.

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30 responses to “Is BYD the new Volkswagen? Dolphin vs ID.3. HEAD-TO-HEAD | Electrifying”

  1. Neville Chant Avatar
    Neville Chant

    Ginny and Nicola fantastic vlog , I would go for BYD myself , I feel VW have had it to good and now don’t really offer quality anymore

  2. Hisham G Avatar
    Hisham G

    The ID3 would be a great car, if it wasn’t for the price, the weight, the software and the haptic buttons…

    1. nabill arif Avatar
      nabill arif

      not much left then …

    2. Ivan Dimitrov Avatar
      Ivan Dimitrov

      They will fix the screen and the software next year. This will get the one from id7.
      If they manage to make it cheaper and add nice heatpump, people will buy id3

    3. Seth Pinnock Avatar
      Seth Pinnock

      So basically it’s a terrie car.😂

    4. Hisham G Avatar
      Hisham G

      @Ivan Dimitrov That’s good, what about the haptic buttons?

    5. Simon de Haas Avatar
      Simon de Haas

      The haptics work very well once you own the car and use them regularly. They are better than an extra lever for cruise etc.
      As for weight… it’s not really heavy for what it is and it drives really really well.

  3. Rene Bergqvist Avatar
    Rene Bergqvist

    I do have the ID 3 now with 125000 km (~80000 miles) on the odo. Looking away from the severe SW issues (they are not just bad they are catastrophic) the id 3 is a very nice solid and comfortable car.
    But how on earth does VW expect to justify what is a 10k € price difference and much less equipment….
    The LFP chemistry in BYD’s car is much more robust and you don’t need to limit your daily charging to 80%.
    The batteries will last 3-5 times longer than in the VW. Yes they take a little longer to DC charge.. but….
    I simply cannot see VW not reducing the id 3 cost with ~7k € and balance in equipment…. but I expect they will stubbornly and German-like wait until the market share is lost and the BYD brand has had touch down in the market.

  4. Jeff Maher Avatar
    Jeff Maher

    I actually sat in the Dolphin at the fully charged show in Harrogate and was very impressed. Vastly better than the MG4, would be interesting to see what they are like to drive.

    1. gavkenny Avatar

      I drove the Atto3 at Farnborough and the regen braking was rubbish. if the Dolphin has the same regen braking I’d go for the MG4

    2. Jeff Maher Avatar
      Jeff Maher

      @gavkenny Yeah I probably would as well if it came to regen. I was thinking more in terms of interior quality,

    3. Lee Raiz Raison Avatar
      Lee Raiz Raison

      @gavkenny the regen is synced to the brake pedal.
      It’s a clever way to keep the ice feel to those transitioning.

  5. John Kay Avatar
    John Kay

    It would be the BYD Dolphin all day long , with one caveat , how widespread are their Dealerships going to be

    1. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      Remember how Hyundai and Kia started out?

  6. Keli K. Avatar
    Keli K.

    This is a great duo! You guys nailed it! The filming and the scenarios are on point and the jokes just complement an already well thought out review. Thank you for making my afternoon a brighter one.

  7. Niklas Wejedal Avatar
    Niklas Wejedal

    The BYD Atto 3 has in no time become one of the most common EVs here in Sweden. They are litteraly everywhere, these days. I will be surprised if the Dolphin, Seagull and Seal does not follow in the Atto’s footsteps….

    1. Grand Tourer Avatar
      Grand Tourer

      I’m waiting on the BYD Seal reviews and tests with the EU spec car, It might tempt me away from a Polestar 2.

  8. chrys Chrysostomou Avatar
    chrys Chrysostomou

    Nice presentation by both ladies. Someone already mentioned that we would be interested in how many dealers will BYD have, and location. More importantly, what will the depreciation be, in comparison, and what discounts will buyers be able to get off the new car prices?

  9. Oliver Stemp Avatar
    Oliver Stemp

    2 different cars are different from each other😂, I think you can’t ignore the Cupra Born, a more rounded ID3 for £5k less. The Smart #1, Renault Megane, FIAT 600 and Jeep Avenger are also very good options.

  10. JoopHbR Avatar

    The Dutch bus-company Keolis had big problems last year with their new Byd-busses. A representative of the employees even sent a letter to the European executive of Byd….

  11. J D Avatar
    J D

    Nothing wrong with brand bias and loyalty as long as the brand doesn’t take it for granted. As customers, we need competition to bring the price down and the quality up, to get our hard-earned money’s worth.

  12. Bernard Hilton Avatar
    Bernard Hilton

    As. A Lancashire lad the BYD wins hands down. I don’t know how efficient it is. A 300 mile range would be nice. Great double act ladies. 👍👍👍👍

  13. James Mccormack Avatar
    James Mccormack

    I have always really loved the exterior look of the ID.3. However, VW really took their eye off the ball with interior design and quality. They panicked and launched before all the bugs were fixed, hoping that the VW name would be enough. Sadly, now, due to the recent price cuts across the whole VW brand, it just wasn’t enough. If they admitted defeat and redesigned the interior and did a whole new launch admitting to customers they didn’t get it right 1st time round, then I think the whole ID range cud do really well for VW. (However they will never do this) this means where VW used to be a bench mark its now playing catch up with most brands, including Chinese models and being a child of the 80s and 90s i never thought I would say that.

  14. Scott Cowap Avatar
    Scott Cowap

    Despite BYD being a relative unknown in Europe/UK, it’s pricing is pretty unbeatable. I think the VW Group have been getting so much more expensive in recent times that they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

  15. Saffy Snaps Avatar
    Saffy Snaps

    Really enjoyed this video, what a great comparison between 2 similar cars. The BYD looks better value for money and I feel for a lot of people thats all thats going to matter as EV’s loose so much within 3 years from new. My ID3 lost 40% of its purchase price within 2 years (!), so I am not buying an overpriced VW again, BYD have the Denza 9 with 7 seats coming soon which is similar to the ID Buzz but VW have still not released the 7 seat version (huge mistake) guess which one I waiting for?

  16. Anthony Stevens Avatar
    Anthony Stevens

    As someone who is older and had become accustomed to certain creature comforts with the changes in cost of living for me the BYD would likely take my money out of these two if I could justify changing. The current Skoda Enyaq (possibly more Volkswaggonny than the VW) is currently my front runner for an EV though. It’s not cheap but the dealership that I’ve known for over a decade have been very good. I’m not in a position to change to the charger yet so plenty of time to evaluate other options. A great informative channel folks. Keep up the great work

  17. Grizzly HP2 Avatar
    Grizzly HP2

    Thanks for the video. I realy like the BYD brand. I wouldnt call the VW ID3 more “grown up”.
    To me, for the VW the word “boring” is more befitting.
    But for both, we will be waiting for a more sporty-like 2 door version.
    Like 65% of the masses, we belong to the 1 or 2 person houshold and never had any use for 2 extra doors.
    In China, that BYD is below $17.000. In the Netherlands the BYD is $32.000, almost double.
    The VW ID3 is $45.000 in the Netherlands. . . . . . idiotic price for an entry level “Golf”
    Best car of those, by far. . . . the BYD with the much better LFP batteries that have about double the life of the VW.
    And with 30% cheaper it is a handsdown win for the BYD.

  18. Fran Grau Avatar
    Fran Grau

    Thank you for the video. I love the channel ❤
    I would like to point out a couple of things: first, as many other UK channels that have international audiences, you could provide the range and specs in both: international and imperial units.
    Second, driving a Tesla, these cars are technology. My parents own an ID4, and the software is abhorrent. Reviews and comparisons should get into features, navigation, etc. Does it have Spotify? Voice recognition? How good or bad is the driving assistance? Is the phone app any good? Etc. I would not buy a VW just because of the OS and the useless app. Reviews should give this info to get the full picture.

  19. steve smith Avatar
    steve smith

    BYD for me, think they have thrown down the gauntlet with legacy auto. If the traditional brands want to survive/thrive, they will likely need to take a hit on their pricing. That is the only thing that (IMO) will combat BYD’s intergration into our car market. Especially in today’s finace hit economy here in the UK.

  20. Dave Clark Avatar
    Dave Clark

    I honestly find it so difficult to choose between these two. One has the maturity that comes from having been around for a long time and the other one is new and quirky but just a little bit scary. One has proved its consistency over the years and the other is fresh and arguably more aesthetically pleasing now, but how well is it going to mature over time? Also, what is the handling like? Do you want something? That’s a bit scary and on the edge. Or do you want a sophisticated ride through the curves? I know where my vote would go, but then I’m always someone who values mature quality and beautiful design. The cars are nice too.

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