ICE TO SEE YOU? How Nissan’s clever e-4ORCE tech will keep ARIYA drivers moving this winter

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[SPONSORED MATERIAL] We enjoy to groan about the weather condition here and the UK, and we know that a light cleaning of is frequently all it takes for the road network to grind to a halt. So how do we best get ready for inescapable onset of slushy roads and icy early mornings?

If you're about to change automobiles and want to pick something that is as winter-proof as possible, the ARIYA ought to be at the top of your shopping list. Why? Well, 's range-topping model includes brand's e-4ORCE technology. It's a system that utilizes two electrical motors, one feeding the front wheels … and one the rear. Now as you might popular 4 wheel drive is better for getting a grip in slippery circumstances, but the ARIYA's e-4ORCE is even better due to the fact that it's constantly monitoring what's taking place at the wheels. That suggests it can send out the power to the tyre with the most grip.

And due to the fact that they are electric motors, they can react much faster than they might with a gas or diesel motor. In bad weather condition the system is constantly scanning the road and has the ability to react to insinuates 0.0001 of a 2nd – that really is much faster than the blink of an eye. It then sends power to the best wheels at the correct time.

To find out how efficient the system is, we entered search of snow and ended up … in Milton Keynes. Join Ginny and Nicola as they attempt to drive a Nissan ARIYA the incorrect method up a ski slope to see how effective e-4ORCE is at getting rid of slippery surface areas.

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26 responses to “ICE TO SEE YOU? How Nissan’s clever e-4ORCE tech will keep ARIYA drivers moving this winter”

  1. @Yanquetino Avatar

    Brilliant! Too bad it doesn’t have one-pedal driving, like its older sister LEAF.

  2. @neoanderson7 Avatar

    I wonder how much Nissan had to pay to rent out that venue? lol 🙂
    Good promo vid..

  3. @tusker4954 Avatar

    Holy sheet! That is amazing😮 Great vid lovelies! 😊

  4. @stevenjones916 Avatar

    Is this a paid ad ? It comes across as one. Transparency would be much appreciated.

    1. @stevenjones916 Avatar

      Ah, I just read the description. It *IS* a paid ad.

    2. @mrakronyahoo Avatar

      They should have made it clearer this is a paid commercial. Or risk their reputation going down the toilet

    3. @ObiePaddles Avatar

      It said paid partnership on the screen at the beginning.

      I think the bad acting at the beginning is the bigger issue 😉

    4. @davidpinnington213 Avatar

      watched till i saw paid – scrolled till i saw this and wrote this – and moved on ……………….Ginny really………………

  5. @thomasneely2700 Avatar

    Tyres tyres tyres !

  6. @haaibaai Avatar

    Looks like so much fun. I’d like to try this with my egolf some time.

  7. @EugenioNicolis Avatar


  8. @riotofmyown Avatar

    Any car with winter tyres will get up there!

    1. @neilyoungman9814 Avatar

      Didn’t Michelin have a FWD Skoda Octavia with CrossClimate tyres driven up that ski slope?

    2. @harimadhavan1712 Avatar

      I think that another channel did a Peugeot with all season tyres and grip control go up there.

  9. @akf2000 Avatar

    I mean I’d watch Ginny reading the phone book so….

  10. @Super_Will Avatar

    I think being clear that winter tyres fitted would help. Same car without would t make it

  11. @ashb8572 Avatar

    Gotta love the marketing of simply adding another motor. Well done Nissan, but you’re a little late to the party. Guessing you were busy with the Leaf a decade ago 😂

  12. @dcj2dan Avatar

    The car just had winter tyres on. You could tell by the sipes and snow embedded in the blocks. The tyres have made the difference not so much the eforce!

  13. @SWR112 Avatar

    When you live at the top of a hill that over looks a city and is famous for Taxi drivers refusing to go up in Snow, we appreciate a snow mode 😂 the camera always flattens out slopes if you can get from bottom to top then it’s a win.

  14. @AuntieBuddie Avatar

    What tyres did it have on? My car with all-seasons rarely has any trouble in snow.

  15. @anthonystevens8683 Avatar

    This video really was quite a hoot. I did notice that winter tyres were fitted (OK I’m a nerd but noticed the sipes in the tread blocks in the early part of the video before the sub title) these tyres make a massive difference in the winter when temperatures are less than 7 degrees C. They can be hard to find in some sizes. Anyway I digress, for an EV with loony amounts of torque this is quite impressive, on summer rubber the result may have been a tad different though. I love the fun banter and the sledge bit, a great double act. Ginny the serious one with the facts but has a definite soft and very considerate side and Nicola who’s a brilliant bundle of fun and says things as she sees them, maybe not always at the right time in the right company. Thanks for sharing.

  16. @ObiePaddles Avatar

    This would be a great test to add to all 4wd tests.

  17. @mrmawson2438 Avatar


  18. @Shavenuw129 Avatar

    Why don’t you show the car going up the slope with ordinary tyres on? That would be a better display of the car’s potential.

  19. @Pottery4Life Avatar

    I waited the whole video for a mention of the Nissan ARIYA e-4ORCE currently in an Antarctica headed for the South Pole to complete the Pole to Pole expedition. Chris and Julie Ramsey from Aberdeen.

  20. @Iceberg1313 Avatar

    Nicola, i was waiting to see if you’d grab the toboggan and head back up the slope with it 😂

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