Hyundai IONIQ 6 vs Tesla Model 3 – Is the 2023 World Car of the Year worthy of its title ?

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The Tesla might not be the brand's biggest seller anymore, but thanks to its exceptional efficiency and access to the amazing Tesla Supercharger network, it still makes a compelling option for motorists aiming to go electric. In spite of being a little long in the tooth these days (the design goes back to 2018), the remains the default option for numerous.

However has Hyundai finally constructed a cars and truck that betters the Design 3? It might not have access to the Tesla charging network, but it includes a promise of exceptional effectiveness, amazing style and high package levels. To discover, we pitched the two head-to-head. Sign Up With Ginny and Nicki as they compare the Design 3 and the brand-new IONIQ 6, from interior space to efficiency.

Ioniq 6 Premium Long Variety AWD
Rate: ₤ 50,540 (14 June 2023).
Battery and range: 74.0 useable (77.4 gross), 364-miles WLTP.
Power: 321bhp, 446lb ft of torque.
Efficiency: 5.1 seconds 0-62mph, 115mph top speed.
Transmission: Single speed, dual-motor AWD.
Charging: 233kW DC, 16 minutes 10-80% (28- 220), 11kW AIR CONDITIONING, 11 hours 45 minutes usually house wallbox.
Boot: 401-litres. Frunk 15-litres.
Weight: 2,095 kg.
V2G – yes.

Tesla Model 3 Long Variety AWD.
Price: ₤ 50,990 (14 June 2023).
Battery and variety: 75.0 useable (78.1 gross), 374-miles WLTP.
Power: 491bhp, 364lb feet of torque.
Efficiency: 4.4 seconds 0-62mph, 145mph leading speed.
Transmission: Single speed, dual-motor AWD.
Charging: 250kW DC, 27 minutes 10-80% (30-240), 11kW AIR CONDITIONING, 12 hours on average home wallbox.
Boot: 561-litres. Frunk 88-litres.
Weight: 1,919 kg.
V2G – no.

Which of these 2 would you choose? As always, we like to hear your viewpoints so ensure to leave your comments listed below.

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32 responses to “Hyundai IONIQ 6 vs Tesla Model 3 – Is the 2023 World Car of the Year worthy of its title ?”

  1. Sebastian Sandvik Avatar
    Sebastian Sandvik

    Electric cars have really shifted expectations when a mid-sized sedan(ish) with a 0-60mph of 5 seconds is called “slower”.

    1. Dakota Pahel-Short Avatar
      Dakota Pahel-Short

      Agreed, I have the rwd version and even in eco mode I can just zip around cars. Reviewers need to stop acting like the 0-60 time really matters… I’d consider anything under 5sec 0 to 60 to be overkill and honestly dangerous in the hands of most drivers.

    2. Nam3less Avatar

      @Dakota Pahel-Short True, for EVs range and efficiency should be key and not 0-60 time.

    3. Jari Orava Avatar
      Jari Orava

      Isn’t the benefits with EVs and Teslas that you can have both?

    4. Dakota Pahel-Short Avatar
      Dakota Pahel-Short

      @Harrythehun  the biggest reasons to build in a slower acceleration curve are that it reduces your tire wear by a lot. Heavy car + instant speed = 10-20k mile tire life easily. & also you get waaaay better efficiency with a slower acceleration ramp.

      All of this can be done with software. You could 100% keep your speeds in sport mode and have a much more conservative daily drive but the fact remains that there’s no reason to push a daily driver like a sports car. It’s not safe & it’s wasteful.

  2. Lauri Laipio Avatar
    Lauri Laipio

    Just a note, most of the new Tesla Superchargers will be open also for non Teslas.

    1. SynthMaker Avatar

      Yes but not yet, only some of them and at an extra cost.

    2. Chris R Avatar
      Chris R

      It’s not just about availability though, is it? It’s about the fact that the Tesla on board navigation will work out the most efficient route, know whether there is a charger available before you arrive, pre-heat the battery to shorten your charge stop. It’s the whole package which can’t be transplanted or matched and *all* other manufacturers are *still* miles behind…

    3. Lauri Laipio Avatar
      Lauri Laipio

      @Chris R yes I agree. The navigation in the Kia/Hyundai cars is terrible compared to Tesla, but Ioniq 6 should also have preheating if you just manage to find the chargers from the navi. I drive Polestar and it also works out the most efficient route, pre-heats the battery and it also knows the traffic data really well because it’s Android auto system. It doesn’t know all the chargers, but it’s the same with Tesla & non superchargers. And yes, where I live, there’s a lot more other chargers than Superchargers so it really does matter here. So where I disagree is that other manufacturers would still be miles behind, that’s not true anymore.

    4. Rchey Snarfs Avatar
      Rchey Snarfs

      @SynthMaker False. The extra cost just comes down to Tesla Superchargers currently having a 1-2 penny difference to Electrify America for instance.

      Once vehicles from Ford, Chevy, Volvo, and Polestar start shipping with the NACS (North American Charging Standard) port, as some may currently know as the Tesla port, all Tesla Superchargers will also accept any vehicle with a CCS port utilizing an official NACS adapter.

      But with a majority of the new Tesla Superchargers being put in being 250KW as opposed to Electrify Americas 350KW chargers, Hyundai and Kia vehicles that support 350KW 15 minute fast charging should utilize Tesla Superchargers only if there are no open Electrify America or EVGO chargers available. (Especially since Hyundai offers free charging for 2 years on new EVs when charging at Electrify America chargers)

  3. petelmrg hubert Avatar
    petelmrg hubert

    After 55 years of driving hundreds of different cars I can safely my present Tesla is the best by miles – and no, I never want to see a button again – I seriously think it is a journalists hang-up where they constantly have to change things – once your mirrors, etc are set up you are just left with buttons that do nothing. Oh, and I still want to know why Teslas have the smallest ‘bonnets’ at the front yet the most storage? Good review btw.

  4. Tesla-Spectre Avatar

    for me the Model 3 LR always …

    btw tmk in no test did the 6 beat the 3 in efficiency … see Nyland as the most reliable tester

    but it is a question of taste for sure.

    here btw the price gaps a re much bigger, basic model 3 and basic Ioniq 6 are at least 8000€ apart and with similar options more like 10000

  5. Bryleigh Raethel Avatar
    Bryleigh Raethel

    Very informative, quick, to the point, hitting all the high points quickly, very well done video team. My favorite part? I LOVE the banter between you two, it’s just so much fun to see smart people have a bit of a go at each other all in good fun, the handbag bit was priceless 😂

  6. Chas F Avatar
    Chas F

    If it is all about efficiency then you should be testing the single motor versions. Hyundai and Kia need to move on fast away from expensive LNC batteries to cheaper LFP chemistry.

    1. Roger Starkey Avatar
      Roger Starkey

      For cost and range you need efficiency, and/ or high density pack.
      Several ways to do it, Tesla still has the best combination of *System* efficiency (the whole vehicle) and performance.
      That’s likely to continue with continuous updates.
      WILL continue

  7. John Clark Avatar
    John Clark

    The original Ioniq was more efficient than either of these.

    1. FTB Avatar

      Better drag efficiency than the 3 too. Why is Hyundai not building an updated version of the original.
      Till then the 3 is still on my shopping list.

  8. Nam3less Avatar

    I love both of them, but in design – especially interior design – the Ioniq 6 wins. I had the pleasure to sit in one – it had the digital mirrors (not a fan of them) though – and I loved it. I would go for the Ioniq 6 for sure.

    1. D Vader Avatar
      D Vader

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
      A slight win in range with only 50% the trunk capacity of the 3.
      So much for practical design.

  9. Finn G. Hermansen Avatar
    Finn G. Hermansen

    As always really good and informative video, thank you ladies, you do a great job.
    Congratulations to the expectant mother.
    I will allow myself to jump a step up in comfort and choose a Model Y or an Ioniq5 instead.

  10. Fredrik Barthlén Avatar
    Fredrik Barthlén

    But, how many Ioniq 6 will be available to customers to buy? Hyundai don’t seem to produce a lot of Ioniq 5 yet.
    And how long do you need to wait before you get it?

  11. Phathutshedzo Tshikosi Avatar
    Phathutshedzo Tshikosi

    I don’t get tired of seeing model 3 reviews

  12. Julian Noordennen Avatar
    Julian Noordennen

    I am a guy who ilkes tech, but when it comes to these cars I would pick the Ioniq 6. Tech primarily exists to make life easier, but with cars the opposite is happening. Cramming all features inside a single screen simply isn’t ergonomic. That’s why I would choose the Ioniq 6.

    1. Jeremy Radford Avatar
      Jeremy Radford

      A lot of functions can be controlled by your voice, but the Ioniq seems to struggle in that department. I think to be honest, it’s come down to personal preferences, and you quickly get used to having everything in one place like on the Tesla.

  13. Jeremy Radford Avatar
    Jeremy Radford

    Personally, i really like the look of the Ioniq 6 and black suits it well. What I learned from this review was that older drivers like the Ioniq and younger drivers prefer the Model 3.

    However, I question the claim that the Ioniq 6 is more efficient. Richard Symons of RSEV did a side by side comparison between an Ioniq 6 AWD, a BMW i4 40, and a Tesla Model 3 long-range, and on the motorway the Tesla was getting 4.5miles per kWh against 3.6miles per kWh for both the Ioniq and the BMW. In fairness, the Tesla was the standard 18″ aero wheels, and the Ioniq was on 20″ wheels, so that may have made some of the difference. The BMW was on 19s. Of course, the Tesla is also the lightest of the 3 cars.

  14. kkallioj Avatar

    I wish I could’ve opted a proper roof and a headliner for my Model 3.

  15. Woodcote Avatar

    I wouldn’t choose anything that had a key fob…thats a sign of old time inefficiency at its finest 😉

    In all seriousness I do love the Tesla driver profiles and the phone app is amazing!

  16. David Davies Avatar
    David Davies

    I’ve just changed my Tesla M3 long range for an AWD Ioniq 6 – I mainly do motorway driving and the Ioniq is the more efficient of the two cars, also much more comfortable and refined as a motorway cruiser. The Hyundai app is clunky compared to Tesla’s. I’m not a great user of rapid chargers as 95% of my charging is at home but I have had no problem finding rapid chargers on a couple of long distance journeys I’ve made.

  17. Naomi Bentley Avatar
    Naomi Bentley

    I think the Ionic 6 looks better than the Model 3 on the outside, but I prefer the Model 3 on the inside! If i could pick one it’d be the Model 3 🤷🏻‍♀️

  18. Lynda Hill Avatar
    Lynda Hill

    Ioniq for me. Teslas are far too common, and I like buttons. 😎

  19. Neil Brandon Avatar
    Neil Brandon

    Both fab cars. But comparing a 2023 brand new car to one that has been out 6 years of so..
    It will be interesting to review once the refreshed 2023 Model 3 Highland edition is here in the UK.
    The Ioniq does benefit from physical buttons, and handy 13Amp power supply.

  20. Nick Avatar

    The lease company my employer uses charges considerably more (circa £100 / month) for a model 3 vs the more expensive to buy ioniq 6.

    They are taking advantage of all the people buying Teslas by ramping up the prices.

    It was a no brainer when i ordered my wifes new car, both financially and we simply prefer the ioniq design.

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