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Now, we've all been driving electrical cars for a while now, and although there are many things to like, the ecological benefits are a big reason for us all wishing to make the switch. You can argue all you like about the effect of batteries, however there is no rejecting that local air contamination is much better when EVs are around– especially in city locations.

Which is where electrical trucks like the ones we're driving in this video are PERFECT.

Unlike our cars and trucks, the journeys done by bin trucks, buses and delivery van are predictable and regular. So the operator will understand just how much battery capacity they require and when they require to charge.

To learn more, we checked out Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire to check out ' growing variety of all-electric big business vehicles.

First off is the eEconic which has 3 batteries, each with a capacity of around 112 kWh– that's larger than basically every electric automobile we can consider. And there are 3 of them! That offers a series of between 60 and 90 miles, which does not sound a lot, however it does need to work for a living. An equivalent diesel would be getting about 9mpg!

There are 2 motors, with a constant output of 330 kW and maximum output of 400 kW. Unusually for an electrical lorry there's a two-speed transmission– just like a Porsche Taycan!

Next up is the eActros 400, which suggests it has 4 of those whopper batteries, giving it a capability of 448 kWh. That's the exact same as 10 Corsas. This is developed for longer distance work, so has a variety of about 250 miles. Lastly, we have the eActros 300, which has 3 batteries with an overall capability of 336 kWh.

Charging? Well, if you are speaking about delivery trucks or bin lorries, they can do their round and then return to the depot and charge over night. No problem. Easy.

These can all charge at 160 kW, implying they can go from 20% battery to 80% in just over an hour with three batteries and in around an hour and a half with four batteries.

There's no AC charging either, so you could not plug these into a sluggish battery charger as there's just no point.

Join Nicola and Tom as they take to the road in a variety of all-electric trucks. Is this the future of haulage? Let us know in the comments listed below.

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24 responses to “Haul right now? We hit the road in Mercedes’ AMAZING electric trucks | Electrifying.com”

  1. @jsundb02 Avatar

    The first ones can do the shorter routes. And later when batteries improve, it can run the rest.

  2. @mikadavies660 Avatar

    6mpg vs a car at 35mpg car…. So the battery size almost equates.
    If is massively obvious that certain lorries should be electric.

  3. @Finglebat Avatar

    Light checking button, 👍🏻

    “We haven’t got the infrastructure!”… I was not thinking about it, I just had a big grin on my face that Nicola was not able to get her words out when starting out with the big wheel. She looked so excited.

    Oh wait, what about one of these as a fuel delivery truck, the irony 😂

    Well done Tom 👏🏻 “Electric trucks could deliver” LMAO 🤣😂

    1. @examinerian Avatar

      Re: an eHGV delivering petrol or diesel: the irony will have to wait a bit longer as the current regs for fuel delivery are so out of date that it’s actually illegal to pull a fuel tanker with a BEV unit. It’s just one of the things that a group of industry bodies and government is working to change!

    2. @markbennett6658 Avatar

      It’ll probably end up delivering batteries? That would be more poetic than ironic!

  4. @James_Ryan Avatar

    They are easier to drive which should help with recruitment.

  5. @Ivehadenoughnow Avatar

    Trucking naked. Is there any other way for your first time 😂

  6. @Mike-qu6fp Avatar

    I would appreciate quiet bin trucks, that’s huge.

    1. @Antody Avatar

      They would still be noisy because of all the equipment banging against the bins and whatnot.

    2. @examinerian Avatar

      The loudest thing on the one trialled here was a squeaky hydraulic ram that needed greasing.

      The next loudest was the chatter from the collection team… 😁

  7. @stevendunn264 Avatar

    The milk trucks used to be electric back in the 70’s when we had milk deliveries.

  8. @PaulMeier-cu3ds Avatar

    What huge fun and a glorious preview.

    Firstly Mercedes, not my favourite manufacturer, just went up about ten notches in my view. Secondly this is just the sort of thing which distinguishes Electrifying from other car review channels. Finally I hope I never have to drive any of the vehicles previewed; I want a Brabus or a Mini.

  9. @stevendunn264 Avatar

    I would love to see an RV conversion.

  10. @examinerian Avatar

    It gets the ball rolling, then after the first 1000 subsidies the govt reviews the scheme. They did the same for cars, and that’s now stopped here in the UK, but currently continue doing the same for trucks and vans as it will make more difference to a wider group of people – one electric bin truck affects a whole neighbourhood.

  11. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    Good afternoon Tom and Nicola

  12. @DanielEarlester Avatar

    Naked and nothing going on around the back. The story of my life 😒🤣

  13. @purpleman4790 Avatar

    I’ve been driving heavy trucks for 13 years now and Electricity is a great idea for Local trucking for sure, like 200-300km per day. The instant torque w/o the need of a transmission would be such a relief. We have a lot of Electric School busses here now, that would just be a derivative of that.

  14. @mikadavies660 Avatar

    I’m convinced that battery technology and price will make trucks much more affordable within a few years.

  15. @michaelfields8981 Avatar

    A BRILLIANT video, Thank You. I think I enjoyed it as much as you enjoyed making it! Thank you!

  16. @MrMorton Avatar

    ⚡ This is excellent! ⚡ These will also dramatically reduce noise pollution

  17. @winfriedtheis5767 Avatar

    Great video! And yes Tom, Electric lorries are delivering!👍🤩
    I saw a German Trucker/Youtuber driving the Volvo e-lorry long distance in Germany and he was enjoying it so much, that he concluded that je can’t wait until the supporting infrastructure is there and they got more affordable! So an actual trucker said he would love to switch, because it was more fun to drive plus all the other benefits!

  18. @karlwest437 Avatar

    Nicola having the time of her life 😂

  19. @stuartgifford8672 Avatar

    Amazing, need to introduce this asap

  20. @Flyingtwiglet Avatar

    Another cracking video. Informative and entertaining. Top job team 😀👍

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