GROUP TEST: BYD ATTO 3 vs KIA NIRO EV – shootout shock! | Electrifying

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BYD Atto 3 review:
Kia evaluation:

Worldwide of electric automobiles, the SUV sector is where it's all taking place. Whether you're a fan or not, there's no contesting the truths that family car purchasers are continuing to choose mid-size SUVs in huge numbers.

The Kia has actually been a fixture in the electrical cars and truck market for 5 years, wowing buyers with its amazing efficiency, functionality and worth for money. Totally revitalized last year, it remains one of the best all-rounders in the business and still represents a terrific buy.

But the competitors is now harder than ever. BYD's very first offering for the UK market– the Atto 3– wishes to take a bite out of Kia's sales, and comes with a packed spec list and a good variety from its 60.5 kWh battery pack.

However which is the most deserving of your cash? Join Tom as he pitches the BYD Atto 3 and Kia Niro head-to-head to discover which is the more convincing bundle. Do you concur with Tom's verdict? Which would you choose from these two? As always, we enjoy to hear your opinion, so please let is understand what you think in the remarks below.

BYD Atto 3
Price: ₤ 36,490 Convenience – ₤ 38,990 Design
201bhp, 228lb feet of torque
Front wheel drive, 1-spd
7.3 seconds 0-62mph, 99mph leading speed
60.5 kWh battery (useable), 261 miles vary WLTP
88kw DC, 7.4 kw air conditioner (optional 11kw), 44 min fast DC, 66min 50kW
9hr 45 mins on home wallbox
Weight: 1,825 kg.
Boot: 440-litres/ 1,338 seats folded (No frunk).
Tow: no.
Standard heatpump.
Vehicle-to-load 3.3 kW AC.
Five star EuroNcap.
No frunk.
6year service warranty, 8 year battery, 8 years roadside assist.

Kia Niro 4.
Begins at ₤ 36,795 (₤ 40,495 if test car is '4' grade).
201bhp, 188lb feet of torque.
Front wheel drive, 1-spd.
7.8 seconds 0-62mph, 103mph leading speed.
64.8 kWh battery (useable), 285 miles vary WLTP.
80kw DC, 11kw air conditioner, 45 minutes quick DC, 64min 50kW.
10hr 30 on house wallbox.
Weight: 1,739 kg.
Boot: 475-litres (1,392).
70kW Average charge speed and nine minutes quicker than the old one.
Battery pre-condition via navigation.
Heatpump optional.
Can tow 750kg.
7 year/100k warranty (3yr endless).
1yr roadside assistance.

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24 responses to “GROUP TEST: BYD ATTO 3 vs KIA NIRO EV – shootout shock! | Electrifying”

  1. Psyched Media Avatar
    Psyched Media

    Theres an aftermarket part that allows you to angle the screen to whichever position you want, yet still able to rotate the screen

    Didnt mention about the Blade LFP battery that allows you to charge to 100% everytime?

  2. Jansen Wilder Avatar
    Jansen Wilder

    I can’t wait you both to review the Byd Seal and Han. Gorgeous sedan/ saloon EV.

  3. Aarav Shah Avatar
    Aarav Shah

    The BYD Blade battery, however, is thoroughly impressive, and it is LFP which means no cobalt is used (more environmentally friendly and less concers about child labour in mines).
    Plus the interior quality is exceptional. Also, the Atto 3 entry level is comparative to the Niro 3, which is £39k.

    1. ShitpommfritFraz Avatar

      It is a shame that this is an electrical car channel and does not even mention this. The biggest plus is that the BYDs battery will outlast kias 3-10 times!

  4. Wayne Hobbs Avatar
    Wayne Hobbs

    Great report. We have both in Australia and luckily we get the 12″ screen in the Atto3 which is excellent and unobtrusive in portrait.
    In Australia the top spec Atto3 is $55000 or £29000 equivalent drive away but then gets State Government rebates of $3k to $6k.
    The Kia with similar equipment sells for $73k or £39k both also get the rebates after purchase.
    The Kia is virtually same price as a Tesla Model Y!
    So Kia is not selling well. It is slower by 0.4 seconds 0-100kph has a 30l bigger boot but that ugly C pillar looks tacky. The nearest competitor to the Atto3 in Australia for price is the MG ZS EV which is $5k cheaper (£3k), slower and very dated.
    We bought the Atto3 after comparing with Tesla Y too but the Tesla is better but not $23k better!
    Atto3 is 3rd best selling EV in Australia behind the Tes 3/Y. No surprise as it is a great package.
    Atto3 can tow 750kg in Australia, not sure about the Kia.

  5. O O Avatar
    O O

    I am getting my Niro next week, and the BYD was also an option, but I am sorry I can’t drive a car with “Build Your Dream” on its back.

    1. Yitzi Margolis Avatar
      Yitzi Margolis

      Can be removed in minutes

    2. Pad A Avatar
      Pad A

      You won’t see it you’ll be in the car you can enjoy laughing at people laughing !

    3. Tony Jakobovski Avatar
      Tony Jakobovski

      I said to my wife, If I buy this Car it will be straight to the Panel shop to have that name removed… LOL

  6. Kia e-Niro Diaries Encore Avatar
    Kia e-Niro Diaries Encore

    I’ve had one of the old shape e-Niro since March 2019, one of the first off the boat here in France. It has been a great car to own and faultless during 80,000 km. The problem here is pricing. The Niro EV, along with the Megane e-tech Renault are in the €42K – €48K price ranges, whereas ICE equivalents like the Qashqai, VW T-Roc, Peugeot 3008 are in the low to mid €30K’s….Sooner or later EV’s have to price match ICE, battery prices are now below $100/kWh and production volumes are rising so…no excuse for the extra €10K. If BYD really want to make an impression and disrupt the market they should be pitching against those ICE cars, not the Kia Niro EV which is way too expensive. BYD may be a new brand to Europeeans but check out some videos of them being used as taxis in China….they make their own batteries, the blade and some of these things have already clocked up over half a million km.

    1. David Lewis Avatar
      David Lewis

      Trouble is we dont all want these huge things with big tyres either?

  7. Rob Avatar

    Thanks guys, I test drove both recently and I really like the niro, but when you look at the base spec the byd has loads more and is pretty equivalent to a higher model of nitro.
    Although I can’t have the nitro because the door mirrors don’t fold on the move…..and I have the drive down narrow lanes every day!

  8. Łukasz Avatar

    Got EV6 GT-Line AWD and basic trim Niro EV.
    It (also) might be that I’m nearly 2m tall, but out of two I rather grab Niro for a trip – simple do it all car.

  9. Paul Cooper Avatar
    Paul Cooper

    I have a slight preference for the exterior looks of the BYD, but everything after that I solidly prefer the KIA.

  10. Karman Line Avatar
    Karman Line

    For many it will come down to monthly payments. Kia will have better residual values but BYD might support rates to gain share while avoiding “cheap” list prices.

  11. David Colin Avatar
    David Colin

    The Niro e is definitely distinctive.
    Towing is a deal breaker for me. It may not be important for some, but for me, the ATTO 3 would not be on my list of cars to test.
    I am really not keen on FWD, so my doubt is; KIA or MG 4?
    Can we have that as a comparison?

  12. Trevor Heley Avatar
    Trevor Heley

    Think the BYD internally is just too weird, although the Niro is a little too safe. However owning an e-Niro for over 2 years now I just know that it is a great workhorse and has brilliant range, frankly not impacted that much even during the winter. So for me the Niro wins. Now if BYD adapted its styling a bit and reduced its pricing (quite a bit) I might give it a look

  13. Anders C. Madsen Avatar
    Anders C. Madsen

    Has the Atto 3 cabin heater issues been fixed? We had a loaner back in November, and it was incapable of heating the cabin over a 55 km (35 miles or so) trip. At first I wrote it off as a defective heater, but several Danish reviewers reported the same issue.

  14. Bou Jaycoman Avatar
    Bou Jaycoman

    I have a Mini Ev, it’s like that too, the centre display is off to one side. When I got the car, I literally gone to a Mini show room to see if the others are the same and it is🤯

  15. Mikey Avatar

    I can’t wait for the new Kona to come out in the UK.

  16. Shaun Bailey Avatar
    Shaun Bailey

    You can tow with the BYD. Here in NZ we can fit a tow bar and pull 750kg.

  17. ozki_torres Avatar

    I liked the BYD, but I think I’ll go with Kia because they already hold a place in my heart. I currently drive a Kia Soul that I enjoy a lot.

  18. Peter Wells Avatar
    Peter Wells

    In the UK, Kia has an extensive dealer network, BYD has just four showrooms, so not expecting great back-up if any problems occur.

  19. Paul Ho Avatar
    Paul Ho

    KIA’s design comes together like a satisfying Tetris game, the BYD seems like it has more focus on negative space shapes.

    I must say, I am entirely over the tired and unoriginal full width taillights and floating roofs, and much prefer the vertical lights. I do like the unique interior gym motif though.

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