FIRST LOOK: NEW Vauxhall Corsa-e. What HAS Vauxhall done? | Electrifying

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Keep In Mind the Corsa Electric? Most likely among the most friendly little electric automobiles ever made, however one that likewise handled to be … how to state this nicely? … a bit dull.

Luckily, it appears like somebody at has been listening, so now we have this … the NEW Corsa Electric. A bit more grown-up looks-wise, and definitely more modern-day. It's had a little bit of a hardware upgrade too and can go further on a charge.

One of the important things we complained about with the Corsa Electric was that although it was based on the exact same bits as the Peugeot e-208, it wound up appearing like the frumpy sibling. In now looks more like the rest of Vauxhall's range now, mainly thanks to this 'Vizor' front end that we've already seen on the Mokka and Astra. It's sharper, neater and more contemporary, and still a small, five-door hatchback.

The rest is pretty much as it was in the past, although the badges on the back have actually moved into the middle of the vehicle and all the chrome bits – including the badges – have actually turned black. There's likewise a shark-fin antenna up here, and black 17-inch wheels.

The battery has actually grown from 46.6 kWh to 48.1, enough to leap the WLTP range from 222miles to 255, a 15% increase. Which does not sound like that much, right up till you need to get home without stopping … and it's 30 miles away …

Join Nicki as she takes a close look around Vauxhall's -e. What do you consider its striking makeover? Is it an improvement or did you prefer the old variation? As always, we enjoy you hear your views, so let us understand what you believe in the remarks listed below.

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45 responses to “FIRST LOOK: NEW Vauxhall Corsa-e. What HAS Vauxhall done? | Electrifying”

  1. Jamie Pickles Avatar
    Jamie Pickles

    I enjoyed watching the Video. I particularly like the Vizor Grille that features on the Astra 😊

  2. Mike Avatar

    I don’t know if it’s the colour, but I’m not that impressed by the looks of this thing. Yes, it’s slightly better looking than the previous model, but the 208 is still much more interesting.

    1. Adam F Avatar
      Adam F

      Sure needed that fancy video lighting…

  3. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    So the Corsa looks like the Astra or Mokka…. Definitely not enough to be my must buy list. But that is because the interior is always bland on all of the Vauxhall range. However, nice to see an improvement on the interior and the increase in range & power (as per the new Jeep).

    1. Mark Thomasson Avatar
      Mark Thomasson

      Definitely not Corsa sized

  4. JJ80 Avatar

    It does make me laugh about how people criticise the styling. If you’d put the four Audi rings on the front people would be wax lyrical about how classy it was.

    1. Kiinell Avatar

      No way. Audi styling is way sharper and they age much better.

    2. Giacomo Milan Avatar
      Giacomo Milan

      No, lol.
      It’s an uninspired mess, without any personally

    3. Борець за свободу Avatar
      Борець за свободу

      I’m with you on this one.

    4. VPN Consult Avatar
      VPN Consult

      In my country the Opel brand has attracted so many Goblins 👺 over the years that it’s brand association is not so good. Weak EV performance Vs Chinese cars and the price of 38K for a B-class car, won’t help.

    5. C7 Avatar

      Yeah or if you out 2 massive beaver front teeth on the front !!!

  5. Ian Tullie Avatar
    Ian Tullie

    Unfortunately £5k too expensive – your comparison to the MG4 is spot on, and that’s a bigger more practical car too. This has no right to be more expensive, especially with only a 3 year warranty on the rest of the car except the battery.

    1. Phuket Explorer Avatar
      Phuket Explorer

      20K too expensive! Who would have thought a Corsa could cost the price of a house, twenty years ago. 34K will buy two MG4’s where I live. 😄

    2. VPN Consult Avatar
      VPN Consult

      I agree. If anyways you’re going for a B brand like Opel, better buy a Chinese car which give way more value for money. This car is more expensive then an e-C4 from the same PSA which is a class bigger.

    3. Kia e-Niro Diaries Encore Avatar
      Kia e-Niro Diaries Encore

      Agree with everything you say here. I live in France and this video is of course a very UK-centric view of the Vauxhall Corsa e, which is of course the Opel Corsa e and is built in Spain.What is the software like in these cars?…No mention made here but from what we know this is one areas where MG, BYD etc are very strong. PSA Group need to get their act together as the Chinese are coming!…not to mention Tesla.

    4. brkatimachor Avatar

      Or, in other words, who’s gonna pay north of £30 grand to drive a Corsa???

  6. robert downie Avatar
    robert downie

    What would be great to see is a comparison with it’s Opel, Peugeot siblings

  7. David Colin Avatar
    David Colin

    “Is this enough to put the Cross on your list?” No.
    It’s still based on the FWD ICE version.
    I would like PSA to explain to me why I would part with 8K more for this over an MG 4, which has better internal space, RWD and 50/50 weight distribution. And the base 4 has pretty much the same specs as the top model Corsa.

    1. silvacrest11 Avatar

      I’m pretty sure a base MG4 also comes with a reverse camera while a base corsa does not, that is really cheap on vauxhalls part

    2. Ian Ackery Avatar
      Ian Ackery

      Spot on. I drive a Peugeot e208 which is basically the same car as a company car but only because there wasn’t a good ground up small EV available at the time. Whilst the Peugeot is a good car it’s £35k(!) if you bought it privately which is ridiculous for an ICE based EV.

      2 Years to go on my lease and as it stands the only car out there I would replace it with is an MG4. Might change but won’t go for any of the Stellantis modified ICE cars again.

    3. Andy Avatar

      @silvacrest11 Cameras on the top spec MG4 only, in the UK at least. It’s the main reason I went with the top spec MG4. I still think the Corsa is poo for the money and agree with David Colin

    4. David Colin Avatar
      David Colin

      @Ian Ackery I think that there will be plenty of potential offers on the market by then, I know that BYD have a small, ground-up BEV coming (Seagull?), but it’s going to be FWD. And VW have the iD2 coming (I believe that is going to be ground-up and RWD, but the styling looks impressively boring..
      But Stelantis has the Oli experimental/concept already sitting there! WTF are they DOING?
      To answer my own question; well, the CEO of Stelantis is moaning that the group can’t make an EV for under 40K and make a profit, while his own f*cking group claims that the Oli can be sold at 20K!
      For a long time I was in awe of how PSA was able to turn around ailing companies, improve reliability by the truckload, and generally not miss a trick. After all, they managed to make Opel profitable in less than 2 years when GM had failed for 2 decades!
      But I always thought that taking on FIAT/Chrysler was an extremely dubious decision. And doing it just as the EV revolution was clearly on the horizon just seemed reckless.
      I don’t know enough about the internal politics at PSA (and I’m really not all that interested), but a CEO who seems to be so totally out of touch with the market, and so uninformed of his own company’s R&D dept. would appear to not be fit for the job.
      Or is the Oli just window dressing and propaganda of something that would, in reality, cost muc, much more?
      I don’t know virtually any of the answers to the above, but. all industry watchers rally ought to be very concerned about Stelantis’ future.
      But it shouldn’t only be industry watchers, the whole of the world’s developed economies should be concerned, because Stelantis is a truly huge employer, and if they go bust, entire economies are going to be jeopardised.

  8. Willie Nelson Gonzalez Avatar
    Willie Nelson Gonzalez

    Manufacturers completely failing to deliver on prices once again.

  9. Michael Dixie Avatar
    Michael Dixie

    There is no way I’d choose this over an MG4.
    How on earth can they justify £30,000+ for a small city car. If it was ~£20,000 then there might be some debate.

    1. Phuket Explorer Avatar
      Phuket Explorer

      The Chinese have Corsa sized cars for 8K… or less!

    2. David Colin Avatar
      David Colin

      @Phuket Explorer Of course they do. But they can’t sell them at those prices in Europe. Those 8K cars are going to be sold in the EU for 24K or more (more likely 32K – it is quite typical for Chinese cars to sell at 4x their Chinese price).
      The reason that MG is knocking the competition out of the park atm is that they are not using a multiplication of 4. Their RMB price to € multiplier is 1,67.
      There are plenty of Chinese automakers who COULD compete head-on with MG. They mostly choose not to.
      TBF, BYD seem to be following MG’s pricing lead, but I simply think that the 4 is a more interesting option than the ATTO 3.
      And it is the ATTO 3 which is a much more direct competitor to this Opel… and I’d still go for the Chinese offering.

    3. Phuket Explorer Avatar
      Phuket Explorer

      @David Colin The Atto 3 is quite a relatively old vehicle now, and showing its age. BYD have an array of much more exciting alternatives about to hit the market. As for prices, Chinese vehicles cost the same in most East Asian countries, as they do in China. This is because they have trade deals with the country. I can walk into a showroom tomorrow and buy a mid spec’ MG4 for the equivalent of £19K here in Thailand.

    4. Ian Ackery Avatar
      Ian Ackery

      I drive a Peugeot e208 as a company car. If I had to buy it myself it would be £35k – that’s absolutely ridiculous! It’s 40% more than the ICE version. Next time my lease is up the only car on my list at the moment is the MG4 but even that is expensive!

    5. David Colin Avatar
      David Colin

      @Phuket Explorer It is perfectly normal to be able to buy (relatively) local goods at more reasonable prices than stuff that has had to travel half the way round the world.
      What I think is very unreasonable is that companies like ORA have tripled their RMB price for European markets, and others have added even more.
      BTW, I can get a mid spec (they come in any other form to the EU) MG 4 for just over €20K in Spain. That’s because we have a government that firmly supports the switch to BEVs, unlike the UK government which only seems to care about Big Oil making record profits.
      The EU also has trade deals with a few trading organisations around the world, and that is one reason why cars in Britain cost more, it’s no longer part of any trading block.

  10. Riaz Avatar

    The Corsa e ultimate is £36k at the moment, which is bonkers. If the VW ID2 hits £24k base and say £29k top spec, that’d be even more embarrassing.

    1. M Jay Avatar
      M Jay

      I bought my first house for way less than that not too many years ago. I own an electric and wont go back but man, these are way too expensive.

    2. GamingWins Avatar

      The ID2 and the new renault 5 which apparently has a 52 kw battery and that’s aiming for sub 25k too and it’s a lot better looking than this. This still isn’t an exciting car and it’s too pricey.

  11. CastleKnight7 Avatar

    To stand a chance it needed to come in at below £27,000.

    1. Brian Avatar

      Chances are, you’d be able to bag a pre-registered one with minimal mileage on it for something like £23k before long…..

  12. gonzaloleviatanh Avatar

    I think I prefer a MG4 or second hand Tesla model 3

  13. Nathan Wolf Avatar
    Nathan Wolf

    It will still be cramped in the back, the door access will be woeful and fitting a wheelchair in will still be impossible. It’s overpriced by quite a margin. The MG4 is still on my list. I’ve lived with the ZS EV for three years. I want another affordable EV to cover for my channel, WolfOnWheels.

  14. Robert Smith Avatar
    Robert Smith

    Three year old examples of the previous model are about £15k now – assuming similar depreciation probably worth holding on a few years. Looks nice though

    1. Michael Avatar

      I see these on auto trader and the like. The e208 are around 2 or 3k dearer

  15. Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    My version of the Corsa is the Combo Life Electric. This is a vehicle converted into a micro camper by Wheelhome of Brentwood, Essex. It’s just a Corsa Estate really, but under another name.

  16. Volker Hett Avatar
    Volker Hett

    I have never seen the promised 100KW charging on my 2020 1st Edition Corsa-e, the best I got was 92KW for a minute or two. The average over a charge from 20 to 80% is just under 50KW.
    So I ordered an even smaller car, a Fiat 500e convertible 😀
    But I am happy to see they now use the full width of the infotainment screen.

    1. Brian Griffiths Avatar
      Brian Griffiths

      I bought a Fiat 500e 18 months ago and I still smile every time I take it out for a drive. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do!

  17. ExaminerIan - Hints, Tips and a few Trips Avatar
    ExaminerIan – Hints, Tips and a few Trips

    A nice update. Thoughts are:
    – the 3yr warranty is standard fare, and they could go to 5 or 7 without much trouble. I’ve a ’13-plate Zafira with the 100k Lifetime Warranty still in place, and it easily made it to 7 without needing much work, and only needed a couple of bigger warranty jobs within the past half-year.
    – Ford chucking the Fiesta (and Focus) under the SUV bus will boost Corsa sales in UK. It’ll help others in the sector too, but the Fiesta and Corsa have been trading blows for decades, with both being in the top-10.
    – I hope Vaixhall/Stellantis move away from the ridculous and frankly unsustainably high guaranteed future values on the smoke and mirrors PCP game. We’re fast reaching the point where used EVs are just cars and nothing special. Gone are the days where a 3yr-old EV version can pull £15k more than identical age/spec ICE versions in the range. Instead, they should just drop the RRP back down by the £10k “EV Premium”, then folks like me who never lease but buy outright will begin to shop for them again.
    – Seated heats and wheel should be standard on all models. Any news on the climate system – is it a heat-pump or a battery-sapping resistive heater?
    – How is it on one-pedal driving? ORA, Hyundai, Nissan – these all get it right, especially the Ioniq6 I tested the other day – different size/quality class altogether, though!
    – My car history is Vauxhall all the way down from my Firenza, but having tried a few EVs recently, I’d put the new Corsa above the Ora Funky Cat (though not for interior space), but lower than a BYD ATTO3 (the Dolphin was nice, and the real Corsa competitor in the BYD range, but I didn’t drive it). There’s some serious competition building up, and sadly I reckon the trad brands need to do a massive strategy & pricing overhaul in the next two years.

  18. sevensixtysteve Avatar

    The price is definitely going to be an issue but it’s what the PCP looks like that really matters as few people are actually going to pay cash for this. That aside, I still think it will struggle as I dont think it has enough going on to get peoples attention. Small cars should be fun, daring, interesting and I whilst it looks pleasant enough, it’s all a bit safe. A 208 looks way better, the MG4 has it on value and a Kona has a longer range, better warranty and more tech. Drop it 5K, give it a decent warranty and people might get interested.

  19. Mark Mills Avatar
    Mark Mills

    Out of the 2 I’d still pick a E208 it still looks so much better and more interesting

  20. Online Account Avatar
    Online Account

    Sadly its still not got the range needed for me, my current car is an astra twin top which will do 400 miles so going away at weekends is easy and not a hassle, I have decent spec too so that model you showed actually looks more basic and mines 16 years old, maybe when you get to 300 to 350 range and some useful features i may consider it but at 10 times the cost of mine its not really ever going to compete

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