FIRST LOOK: MG Cyberster. The electric car to convert petrolheads? | Electrifying

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is going back to the brand name's roots with a two-seat roadster which is due to go on sale in time for summer season next year. The business has lastly revealed the production variation of its all-electric Cyberster, and we've along to the brand name's London HQ to take a look around.
Although technical details are sparse, there are a number of features that currently mark the Cyberster out as one to watch– consisting of 'scissor' style doors. We also understand that the vehicle will have a range-topping four-wheel drive design and approximately 536bhp– more than lots of supercars. A single motor version is likewise expected to be offered.
It is likewise much bigger than many purchasers will be anticipating. Rather of being a rival for the very popular Mazda MX-5 or a direct replacement for 's successful MGB and MGF, it measures 4,535 mm long and 1,913 mm wide– the like much larger, high-end models.

Join Tom as he takes a close take a look around the new MG Cybertster. What do you think? Are we ready for a fully electrical roadster? Is this the car to open electric car to a much broader audience? As constantly, we like to hear your views, so please let us know in the comments listed below.

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29 responses to “FIRST LOOK: MG Cyberster. The electric car to convert petrolheads? | Electrifying”

  1. Be Low Below Avatar
    Be Low Below

    Epic, but there needs to be a smaller MX5/Daihatsu Copen EV

    1. Stephen300o Avatar

      Yeah, but it needs to be the size of a penny and do three million miles, because I want to drive to mars for my holiday.

  2. John Sexton Avatar
    John Sexton

    Finally. An open sports car. Take my money

  3. Usman Mahmood Avatar
    Usman Mahmood

    So amazing! MG are definitely on the right track! On the come back!

    1. Stephen duffy Avatar
      Stephen duffy

      Except they’re Chinese, sadly….😢

    2. ensteffo Avatar

      @Stephen duffy That’s not sad in the slightest.

    3. yudhisr Avatar

      @Stephen duffy even Volvo is owned by Chinese

  4. mrMoon Avatar

    It looks very very promising 🙂 . Waiting for the performance, handling and Fun factor drive test.

  5. Rupert Vega-Rice Avatar
    Rupert Vega-Rice

    Looks ace. Hoping the e drivetrain means lots of useful storage. Would be a great replacement and upgrade for my Z4 (e89).

    1. LiiMuRi Avatar

      Yeah, hopefully MG takes a full advantage of the EV drivetrain and puts a big front trunk/boot under the hood/bonnet. That long nose is not needed for an engine, so make it luggage space instead.

  6. Hell Hound Avatar
    Hell Hound

    On looks alone it’s already a winner. Anything else is just a bonus.

  7. Jeff Underwood Avatar
    Jeff Underwood

    Yeah, it looks fantastic. MG streets ahead of other….

  8. HAL Avatar

    I was hoping it would be a cheaper, short range but fun to drive/commute MX-5 wannabe circa 0-60 between 6-8 seconds.

    1. rick stevenson Avatar
      rick stevenson

      As used EV prices are falling through the floor a second hand one will only be £18k in 2025😂

    2. Richard Corns Avatar
      Richard Corns

      ​@rick stevenson Let’s hope so.

  9. lukehebb Avatar

    This car is absolutely beautiful!

  10. Howard Freedman Avatar
    Howard Freedman

    Stunning and seems like great performance. Will it come to Canada?

  11. Phillip Smith Avatar
    Phillip Smith

    It looks fantastic, with hints of honda s2000 from the front

  12. Supersonic79 Avatar

    Oi! I liked my MGF with Metro parts 😄 This looks great! Hopefully it is actually priced sensibly.

    1. Electrifying Avatar

      If it’s any consolation, Tom owned (and loved) a TF!

    2. Lemming1970 Avatar

      Depends if you call 50-60k sensible I guess.

  13. tomattime Avatar

    Looks terrific, MG are really putting it up to Western manufacturers, both traditional and tesla

  14. Mick Byrne Avatar
    Mick Byrne

    At the guessed price, the single motor version could be within reach of my planned midlife crisis and finance ending on my MG4. I’ve had a ZS-EV and it was great. The improvements made in the MG4, I believe, were aimed at answering all the previous feedback. Brand snobbery is being eroded by each MG release, and prices are creeping up to reflect that. At six figures, BMW has a lot more to prove. If you’re looking for a roadster then MG is going to be considered by everyone looking, and likely to offer tempting specifications. Very exciting times. How will performance compare to the yet to be released dual motor MG4? Could they do a soft-top dual motor MG4 for less than 50k?

  15. John Doyle Avatar
    John Doyle

    I would buy one in the blink of an eye, but my better half would not be too keen.
    MG have nailed it with this,looks gorgeous.and those doors, just beautiful.

  16. Tim Vogel Avatar
    Tim Vogel

    Looks fantastic!! I own a 1998 MGF and a MG ZS EV as our family car. But splashing out 50 grand for new roadster is a bit much…

  17. K J Avatar
    K J

    Oh wow! Finally a car, irregardless of power train, that looks glorious. I’m very impressed.. Well done MG!
    The colour is striking, I’d be interested to view a British racing green.

  18. Étienne Desjardins Avatar
    Étienne Desjardins

    It’s gonna take a lot more to convert me!
    But yeah despite it’s electric it’s a nice one!

  19. sevensixtysteve Avatar

    Fantastic looking car and a real statement of capability from the brand. There is nothing I do not like about the design.

  20. Into the Multiverse Avatar
    Into the Multiverse

    Would like a hard too coupe version but overall it looks mint

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