FIRST LOOK: Lucid Gravity: A force to be reckoned with? | Electrifying

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Lucid may not be a familiar name, however the company has Tesla in its sights. The new Gravity might reduce the Model X, with sensational performance from an SUV that can seat approximately seven adults and has a series of over 440 miles.

The company was begun by Tesla's former Chief Engineer, and the brand's first automobile, the Air, is basically a better looking, much better driving and generally more remarkable version of the Model S.

The Gravity is its second model and is most likely to be the biggest seller. It's a large SUV with 3 rows of seats and it cleverly handles to prevent being a cube on wheels with a sleeker aerodynamic shape that has low drag coefficient which assists with overall effectiveness.

Lucid states the main variety will be over 440 miles, they aren't providing details of the size of the battery but do state that the pack is around half the size of the competitors, which will keep the overall weight of the vehicle down making it more sustainable.

And while this might be a supersized SUV it's likewise capable of supercar performance and can speed up from 0-60 miles per hour in less than 3.5 seconds.

Innovation includes a smart suspension system called No Gravity, which automatically adjusts to various conditions, and the suspension can also be raised to increase off-road capability or reduced to optimise the efficiency and variety.

Its motors are the most power-dense EV motors in production worldwide and it includes 900V charging ability which will make it one of the fastest charging systems around. You'll have the ability to add 200 miles of variety in about 15 minutes when you're hooked up to a 350 kW DC quick charger.

The Gravity SUV set to go on sale next year. Lucid is currently United States focused but it has actually opened 'retail studios' in Germany and Norway and sales are promised to begin at some point.

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31 responses to “FIRST LOOK: Lucid Gravity: A force to be reckoned with? | Electrifying”

  1. Daniel Vidal Avatar
    Daniel Vidal


  2. Peter Harrison Avatar
    Peter Harrison

    Can it compete with the Lotus Eletre, BMW iX and Polestar 3 🤔
    Also, can Lucid turn a profit on their cars – for the Air they lost about $420k per car, and this is a bigger car, with a larger battery which they selling for cheaper 😵‍💫😱🤯

    1. CMCNestT Avatar

      Gravity is on the same trajectory as Tesla. When Air (Model S) and Gravity(Model X) ramp up they will hover around break even. When their next car, a Model Y competitor, ramps Lucid will make money hands over fist.

    2. Dqtube Avatar

      Battery options will be similar to the Air when it launches. The estimated range with estimated efficiency means the battery will be approximately 120 kWh and that is almost the same as the larger battery in the Air.

    3. Electrifying Avatar

      WE spoke to the boss the LA show who was adamant they aren’t losing those kinds of figures at all. They’ll also make money from licensing the hardware to brands like Aston Martin.

    4. Peter Harrison Avatar
      Peter Harrison

      @Electrifying – I’ve been following the Lucid story for over 3 years. They’ve been burning through $2bn-3bn per quarter for over 18 months. The Saudi’s continue to prop them up. I understand it takes a while for start ups to make profits, but the Lucid roadmap is high end cars, with high volume sales targets, which they have missed by a huge amount.
      E.g. The start 2021 they set a target of shipping more Air cars than Mercedes ships S-Class, 🤣. They ended up shipping about 125 cars by the close of Q4 2021 😱

      They continue to struggle selling cars, start of 2022 to Nov 2023, there is no sales growth – it’s flat !

  3. Andrew Avatar

    That range is bonkers – that’s almost what my ICE car gets on a full tank

  4. Finn G. Hermansen Avatar
    Finn G. Hermansen

    Waoo that is a beautiful car ❤👌👍

    1. Electrifying Avatar

      Gorgeous isn’t it!

  5. Mark McCombs Avatar
    Mark McCombs

    Thank you.

    1. Electrifying Avatar

      Hope you enjoyed it!

  6. CMCNestT Avatar

    Gravity length and width is slightly smaller than a standard wheelbase Range Rover. And 8″ lower.

  7. BobTheBlue Avatar

    Why are all EVs so bloody ugly?

    1. Electrifying Avatar

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that! Ginny thought it looked great in the metal…

    2. BobTheBlue Avatar

      @Electrifying no it’s not. EVs are all boring boxes for carrying a family of 4. The design is hideous, they all have those god awful tablets in the console…they are ugly and boring and loathsome.

    3. chemicalhap Avatar

      Sir. This is an Arby’s. Sorry that’s my stock answer to an overblown trolling comment. You seem to favor complexity on the level of Klinkmeister monstrosities? You know buttons everywhere. your view on aesthetics is…uh…interesting.

      I like the lines on the gravity. Weirdly don’t usually like cars being that low to the ground but that’s more of a practical critique. I also like how interfaces are trending. I like how the driver screen is positioned. I do abhor tesla’s implementation and feel like everyone else in the ev space are doing intersection things with driver interfaces while keeping driver ergonomics in mind.

    4. BobTheBlue Avatar

      @chemicalhap what does that mean in English?

    5. Dqtube Avatar

      @BobTheBlue This is truly a sad time when even professional trolls can’t make a buck for glasses.

  8. Troy Boy Avatar
    Troy Boy

    I would imagine this is very heavily subsided by the Public investment fund, the Sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia, the shareholders will be hoping for a success, i hope it is, only to get away from the Greasy hands that feed the company currently, oh the irony !?

  9. woody1569 Avatar

    Very nice indeed

  10. Martin Woods Avatar
    Martin Woods

    The Lucid Gravity will be the market leader in terms of range, performance, efficiency, aerodynamics, etc. This would also make a great platform for a pickup truck just like what Rivian has done with the R1S & R1T. It already has a massive frunk and adjustable air suspension for off road capability – so I predict an SUV variant will be made at some point.

  11. Kayley Lynn Avatar
    Kayley Lynn

    I never imagined getting $400,000 biweekly profits, our Lord Jesus is wonderful!!!

    1. Chris Cesare Avatar
      Chris Cesare

      Can I also do it??? I’m a born Christian and sometimes I feel so down of myself because of low finance but I still believe in God.

    2. Kayley Lynn Avatar
      Kayley Lynn

      Mrs Elizabeth Marie Hawley is my Heroine and God changed my life through her trading awesomeness………

    3. Jason Keating Avatar
      Jason Keating

      She traded my $12K to $117K in space of a month, she is awesome💕💕💕

    4. Chad Michael Avatar
      Chad Michael

      Wow I’m shocked you mentioned Mrs Elizabeth Marie Hawley services, I also trade with her and my family is happier than ever, I get to pay my son tuition fees and students loans.

    5. Joseph bright Avatar
      Joseph bright

      Frr, I have been hearing lots of wonderful things about this woman on CNN but didn’t believe it until now.

  12. Dan Grassetti Avatar
    Dan Grassetti

    no, not a force to be reckoned with, as in all likelihood the company will be out of business long before this latest attempt at a “hail Mary” ever sees the light of day. What Peter Rawlinson has demonstrated is that he’s really good at marketing, but not so good at making cars. Not sure why anyone takes this company seriously any longer.

    1. chemicalhap Avatar

      Saudi investors. Actual product deliveries.

  13. ashtaroth Avatar

    Reminds me a lot to previus Renault Espace

  14. Sami Kamal Avatar
    Sami Kamal


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