FIRST LOOK: Honda e:Ny1 – has Honda left it TOO LATE? | Electrifying

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Honda has exposed its second all-electric automobile for Europe– called the e: Ny1, and it is due to go on sale later on this year. It's the vehicle that will appropriately start the procedure of Honda having 30 battery-powered vehicles on the market globally by 2030. Although the Honda e was the brand name's very first venture into all-electric , the e: Ny1 is aimed at a wider audience.

Beneath, the e: Ny1 features a 68.8 kWh battery with 256-miles of WLTP range. It's front-wheel drive, and the drive unit, electrical motor and transmission are all wrapped in one shrink-wrapped plan. It's as compact as it can be and generally neat Honda thinking.

The drivetrain produces 201bhp and 228lb ft of torque, which, strangely, is the same as nearly every other mid-sized electric SUV. Honda doesn't price estimate the charging figures, however states the e: NY1 can obtain from 10-80% in 45 minutes on a public battery charger. Which, given the size of the battery, seems like someplace in between 80-90kW DC.

Join Tom as he takes a close look around the new Honda e: Ny1. Is this the electrical vehicle you've been waiting on? Has Honda left it too late? Let us know in the comments below – we love to hear your views.

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27 responses to “FIRST LOOK: Honda e:Ny1 – has Honda left it TOO LATE? | Electrifying”

  1. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Actually looks very good. I’m sure all of the manufacturers buy the same motor. But exact price is not everything…. Leasing or Finance packages could make all of the difference.

  2. hazbear01 Avatar

    80kW DC charging isn’t “OK”, it’s poor. Minimum should be 100kW these days.

    1. Olle Borgström Avatar
      Olle Borgström

      80kw would be okay if the car was 25k and not 30-40

    2. Daniel Peixoto Martins Avatar
      Daniel Peixoto Martins

      80kw being “ok” or “poor” really depends on how it is intended and will be used.

  3. youxkio Avatar

    It has a big central screen. Not many manufacturers bring that in a sales price.

  4. Reddylion Avatar

    I have no soft corner for honda but i would choose honda any day over toyota… this is ev for good.

  5. Aswin Anbarasan Avatar
    Aswin Anbarasan

    It’s basically a slightly worse HRV. The HRV is probably one of the best SUVs you can buy, the hybrid engine gets you great mpg.

  6. Jonathan I. Ezor Avatar
    Jonathan I. Ezor

    Very much like my Mach-E inside.

  7. Garry Murphy Avatar
    Garry Murphy

    I really do not get why so many manufacturers insist on putting the EV charging point on the front of the car. Since when were fuel filler points put on the front bumper? Look at as many statistics as you like, most accidents are front end shunts so even a minor shunt will probably mean you won’t be able to drive the car anymore because you won’t be able to charge it. Utter madness if you ask me and a license to print money. Oh and that also means that insurance costs will go up for everyone!

    1. kevin ashurst Avatar
      kevin ashurst

      Sticking the charging point on the front makes arriving at a rapid charger much easier. I have never seen a charger where you parallel park, like a fuel pump. You always go in either front first or rear first. With the socket on the front there is no reversing carefully back into a potentially narrow space. So it ends up being quicker too, especially for those who find parking a “challenge”. I take your point about crashing, however I think overall it’s a compromise worth having. People charge often, but hopefully only have a bad accident very very rarely. No you wouldn’t stick a fuel tank and filler at the front, but on an EV the charging socket is a fairly small lump of plastic and metal a long way from the actual batteries.

    2. Garry Murphy Avatar
      Garry Murphy

      @kevin ashurst I certainly won’t buy one with the charge point right on the front and it doesn’t seem to be a problem for the Germans. I take your point about parallel parking but surely the cables on chargers are long enough to travel 2 or 3 feet down the side of a car. It’s madness in my mind to stick the most vital point of an electric car in the most vulnerable place.

    3. Matt Diver Avatar
      Matt Diver

      As soon as you put the charge port on one side or the other, someone is going to be upset. Pretty much everyone can get to the front middle. And in a small crash, the port should deflect out of the way and come back again….. that’s what happened in our Renault Zoe.

    4. kevin ashurst Avatar
      kevin ashurst

      @Garry Murphy Porsche, Jaguar and Audi would agree with you. Seems like a better overall location.

  8. Rob Nice Avatar
    Rob Nice

    Very conservatively and safe looking design. They’ve also gone for an innocent baby blue colour, which is indicative of; tranquility, friendly and calmness. ✨ It’s also good to see Honda stay integral to their hallmark physical buttons and switchgear! I look forward to seeing how this will test drive upon its official launch!❤ 🚀 🎉

  9. petelmrg hubert Avatar
    petelmrg hubert

    Changing the badging from silver on black to white on black is a masterstroke; why didn’t VW think of that?

  10. James Mccormack Avatar
    James Mccormack

    Enjoyed the review and really like this car, and I think it will sell well. It really is just an Electric HR-V

  11. TheReaL Cool Avatar
    TheReaL Cool

    Hondas are now very expensive. My HRV still holds value. But will have to upgrade soon as I will be moving to a regional area that will see me driving 70KM a day. A plug in hybrid or electric? Suggestions? Long term and usage cost?

    1. iTech Talk Avatar
      iTech Talk

      Every new car is now very expensive… Not just Honda. Peugeot, Kia, Hyundai, VW to name a few unfortunately every car manufacturer has increased prices in some way. Due to many reason, energy costs and shortage of parts are some of the main ones.

  12. kornenator Avatar

    Finally, an SUV! They are so scarce on the market right now…

  13. Sašo Race Avatar
    Sašo Race

    Why again with touch AC buttons. As it is basicly HRV that has very nice AC knobs, I would prefer to have them in place of a lower part of the screen ant then have 12″ screen above. Wouldn’t it be much better?

  14. Hradny Vietor Avatar
    Hradny Vietor

    80 kW dc charging was OK 10 yrs ago.

  15. Lost Inbluespace Avatar
    Lost Inbluespace

    Why can’t manufacturers put the charging port at the rear right where it should be. If it only charges at 80kw it’s pretty poor for those that need to use public chargers. Interior looks good!

  16. Riaz Avatar

    If the Honda e had 250 miles of range, it wouldn’t be niche. It would be a real Mini/ Fiat 500e competitor.

  17. Neil Y Avatar
    Neil Y

    Only thing I like about this car, is the charge flap mechanism 🙂 (most cars have a huge flap that sticks out way too far)

  18. ua made Avatar
    ua made

    There is no ‘wow’ effect when looking at external or internal parts of Honda e:Ny1. Considering it is roughly the same or more expensive price as Nissan Ariya I hardly see the appeal of e:Ny1.

  19. John Doyle Avatar
    John Doyle

    Thanks, it is OK, just, and will probably sell well depending on price, but the Niro EV is probably the better buy in this sector.
    Charging speed is the new battle ground, and this Honda is way too slow. Range(real world) over 200 and 0-60 under 8 secs is expected, but we want 150Kw minimum charging speed, yes I know the Niro is also poor in this respect.

  20. Si H Avatar
    Si H

    Those mk1s were utter rust buckets. As a Honda Tech. We had to replace the front crossmember due to corrosion.

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