FIRST LOOK: Caterham Project V: is this the future of the sports car? | Electrifying

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It's not every day that we get to see a new Caterham. In the brand name's 50 year history, it has actually just introduced 2 automobiles– the Seven and the ill-fated 21. Although the cars and truck you see here hasn't yet been verified for production, it has the potential to be among the most interesting electric vehicles on the market. Light-weight, fast and engineered by a few of the most skilled hands in business, it guarantees to be a wonderful package.

Formally, Caterham explains the Project V as a 'light-weight fully-electric coupé concept vehicle that has the possible to show up in late 2025 or early 2026.'

Created as an electric vehicle from the start, Task V is the development of new Chief Designer, Anthony Jannarelly, who dealt with Italian engineering company, Italdesign to bring his vision to life.

Project V uses a battery electric powertrain, powered by a 268bhp single motor installed in the rear axle. This is coupled with a 55kWh battery pack with advanced thermal management, and the ability to recharge from 20-80% in just 15 minutes utilizing a 150kW DC quick battery charger. It's also rather fast with acceleration from 0-62mph in less than 4.5 seconds, and an approximated leading speed of 143mph. Caterham also hopes it will deliver a target WLTP series of 249 miles on a complete charge.

The pared back style philosophy implies Task V, similar to the well-known Caterham Seven, is light-weight and simple. Caterham has actually targeted a kerb weight of 1,190 kg (2 +1 setup) which will be achieved by utilizing an innovative carbon fibre and aluminium composite chassis.

The Task V show automobile utilizes a 2 +1 seating layout– 2 +2 as optional– which optimises ingress and egress, provides more comfort for the rear seat guest and provides greater flexibility in how a potential owner may utilize the . At the centre of the interior is a basic, driver-focussed infotainment system featuring mobile phone mirroring, and a digital instrument cluster is used to show crucial details. Motorists can choose in between Normal, Sport and Sprint driving modes that smartly adjust the acceleration and steering for different environments.

The concept includes double wishbone front and rear suspension with totally adjustable geometry, electrically assisted power steering, Michelin Pilot Sport four tyres (19" front and 20" rear), and brake discs overall with high-performance calipers.

Sign up with Nicola as she takes a close browse the new Task V and talks to Caterham boss Bob Laishley about the brand's plans for the automobile.

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25 responses to “FIRST LOOK: Caterham Project V: is this the future of the sports car? | Electrifying”

  1. di we Avatar
    di we

    What a beautiful car! Once I’ve sat down in this beautiful car, I’m – almost – certain that I wouldn’t be able to get out alone! But, I ask myself, do I even want to get out again?
    Please, please also in the paintwork!!! What a beauty! I’ve just started saving for the car – there’s still a little time until it’s available! Nicola, you lucky child, has already taken a seat in the new Caterham – I’m a little bit jealous!
    Please also offer the option of a version in which the steering wheel is on the wrong, left side of the car – please! 🙏

  2. Christon Newton Avatar
    Christon Newton

    I get it but i know it isnt for me. I would still want a manual car personally. Should be a great car

  3. SHROOMY Avatar

    I definitely agree, the weight is astonishing, and Caterham already had astonished me with the weight of the electric Seven. This is only about 100kg heavier than a current MX-5 RF!

  4. Urban Strenčan Avatar
    Urban Strenčan

    From the front side reminds me of Porsche 911, and the back is Doge Viper😊❤❤
    Love it proper light weight electric sports car❤❤❤

  5. Olibolio1 Avatar

    It’s fabulous. I sat in it at Goodwood and couldn’t believe the quality and style. Perfect sweet spot of power, weight and range too. It’s a bit of a stretch to say it feels anything like a 7 to sit in though! Not that I’m complaining, they’re a pain in the bum.

  6. müsli Avatar

    This is the sort of car I was expecting Lotus to also come out with. I mean, I understand why they need to put out that SUV to make money, but I would have expected Lotus to also be showing light weight concepts at this point in time.

  7. Marcus Adams Avatar
    Marcus Adams

    I get this car. I’ve been lucky enough to own 2 Caterham 7s, one which I assembled in my garage in 2016 (420R SV), and currently daily a M2 Competition, hold a race license and am 100% what Nicola would classify as a petrol head. I sat in the Project V during Caterham’s 50th anniversary event at Donington Park, mainly because I’m 6ft5 and was interested to see if I could comfortably fit in the car based on the battery locations and low hip point yet low roof. I can’t fit in an Alpine A110 or Porsche 718, both mid engined so lack of space for very tall folk. The Project V felt almost a spacious as a 991 911. The key is that I’m a serial “blatter” and range would never be an anxiety for this use case, although it does rule out a week away in NC500 mode…probably. Nor, for me, propulsion technology. I care less about this, and so much more about driving dynamics, brakes, suspension control. So I have my name down in Pre order mode, because I know how well Caterham’s drive and make you feel.

    1. Clive W Avatar
      Clive W

      I get it too and I want one – in that colour with that interior. 200 miles is plenty of range for what will always be a ‘second’ car – more than the i3S it would replace on my drive, and that copes just fine. Probably doesn’t have much luggage space – but nor does the i3. Still a bit doubtful that it would take 6’5″ of me but there’s only one way to find out.

    2. Marcus Adams Avatar
      Marcus Adams

      @Clive W That’s why I went to Donington, to sit in it – Im 6ft5 too. Last week I tried a Lotus Emira at Lotus Silverstone and that is tiny in comparison, with my head rammed against the roof lining with the seat fully down and back, and trying different seat back angles. The Caterham is MUCH more accommodating!

  8. Keith Williams Avatar
    Keith Williams

    Stunning. Don’t think I’m ever going to have the cash. But a man can dream, can’t he.

  9. Hurdy_guy Avatar

    If Aston Martin Vantage and Porsche 911 had a love child it would look exactly like this …….Gorgeous!!

  10. alistairjl Avatar

    Brilliant – wish Caterham every success with this. Ironically the YouTube advert I got at the beginning of this was for the Eletre which has gone in a slightly different engineering direction. Both EVs though so all the best.

  11. Mr SWR Avatar
    Mr SWR

    Absolutely…….roll on the electric sport Cars and hot hatches. I’d still try and do the north coast 500 in it. 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  12. Toby Bushnell Avatar
    Toby Bushnell

    Looks great. I want one already!

    1. Brian Ellison Avatar
      Brian Ellison

      If you’re talking about Nicola I see where you’re coming from

  13. Rtfa Zeberdee Avatar
    Rtfa Zeberdee

    Niiiice… Whats the drag coefficient? Small battery hence lighter in weight, take out the rear seat and put some more battery there (make it an option)

  14. Robert D Avatar
    Robert D

    Love it . the car isn’t bad either 😆😜

  15. miless2111sutube Avatar

    Lovely, lovely car! Brillaitn that they’re going to be selling them rather than acting only as a rolling ad. The weight is really special – beating lotus at their own game by some margin.

  16. Nogginthenog Avatar

    I’m looking forward to this one. One of the biggest issues with electric car manufacturers so far is that they do the easy thing, 2 big motors, which give 0-60 numbers that make headlines, and that is it. There are two problems. 1. It gets boring, fast. 2. It’s entirely impractical to use all that performance of most of the time.
    Here they are looking beyond big numbers to try and give something actually enjoyable to drive. I hope they succeed.

  17. Grizzly HP2 Avatar
    Grizzly HP2

    Perfect. Thats what i like. More cars like this please, all these sedans and SUV’s are so deadly boring.
    I get it, the masses are deadly boring and need their deadly boring “usable” cars for their grandparents (that have their own deadly boring 4 door SUV 🤣).
    But they would be so much happier with fun and special 2 door coupe’s and cabrio’s.

  18. Jawolf Avatar

    Very nice looking car and a great design as an EV.

  19. Simon Hobbs Avatar
    Simon Hobbs

    Looks fantastic, but thought you were going to say price point was £60k, would rather have a Lotus Emira for that sort of money.

  20. Surrey-Velo Avatar

    Do the windows open? The lack of opening windows was a big issue in the Caterham 21. They could be totally removed but not opened so it got very hot and humid inside. Looks lovely and good to see Caterham should have a future in the next decade. Well done.

    1. raartsen Avatar

      Well there’s at least a switch for the windows:

    2. Surrey-Velo Avatar

      @raartsen Good spot. I was looking on the doors. That justifies the price.

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