FIRST LOOK: BMW Neue Klasse X: we go inside the new iX3! |

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The Neue Klasse – it's a brand-new concept, but not a new name. That first honour comes from a mid-sized sedan from 1962 that originated an entire new design direction for BMW, along with new technology. Which is precisely what this car is doing. Now we first saw the 'Vision Neue Klasse' at the back end of 2023 which car, together with this SUV shaped one, showcase all the aspects that will specify new BMWs from next year onwards..

Eventually, at least 6 brand-new BMW designs will be based on the hardware showcased in the idea we saw next year. Even our simple German can work out that 'neue klasse' translates to '', and the 'X' well that's since it sets the scene for the new direction of all of BMW's future X SUV-shaped automobiles – of which 12 million have been offered all over the world.

This might formally be a 'idea vehicle' however, in reality it's extremely close – and we indicate really close – to what the next generation iX3 will become.

Among the essential parts of any electrical automobile is the battery and powering all Neue Klasse models, including this one, will be a brand-new battery which has actually also been developed in-house, it features liquid cooled cells and while it does contain more nickel, it has less of the controversial mineral cobalt compared to battery in usage today. Also established in-house are bespoke BMW motors and while the basic models are anticipated to utilize a single, rear-mounted electrical motor as much as four motors could potentially be used.

That 'Heart of Happiness' very computer will electronically control the motors and their throttle repose which BMW claim will help them provide the driving character its consumers want. All of which bodes well for the future of 'M' cars and trucks – including a rumoured four-wheel-drive iX3 M60 flagship due in 2026..

BMW states this strategy will provide more driving range and a shift from the 400 volt architecture currently used in BMWs and trucks to an advanced 800V system – menas that the battery should also charge 30% faster than the system it replaces. Based on existing figures that could imply 500 miles between charging is possible, and all the Neue Klasse designs are anticipated to support DC charging of as much as 350kW, potentially offering charging times of 10-80% in just 12 minutes. How are they handling that? Well, in BMW's own words it's not just the electric motor that adds to effectiveness. It's the whole system– all the parts, along with components like weight, aerodynamics and rolling resistance.

Join Ginny as she takes a close take a look around the Vision Neue Klasse X. Are you a fan? Is BMW heading in the best direction? Let us understand in the remarks listed below.

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27 responses to “FIRST LOOK: BMW Neue Klasse X: we go inside the new iX3! |”

  1. @mikadavies660 Avatar

    Finally… BMWs are starting to look futuristic. Assuming they don’t bottle it on delivering them!

  2. @russellpenman7366 Avatar

    Keep up the good work!

  3. @colinharvey1049 Avatar

    So much better looking car than current BMW cars.

    1. @PsjogrenGoS Avatar

      Looks much better, but why on earth is the front and bonnet so high? Too bigly in my opinion.

    2. @kingdomofashes Avatar

      Yeah am surprised how good it looks. I feel like it is a bit retrofuturistic like the boxy ioniq 5 that is also very cool

    3. @felixterm Avatar

      BMW has finally lost its style

    4. @unowen-nh9ov Avatar

      @volinharvey1049. The record-selling current cars.

    5. @howertingsyaboya3789 Avatar

      @@PsjogrenGoSAgreed, it looks like style over substance. It’s also the current flavour of the month amongst stylists for cars of this type, unfortunately.

  4. @paulsouthern9955 Avatar

    Wow looks amazing 🤩

  5. @Checkmate025 Avatar

    Actually it looks not bad. I think its nice

  6. @sebastian5903 Avatar

    that looks good. good proportions and I like the kidney grill. looks retro.

  7. @sazingayerampa Avatar

    I love how they have put value in sustainability and efficiency ❤❤, If I was not a 17 year old teen , I’d buy this car ,it looks retro and features futuristic functionality ❤❤❤

  8. @GadgetsBoy Avatar

    Looks great

  9. @ObiePaddles Avatar

    If they could change the headlights and DRLs to double round lights then it would be a great throwback to earlier Neue Klasse you showed at beginning.

  10. @robsmith1a Avatar

    I’ve seen a few videos with manufacturers proudly saying they are using recycled fishing net waste in their cars. This raises a few questions in my mind. It implies they can easily access a huge amount of the stuff? My suspicion is that the actual percentage of fishing next waste in the car is very low and it’s just a marketing exercise. More worrying would be that there is such a huge amount of fishing net waste being produced that it’s easy to collect it for recycling and there’s plenty to go round (no doubt even more ends up at the bottom of the sea?)

    1. @DirkMoeller Avatar

      Estimates are that between 40% and 75% of plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch are fishing equipment and ghost nets. There is A LOT of that material available. How much of it actually gets recycled into reusable materials? Hard to tell. There’s tons of smaller ventures and start ups in that field. And it comes with its own problems, too, like microplastics that are a byproduct in any plastic recycle effort.

    2. @robsmith1a Avatar

      @@DirkMoeller thanks for that information, very interesting

  11. @StefanHPetkov Avatar

    Exactly what I have been hoping they will do! Hope it delivers all these promises when it comes out

  12. @RosstheBoss10-4 Avatar

    I love the Neue Klasse and X. I am glad they are going to do brighter interiors. Far too drab at present. I like the door handles. I hope they can bring it to market with as few changes from concept as possible.

  13. @Vilmir Avatar

    I am in BMW, you nailed it. Except for the Corduroy seats, but I am sure you will let us choose a more classic seat design. Holding off my car purchase for 1 more year.

  14. @darrens3 Avatar

    That front end is a massive improvement. And the nod back to the historic design to justify it makes a lot of sense.

  15. @Ianmundo Avatar

    This is the first BMW in years that I like the design of 🎉

  16. @unholy691 Avatar

    Beautiful exterior

  17. @vmpgsc Avatar

    Heck yes, would LOVE to have an iX3 that looks like this. Just fantastic.

  18. @thezanzibarbarian5729 Avatar

    That interior “terracotta” colour.
    _Nice on ceramic pots for the kitchen._ *_Not so much on a cars interior._*

    But as for that _”information bar”_ at the bottom of the front screen. What a great idea.

  19. @thirolf Avatar

    What a huge step in the right direction!

  20. @victorwillis8901 Avatar

    Superb looking motor…. Love ultra modern looks

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