FIRST LOOK: Alpine A290 – the hot hatch REINVENTED | Electrifying

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Alpine, 's sporting sub-brand, has actually unveiled a brand new idea cars and truck that sneak peeks its very first all-electric roadway cars and truck. The A290B is based on the Idea initially seen in 2021, but includes a sporting twist and remarkable new look.

The first of the 3 designs that will make up Alpine's 'Dream Garage' of electrical cars and trucks, the A290B has actually already been signed-off for production and is set to show up by the end of 2024. The principle gives us the greatest hint yet as to how that automobile will look, albeit with some crucial elements still yet to be verified.

Like the 5 (and the next-generation Nissan Micra), the A290 will be constructed on Renault and Nissan's new CMF-B platform. Alpine employers suggest that 'around 85%' of the principle's exterior style will be transferred to the production design, which will come as great news for drivers trying to find a real electrical hot hatch.

Sign up with Nicki as she takes a close browse the A290B concept and chooses all the parts that are currently validated for production. What do YOU think about the new ? Will be on your shortlist next year? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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21 responses to “FIRST LOOK: Alpine A290 – the hot hatch REINVENTED | Electrifying”

  1. james xo Avatar
    james xo

    looks great! shame about the power for production

  2. navar1977 Avatar


  3. Alex Avatar

    The car is very cool as is, but in reality the production car will be a boring version with almost none of this cool stuff and that prevents my excitement for it

  4. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Looks great

  5. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    I’m looking forward to watch

  6. Tommy Payne Avatar
    Tommy Payne

    Center driving position is great, but those headlights and driving lights are a bit too mad for me. Over all the car looks fab.

  7. Sotiris Kotronias Avatar
    Sotiris Kotronias


  8. M Thomas Avatar
    M Thomas

    Those wheels are absolute FIRE 🔥

  9. David Avatar

    Think the Reno 5 looked better personally. Probably the colour that isn’t working for it…. It’s meant to be a hot hatch where is the hot colour. Think Alpine blue would make this look way better then this white colour

  10. Billy Heywood Avatar
    Billy Heywood

    215hp is not enough for an Alpine, my MG4 has 204. They need to put a motor in the back and get over 400hp. No one buying that car is bothered about boot space

    1. M0nty Avatar

      Go back a few years and 200hp was a ludicrous amount of power for a hatchback. If they can reduce weight and give it a sporty setup, it could be great fun

    2. Billy Heywood Avatar
      Billy Heywood

      @M0nty it’ll be fun, but if it is meant to be a hot hatch, why not give it proper welly? The MG4 is getting a 4WD 400hp version, I just think that is a no brainer for Alpine as it is meant to be a performance brand

    3. GamingWins Avatar

      Considering how quick the a Zoe goes from 0-60 on 134bhp and it’s one of the slowest EV’s in its class, then 204 should be more than enough for a little car like this.

    4. Billy Heywood Avatar
      Billy Heywood

      @GamingWins it’s enough for a hot Renault, I just feel an Alpine version should have more

  11. Mark Cornwall Avatar
    Mark Cornwall

    Whats going on with the fake exhausts at the back!!

  12. Cannygrowabeard Avatar

    The rear looks mega

  13. GamingWins Avatar

    Looks mental, but I’m kinda into it. I’ve got the regular Renault 5 ear marked as my next car, I really hope it looks a lot like the concept car, I absolutely adore the way it looks.

  14. graham farleck Avatar
    graham farleck

    There are a lot of Vauxhall Adam in in from a side angle, A pillar , rounded tale end .

  15. MondVogel Avatar


  16. mers Avatar

    What a marketing show.
    Yes, historically, the cars of the time were mostly front-wheel drive. But since in times of all-electric drives this is the worst concept for driveable cars: these front-scratchers will have to struggle to match even the blessed I3s in terms of driving dynamics. Renault seems to consist only of marketing professionals and not engineers. Too bad!
    Anyone who has ever wanted to drive a BEV dynamically with >300Nm (from 0rpm) will understand. Sporty BEV and front wheel drive is error by design.
    The driving dynamics regulations will neuter the fun- because the worst of all drive concepts requires it.

  17. Ally Liddiard Avatar
    Ally Liddiard

    Looks like it’s made of Lego.

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