FIRST DRIVE: Smart #3 – A big surprise ? | Electrifying

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A Smart may not seem like the obvious competitor to vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 and Volkswagen ID.3, however Tom believes this # 3 is a really interesting automobile.

It becomes part of Smart's remarkable reinvention and is the second in its new line up of pure electric, ultra-modern household vehicles. This – the # 3 – is a stylish hatchback/coupe with some SUV looks included too. It's an appealing mix.

It's the big brother to the recently-launched # 1 in Smart's new variety, and is 4,400 mm long– that's about the exact same length a A-Class. It's made in China by a business called Geely, which also utilize a number of the bits in this to make the .

But the outcome of all this reinvention and cross breeding is a which combines the style, tech and quality of a with usefulness and a lower price tag.

The # 3 has a beginning rate of ₤ 32,950 and the bigger battery Pro+ is ₤ 36,950– which is ₤ 12,000 less than the cost of the least expensive Mercedes EQA and puts the Smart up versus whatever from a Vauxhall Astra and Volkswagen ID.3 to a Tesla Model 3

The cheapest model is called the Pro and has an LFP battery which uses fewer rare-earth elements than the Lithium Ion cells you discover in the majority of other electrical cars and trucks.

The disadvantage is that it has a smaller sized capacity and for that reason less variety– it's a 49kWh battery and provides a main variety of 202 miles. Charging on an AC feed is at a maximum of 7.4 kW, which is below the average in this class however will not matter to many motorists who just utilize a home wallbox. DC fast charging is at an optimum of 130kW.

Move up to the Pro+ and you're treated to a 66kWh battery giving 270 miles. Air conditioning charging is still 7.4 kW, however the DC optimum gets updated to 150kW.

The top Premium variation gets a heat pump and a more effective motor which increases the variety to 283 miles. The air conditioning inverter also gets an upgrade so it can take 22kW.

There's a remarkable amount of equipment even on the least expensive model, and the quality seems to be at Mercedes levels in a lot of locations.

The motor is surprisingly effective too, at 268bhp– that's more than nearly all the rivals.

Would you be prepared to make the Smart choice over a Tesla or ID.3? As constantly, we love to hear what you believe, so begin typing in the comments below.
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28 responses to “FIRST DRIVE: Smart #3 – A big surprise ? | Electrifying”

  1. @mrakronyahoo Avatar

    Which is better the #1, #3 or volvo ex 30? I’m sure many would love to know.

    1. @benjaminsmith2287 Avatar

      SAme platform doesn’t mean same car. Volvo is a different car than Smart. Do you like Mercedes or Volvo in terms of drive, appointments, etc? And who defines better?

    2. @MaticTheProto Avatar

      Smart is more luxurious, volvo is minimalist and cheap

    3. @johnfranklin6394 Avatar

      This is a question I am currently also asking. I prefer the styling of the EX30 to the #1. However, I prefer the #1’s inclusion of a display behind the steering wheel and a head-up display which is not even an option on the Volvo. The movable rear seat bench also means you have greater flexibility in trading between legroom and boot space in the #1 than the EX30. From what I can tell based on reviews, the Smart goes for a more comfortable ride, whereas the Volvo is maybe a little more sporty.

      And now there is the #3. I think it looks nicer than the #1, and offers better rear legroom and boot space thanks to being a longer car. Yet, it appears to achieve slightly better range and performance from the same batteries and motors as the #1. Not sure how they have managed that. Also, one review I watched claimed that the annoying attention monitoring system in the #1 is far less annoying in the #3, and that the ride is also better.

      Having said all that, cost is key. And, on my company’s salary sacrifice scheme, the #1 is about £80 to £90 per month cheaper than the equivalent spec EX30 on the same lease terms. I have no idea why. But, based on that, I have ruled out the EX30. I am now just waiting to see the #3 appear on the site so I can see how that compared cost-wise to the #1.

    4. @benjaminsmith2287 Avatar

      @@MaticTheProto People reviewing the car says the materials aren’t cheap feeling. Volvo is Volvo, Scandinavian design. The materials are going toward sustainable and I think Volvo is a leader in that direction.

  2. @Mike-qu6fp Avatar

    thanks for the review. nice car, still too pricey for me.

  3. @kevinbullas2328 Avatar

    Wouldn’t it be just great if someone could design and build a modern day ‘people’s car’…affordable for the masses…🤔

    1. @stevenjones916 Avatar

      The Citroen eC3 will be just that.

    2. @jonathantaylor1998 Avatar

      @@stevenjones916 you beat me to saying that…! 🤣

  4. @coldfire30 Avatar

    You have to press the a hole to open the boot. Can’t wait to explain this to someone who is driving with me for the first time. 🤣🤣

  5. @user-ox7ue1ni4s Avatar

    Great review. I really like the look of this car – interior looks much nicer than the Volvo EX30….. which would you choose Tom?

    1. @flyingpanhandle Avatar

      I’ve sat in an ex30, and have one on order, have to say i prefer the EX30 interior, felt much more spacious than the #3

    2. @benjaminsmith2287 Avatar

      I like the Volvo interior. It has more interesting uses of car materials, not the same old stuff that’s in other cars.

  6. @grahamsmith6443 Avatar

    So, to open the boot you have to press the a hole, maybe not the best thought through idea 🤭

  7. @patrickjr11 Avatar

    The thing is, Smart ARE the new Mercedes A and B class. They really never made sense in the usual customer demographic for mercedes so why not merge them with Smart who were more fun, family and perhaps, ahem, young. It’s a good move by mercedes I think . Refocus the brands on where they appeal most and stop chasing every niche with too many models.

  8. @NoggintheNog37 Avatar

    Its better looking than the 1, that roofline is always a bit odd on that first car. I like this one, and even on the #1, the interior was always miles better than the competition. Its the same price as a decently equipped jeep avenger, and I think this is probably a nicer car to be in and own.

  9. @simondehaas8784 Avatar

    It looks like a nice car. I’m surprised just how closely they have pitched this to the #1, I thought it was going to be bigger. I wonder when the #4 is coming!
    Ps. I drive an ID3 and like the interior. Sure the Smart looks much more premium but I like the space/openness 🙂

  10. @flyingpanhandle Avatar

    Really wish theyd come out with the new version of the forfour EV with a slightly longer range than 100

  11. @robertd-dh8qm Avatar

    it’s not bad . if I had the money i would get the mg4

  12. @neoanderson7 Avatar

    its very much a Merc. Really intriguing.. Hoping it makes its way to Canada. Could be perfect for my folks.

  13. @PaulMeier-cu3ds Avatar

    I saw a review of the Brabus version of this on another channel yesterday. My take on that is that it would replace my hooligan 2017 vintage Audi RS3 very well – sadly my better half forced me to sell that last year after an arm injury, mine not hers. This looks as if it would do the same sort of job as an S3 but not quite as good or expensive as an RS3. What I like about the Brabus and this version is that Mercedes were prevented from importing their demented teenage star ship look which infects most of their range at the moment. It has the good bits – engineering, real buttons (mostly), and build quality. Mercedes could learn a bit from Smart.

  14. @nicholashills6972 Avatar

    That looks nice would consider that, with Mercedes quality and all.

  15. @colinrenfrew48 Avatar

    Looks like a credible proposition. Way better than the id3.

  16. @robsmith1a Avatar

    On one hand modern cars have safety systems to stop you hitting things and on the other hand they’re full of distracting screens that mean you need the safety features even more. Nice looking car though in my opinion.

  17. @michalklucz6907 Avatar

    Unless you have to drive with four adults, #1 looks like a better choice. shorter, larger boot, with a shade for the pano roof, and you will keep a couple of hundred for charging

  18. @superduperawesome6858 Avatar

    I like it 👍

  19. @shonunezekiel Avatar

    I really enjoyed this review, both informative and also really relaxing. I feel like I have been hypnotised into buying a Smart #3 😉

  20. @stormtrooper5236 Avatar

    Looks great as an a class replacement which is stopping production in2025 i believe

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