FIRST DRIVE: Rolls-Royce SPECTRE. We’ve been ex-Spectre-ing you | Electrifying

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Meet Spectre, the world's very first ultra- electrical extremely coupé, as likes to call it.
This is a huge shift for : by the end of 2030, its entire variety will be completely electric; simply consider that for a second. Rolls-Royce will never again produce a brand-new model with an internal combustion engine.

There's no missing out on Spectre when you see it on the roadway – it's a lovely thing with its signature split headlights – and of course the grille – marking it out as a Rolls Royce.

At just under five and half metres long, simply over two metres wide and near 1.6 m high it's a cars and truck that is best referred to as being 'kindly proportioned'. Its Pantheon grille is the largest ever fitted to a Rolls Royce, however its no longer there to cool a V12 – its task now is to help with aerodynamics. The iconic Spirit of Euphoria was revamped for Spectre, it has a lower position and more aerodynamic profile and was perfected over 830 hours of design modelling and wind-tunnel testing.

However what's it like to drive? Join Ginny as she puts the Spectre through its rates in California. If you're a worldwide tech billionaire, lottery game winner or Premier League footballer, is the Spectre on your shortlist? Is this the ultimate high-end automobile for the electrical age? Let us know in the remarks listed below.

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24 responses to “FIRST DRIVE: Rolls-Royce SPECTRE. We’ve been ex-Spectre-ing you | Electrifying”

  1. Sam Bomorse Avatar
    Sam Bomorse

    They had to make the car louder inside so it didn’t make passengers feel travel sick!

    1. VK Avatar

      Would have been smarter to add an option to allow more sound in without opening a window.

  2. Helipeek Avatar

    Two Ronnies you say? How many door handles does it have? Four handles?

  3. Jonathan I. Ezor Avatar
    Jonathan I. Ezor

    I’ve never in my life wanted a Rolls-Royce.

    I want this.

  4. West Coast Chicano Avatar
    West Coast Chicano

    If I had the money I’d buy a Hummer EV, then I would trade it in for this! Gr8 vid as usual, Ginny! 🚙 🇺🇸 🔌 🌺

    1. とひこ Avatar

      300,000 is a pretty big difference to make up

  5. Richard Nedbalek Avatar
    Richard Nedbalek

    One-pedal driving should be able to be added as an over-the-air update later on once Rolls-Royce is satisfied that its customers truly desire it.

  6. Kevin Phillips Avatar
    Kevin Phillips

    Absolutely stunning Vechile.

  7. Illuminatio Avatar

    It’s absolutely gorgeous, of course, but I can’t help reflecting that the basic body shape is designed around a massive V12 engine which is no longer there. This is a feature, admittedly, of most electric cars. Shouldn’t an electric car radically redesign the body shape so that form follows function? Very few cars yet do this – the BMW i3, the Citroen Oli… Meanwhile I look forward to seeing a few of these on the roads around Chichester where I work.

    1. Ian Webster Avatar
      Ian Webster

      I suspect they have deliberately avoided space age design to prevent putting off their customers (who are likely quite conservative in their tastes)

    2. rare Avatar

      It’s a deliberate aesthetic choice, because a long bonnet is a traditional hallmark of large luxury cars. Otherwise they will all end up looking like a blob and I can assure you that’s not what RR clients want…

    3. Adam.Piper62 Avatar

      You said it yourself – because it’s gorgeous. And because the traditional Rolls-Royce customer wants to feel grand and imposing. A long bonnet and sleek saloon design does this. As opposed to the pathetic and laughable squished styling of the BMW I3 – which screams “im a cheap city car”.

  8. Richard Johnson Avatar
    Richard Johnson

    i think i will have to wait to win the lottery to buy this car oh and a new house with a drive big enough to park it. but it is great that rolls royce are going EV. and i bentley will follow suit. i would love to see the production line of this car.

  9. Anonymous PDG Avatar
    Anonymous PDG

    Like Ginny, one pedal driving is great and not sure why anyone needs to be able to adjust its strength. I love my cars and just feather the throttle to achieve smooth braking with the occasional use of the brake pedal when unexpected things happen.
    I thinks it’s an understatement to say it is a big car, it’s massive but I do agree that electric powertrain and Rolls Royce were made for each other.
    is it aesthetics or an engineering requirement that still needs the huge bonnet / hood as there is no lump of engine up front. I suppose it would look odd without it, maybe it’s got a big frunk?

  10. Mark Thomasson Avatar
    Mark Thomasson

    The curious thing is that the first EV I heard, or hardly heard, made me think…sounds (swished) just like a Roller

  11. Nigel Wickenden Avatar
    Nigel Wickenden

    I have one pedal driving with my Tesla M3LR and it is a real pleasure to have strong regeneration too. It didn’t take me long to be able to judge slowing/stopping distances for various driving conditions. That said, if I win big on the lottery…

  12. Cestrian52 Avatar

    Leaning casually on a £350k Roller!!

  13. richardmcaleavy Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful.

  14. geoff hemingway Avatar
    geoff hemingway

    Long gone are the days when all you could hear was the ticking of the clock. They should bring that back; that’s what you call TRUE luxury!

  15. Simon Morty Avatar
    Simon Morty

    In a age of 2 million Dollar Hyper cars where the race to be the fastest and quickest in the quarter mile becomes less appealing. Although i can appreciate the technology and breakthrough in acceleration and performance, this truly is a breath of fresh air! It’s not exactly cheap, but heck, it’s a Rolls Royce, and i can see where the money has gone. The craftmanship, sense of occasion, and attention to detail is second to none. Well done Rolls Royce. For once an EV that truly is desirable on many levels!

  16. Joe MacLeod-Iredale Avatar
    Joe MacLeod-Iredale

    A friend, who designs for bmw and rolls, described these as Rolls’ self driving cars, as the owner will be the one driving!

  17. ab3000x Avatar

    I was a valet at a 5 star hotel years ago and drove early Tesla model Ss and some Rolls-Royces. The Rolls were almost as smooth and quiet as the Teslas. I thought an electric RR was a no-brainer.

  18. Anthony Stevens Avatar
    Anthony Stevens

    A great quick review Ginny. I would love this car without any doubt, but like most of us it’s highly unlikely to appear on my drive any time while I can breath but that’s OK. I can admire the engineering and design that has gone into it from afar. It keeps people employed and uses the latest technology so for those who can purchase one it would be fantastic to see the result of all that time and effort on the road. Many thanks for sharing.

  19. mark homer Avatar
    mark homer

    Beauty on wheels ❤

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