FIRST DRIVE: New Fiat 600e – does the 500e’s bigger brother deliver la dolce vita? | Electrifying

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The Fiat 600e is a cute, compact family crossover– the all-electric successor to the 500X and a more spacious huge bro for the 500e. It shares the majority of its hardware and powertrain with the , is well geared up and competitively priced. We likewise love that it's genuinely rather little; it remains in between a VW Polo and VW Golf in length.

The Fiat 600e has a 54kWh lithium-ion battery, with a functional capacity (the amount that you're in fact charging and discharging) of 51kWh. That's good for a variety of approximately 254 miles in the more affordable 600e (RED) model, or 252 miles in the La Prima, and in our summertime test drive through a variety of faster back road and slow town things, we handled a real-world figure of 220 miles, which is only a fraction less than you get in an MG4 Long Range or VW ID.3.

Join Nicola as she puts the brand-new 600e through its paces in its native . Is is a worthy stablemate to the dazzling 500e? Would you choose the 500e over its competitors? If you like it or loathe it, let us know in the comments below.

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Check out our full video library:. 00:00 No more grey automobiles. 00:37 Styling- A biggger 500e.
01:10 Battery and Range. 01:56 Driving Impressions -A best city vehicle? 06:20 Interior and usefulness.
08:14 Rear seats area.
08:50 Boot space.
09:19 Charging capability. 08:25 Rate and competition
. 09:52 Our verdict.


33 responses to “FIRST DRIVE: New Fiat 600e – does the 500e’s bigger brother deliver la dolce vita? | Electrifying”

  1. Obie Paddles Avatar
    Obie Paddles

    Another great review thx.
    Shame it doesn’t look like the 500 a bit more but great to see the focus on efficiency. It used to be all about mpg and people seem to have forgotten that with EVs

  2. Anonymous PDG Avatar
    Anonymous PDG

    Stellantis are turning into one of the grocery brands like Unilever where they make the same product but call it something different? Ok maybe not quite the same product as they look different on the outside but to all intents and purpose the same lol.
    The 600 does look quite cute though.

    I do find it interesting that companies make city cars that are not really that good at longer journeys where people maybe need to take loads of suff.

    I think most people want to do both short city and long journeys so not sure a city car can cut it?

    1. TheAllMightyGodofCod Avatar

      Actually I think they are one of the few doing badge engineering right. A Mokka, a C4, a 2008, an Avenger or a 600 all share a lot but all are different enough to be unique and to appeal to different people but that is just my option…

    2. radart Avatar

      Hiring a larger car for longer journeys will become more common in the future imo

    3. radart Avatar

      @TheAllMightyGodofCodI agree it’s horses for courses and different brands for different markets. It seems to be working for them so far, I think they do it better than VW.

    4. TheAllMightyGodofCod Avatar

      @radart exactly. VW usually does it right but then they completely miss it as with the city cars. At least where I live, although SEAT and Skoda are super popular, no one even considered the MIi and the other one and just went right to a VW dealer and got an Up!

    5. Daniel Avatar

      vag group is doing the same tbh, id4,enyaq, q4, ford explorer, id3 all same under pinings.

  3. Ian Ackery Avatar
    Ian Ackery

    Will be a good used buy a a one year old but at that MRRP no way. I’m sure in 6 months it will be discounted anyway. Cute car though.

  4. GF Avatar

    Pity it doesn’t have one pedal driving like the 500e – guess maybe the difference is that the 500 was developed pre-Stellantis. Do like the turquoise piping on the 600’s seats however.

    1. Brian Griffiths Avatar
      Brian Griffiths

      The lack of one pedal driving is a deal-breaker for me.

  5. Pad A Avatar
    Pad A

    Love the humour as always Nicola – oh the irony of fiat to say what’s the biggest selling colour ? Grey / ok let’s not make grey ! The lip synch seemed out but restarted it & all good – I think the headlights look like they’re winking – I think it looks better than the avenger – 5 miles/kWh is incredibly good – personally I think with all stellantis they’re great used buys but very expansive new purchases and not the best value for the private buyer

  6. Graeme Williams Avatar
    Graeme Williams

    Nice drone shots and more colour! Great production. Nichola’s presentations always good

    1. drfisheye Avatar

      The drone shots were probably provided by Fiat. You’ll see the same ones on other reviews. But Nichola is indeed an excellent reviewer.

  7. Giles Halliwell Avatar
    Giles Halliwell

    I know small cars are becoming less and less profitable but why don’t stellantis use the Fiat developed 500e platform to create a range of small electric Citroens and Peugeots?

    1. J Falck Avatar
      J Falck

      I was wondering the same, surely they could bring out a Panda replacement and a tiny Pug with a bit of a 205 vibe based on the platform

    2. Daniel Avatar

      Because that plattform is phasing out, in a year or two they will have a new plattform for small cars called the stla small which will have all their small cars on it eventually.

    3. Tesla-Spectre Avatar

      Peugeot 208e is a small car 🤷‍♂️

    4. samu xan Avatar
      samu xan

      That’d be better than this. Same as the corsa, 208 and c4 but with a different look

    5. Charlie Avatar

      I thought they were going to use that platform for a new C1/108 but I guess that’s been scrapped

  8. Michal Klucz Avatar
    Michal Klucz

    9:07 rather two cabin suitcases. the basic model may be an option for fans of the Italian design.. not sure what you are getting in the top spec if you still have scratchy materials in the front, not acoustic insulation and no rear seat cupholders. If I would need a city car for two, I would buy Ora Cat.

  9. Brian Griffiths Avatar
    Brian Griffiths

    Good all rounder for the money but I wouldn’t trade in my 500e because its larger sibling lacks the one pedal driving that, for me, is one of the major benefits of having an electric vehicle for mostly town driving.

  10. Malcolm Bennett Avatar
    Malcolm Bennett

    Love the car. “Reasonably priced” no. I think European car manufacturers hear journalists say “reasonably priced” and then say to themselves “we got away it” . Sorry but prices have got to come down. I think the EU are now grumbling that Chinese EV are too cheap. What’s up with everyone, us consumers want the prices to come down. By the way I love my Zoe EV. And one day will replace it but not until new EV’s come down in price.

  11. Rupert Bear Avatar
    Rupert Bear

    the glovebox will be half the size in UK RHD spec – its the same in the Avenger and most other Stalantis group

  12. Alexander Tarver Avatar
    Alexander Tarver

    Prefer the classic styling and design to the other Stellantis equivalents and to the MG and BYD. It’s less rocket ship / Blade Runner vibe than some EVs seem to want to be. Eyes are a bit cutesy but tolerable. It is classically Italian design aesthetic / European, which I prefer. Laughed at your comment about its trout pout!! I will always see that now!!

  13. JeanPaul.S Avatar

    It looks a bit odd but it’s cute in a way and makes me smile when I look at it. I gather it also has the same battery as the eMokka and e2008? I’m considering one of these.

    1. Charlie Avatar

      I know that the e2008 was updated recently and now features the same battery as the 600e, but I’m not sure what battery the Mokka-e uses

  14. Mark D Larsen Avatar
    Mark D Larsen

    Mmmm. One-pedal regen to a complete stop is a necessity with EVs. But Nicola: how about the sound of the indicators? 🤔

  15. Henry Jr. Watsson Avatar
    Henry Jr. Watsson

    Since it’s electric, it should be a reliable stelantis car for a change!! Very good aesthetic! Exterior&interior are very stylish ^^

    1. Daniel Avatar

      well you havent seen the carwow video of the jeep avenger then 😛 its taken down now but it broke down fours times with break issues.

  16. wevenhuis Avatar

    I think, I would have liked to see a hybrid version of this with the 500e. The 600e just misses ticking all the boxes as is the 500e. With the 500e I would have loved to see the package size of the 500 e, but then with more boot space of the 600e and a 50 Kwh battery pack for a guaranteed all weather all season range of 185 miles 20-80/85% soc.

  17. Carlos Arias Avatar
    Carlos Arias

    “I know… right?” Nicola is a star presenter!

  18. Richard Johnson Avatar
    Richard Johnson

    i own a 500e which is a great car but the range is around 150 miles, but i would exchange it for the 600e at some point.

  19. pancudowny Avatar

    If Stelantis really wants to make money with it’s new EV development, it’ll stop screwing-around with trying to be “sexy” with them (proposing EV “muscle cars”) and make what’d be their most practical use of it: Changing over production of their hybrid minivans to it. 😊

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