FIRST DRIVE: New 2024 Vauxhall Corsa Electric. Has Vauxhall priced itself out? | Electrifying

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Do you remember the Vauxhall ? Probably among the most friendly little electrical vehicles ever made, but one that likewise managed to be … how to state this politely? … a bit dull.

Luckily, it looks like someone at Vauxhall has actually been listening, so now we have this … the NEW Vauxhall Corsa Electric. A bit more grown-up looks-wise, and absolutely more modern. It's had a little a hardware upgrade too and can go even more on a charge.

But there's a bit of an issue. The rate. Although the Corsa-e was never precisely a bargain, it was one of the most affordable you could buy – particularly when Vauxhall included some rewards such as 0% finance. That all changes with the new Corsa Electric, which starts from just over ₤ 32k and goes up to ₤ 38k for the range-topper. That's nearly ₤ 40,000 … for a Corsa.

To try and soften the blow, Vauxhall has actually boosted the specification. The battery has grown from 50 to 51kWh, enough to jump the WLTP range from 222miles to 246, a 15% increase. Which doesn't seem like that much, right up till you need to get home without stopping … and it's 30 miles away …

Join Nicola as she takes a close look around Vauxhall's new Corsa Electric. What do you think about its makeover? Is it an enhancement or did you choose the old version? Is the high rate a deal-breaker? As constantly, we love you hear your views, so let us know what you believe in the remarks listed below.

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5 responses to “FIRST DRIVE: New 2024 Vauxhall Corsa Electric. Has Vauxhall priced itself out? | Electrifying”

  1. Adam Murray Avatar
    Adam Murray

    That’s nearly year old top spec Tesla model 3 money. So no.

  2. VPN Consult Avatar
    VPN Consult

    £40K for a Corsa 😮

  3. Steven Barrett Avatar
    Steven Barrett

    They’ve got to be smoking something at Vauxhall, £32k for something the Chinese sell similar but with better tech for a fraction of that price….nope

    1. Methanoid Avatar

      Sorry Electrifying but I wont even be watching video. That’s just dumb money and it could have gold plated controls, I am not interested

  4. David Atkin Avatar
    David Atkin

    No it can’t justify that price but Vauxhall massively discount the RRP. We just bought the previous model Corsa Electric. RRP was £34k actual price was £19,750. The first price is plain daft, the latter a bargain in EV terms.

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