FIRST DRIVE: Jeep Avenger | Is the smallest electric Jeep the next BIG thiing? / Electrifying

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The Avenger is a little superhero in our eyes. It's a wonderful little electrical automobile that's fun, comfortable, useful and characterful. It's only a touch longer than a VW Polo, so it's great for around-town manoeuvring, much better than most other compact SUVs that are noticeably larger than the Avenger. An official WLTP variety of 250 miles indicates that it'll be great for long journeys, and after a very we have actually been impressed by its effectiveness.

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25 responses to “FIRST DRIVE: Jeep Avenger | Is the smallest electric Jeep the next BIG thiing? / Electrifying”

  1. keyserxx Avatar

    Nice car, nice review thanks. I’m a few years away from my first EV (likely second hand) and currently this or Kona does look like my top choices. Potholes are now so bad we have to make decisions on how the car can handle those.

  2. Groaznic Avatar

    I’m having a hard time identifying an upgrade path from Zoe 50. Model 3 is sedan not a hatchback, this Jeep has the same battery as the Zoe but being chunkier it’ll drive a bit less, the new Megane has unusable rear leg room and excruciating poor visibility out the windows in the rear half… Maybe 10 years down the line something genuinely better comes along. Zoe life until then!

    1. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      You can’t go wrong with the Zoe.

  3. Be Low Below Avatar
    Be Low Below

    Another crossover should never be the next big thing.

  4. Ian Ackery Avatar
    Ian Ackery

    As a Peugeot e208 driver this looks a strong candidate when my lease runs out in 2 years. Same car underneath (which is great as I love the Peugeot). However I would take the range with a pinch of salt – my Peugeot does max 150 miles in winter at best.

    1. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      150 mi in winter is nothing to scoff at. Especially how much you can charge back in 20 minutes on a 50 or 100kW charger

  5. Mac Jim Avatar
    Mac Jim

    I hope it’s more comfortable than previous small jeep’s as I remember the short journey I had in a friend’s small jeep… it felt like it ha wooden struts for its suspension

    1. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      That was probably the JEEPs back in the 80s when they were partnered with AMC and owned by Renault.

  6. Clinton W Avatar
    Clinton W

    Wow beautiful car!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thomas Eriksson Avatar
    Thomas Eriksson

    One of the best Stellantis car out now! Nice review “dady bear”!✌️😊

  8. R Collinge Avatar
    R Collinge

    Great review Daddy Bear ! I would use a more proper name but I didn’t catch it.
    I like your calm style of presentation and hope to see more of your reviews.

  9. James Mccormack Avatar
    James Mccormack

    Really nice car and review, been waiting for this one.

  10. Mark D Larsen Avatar
    Mark D Larsen

    Too bad it’s not coming to this side of the pond. 🙁

  11. AskIve Solar Avatar
    AskIve Solar

    Sad that it doesn’t have any get up and go!! The hunt for an EV that I can’t afford yet…. Continues

  12. GordonBeckles Avatar

    If Stellantis figures out how to sell this in Canada (and the U.S.) for around say… $28,000 (rwd or fwd) to around $45,000 (loaded awd) …they’ll literally own the compact vehicle market here.

    One can always dream…

    1. Noah_E Avatar

      Not a chance. As someone who has owned five Jeeps (still own a 1977 Wagoneer), including a special order last year XJ Cherokee because I wanted the blue/grey gunmetal color, they could manage to fail at building a hammer. My dad’s Grand Cherokee has had more recalls than every vehicle I’ve owned in the last three decades combined and a cousin just traded her Wrangler in because it spent too much time in the service bay. Without any real offroad capabilities, why buy this over any other subcompact EV from brands that treat their customers better and have higher build quality?

    2. Paul Holterhaus Avatar
      Paul Holterhaus

      I think the E/Equinox will do that/Those numbers……..But I like the looks of this………I only buy AWD…but suspect we’ll see that to, before long…………….Paul………….

  13. Patrick D Garez Avatar
    Patrick D Garez

    Great, chill, review. Hats off to Jeep. I am still a sedan hardliner but this is a nice looking ride. As a Yank, I am pleased to see US manufacturers finally competing on style (and substance) with the rest of the world. Granted, access to the Stellantis parts bin doesn’t hurt but this is still clearly a Jeep. Even if doesn’t have Jeep capabilities, the name still has cache and an attached lifestyle connotation. Smart play.

  14. C. L. Sutherland Avatar
    C. L. Sutherland

    That blinker sound is straight out of the 70’s. That brings back childhood memories.

  15. James Jones Avatar
    James Jones

    I know they’re testing that vehicle overseas, but I hope they’ll have one stateside by next year.

  16. Whitewalker Avatar

    We need cheaper cars… Not more expensive ones. Would love it if jeep could pull it of <3 Here in the “tax heaven” of Sweden this car runs for 45´000 pounds at the cheap end…. :O

  17. Brian Griffiths Avatar
    Brian Griffiths

    Normally, I don’t care much for SUVs but I would be happy to buy this Jeep because it is compact.

  18. Neil Bissett Avatar
    Neil Bissett

    Great review and can I say the car reviewer for the channel is brilliant 😎

  19. Nathan Wolf Avatar
    Nathan Wolf

    I really like your style of presenting. Direct and unbiased but laid back. Very enjoyable.

  20. Steve Nicholson Avatar
    Steve Nicholson

    Unlike Australia, we do get the Opel and Peugeot BEVs for sale in New Zealand. So I’m hoping this will be on sale here too. It’s interesting that Tom says this is cheaper than a Mokka E, as Opel is selling that car at a discount in NZ to compete with the BYD Atto 3. BYD is substantially cheaper Down Under than in Europe.

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