First Drive: Honda e:Ny1 electric SUV. Has Honda finally caught up? | Electrifying

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If you were to glance at the new pure : Ny1 across a congested carpark, you might be forgiven for believing that it just looks like the familiar, petrol-powered Honda HR-V in a slightly futuristic hat.

But Honda would like you to consider the e: Ny1 as a trendy, vibrant little SUV that's absolutely going to appeal to hip young things. Who do not mind telling individuals that the drive an automobile with a name like a postcode.

Honda already has an car in the shape of the marvelous , however that super-stylish electrical city automobile costs a billion pounds and has the series of an unfit individual's bike (really ₤ 36,920 and 137 miles, Ed).

The e: Ny1 is much more mainstream. It's a five-seat electric SUV that's not huge and not little, with styling that's nicely conservative and fine-but-not noteworthy whatever else. Honda themselves state its rivals are the very best selling Hyundai Kona and Kia Niro EV, although the rates is actually closer to another big seller– the Tesla Model Y. However more of that in the prices section later.

Sign up with Nicola as drives the Honda e: Ny1 for the very first time. Are you a fan of Honda's beginner? Will you be selecting one? Let us understand in the comments below.

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42 responses to “First Drive: Honda e:Ny1 electric SUV. Has Honda finally caught up? | Electrifying”

  1. FlyingKippers Avatar

    I just checked the introduction price on Honda Norway website. It is kr 359900 ( approx 27500 GBP). So the question you need to be asking is why it is around 45000 GBP in the UK.

    1. simson4t Avatar


    2. JoopHbR Avatar

      Probably Brexit 😂

    3. Garry Croft Avatar
      Garry Croft

      It’s £19,060 in China We have 10% import duty + dealer markup + car tax + 20% vat.

    4. Steven Jones Avatar
      Steven Jones

      Is that after Norwegian subsidies ? There are no subsidies in the UK for private buyers.

    5. Steven Jones Avatar
      Steven Jones

      ​@JoopHbRNorway isn’t in the EU either.

  2. C JSA Avatar
    C JSA

    Enjoyable, informative presentation. Odd no one pedal driving. For me, Kia Niro EV is better thought out, though not on an EV specific platform

    1. jonnya245 Avatar

      That really shows how poor this car is, Kia’s mix power train platform is better!

  3. v795619 Avatar

    Right now in the UK the Tesla Model Y is £5 cheaper!!! (the 3 over £2k cheaper)
    More range, more space, way faster and the charging network. Unless the PCP deal is amazing how many do they think they can sell.

    1. Tyley61 Avatar

      Bit it’s not as big and ugly as a Tesla.

    2. Daniel Peixoto Martins Avatar
      Daniel Peixoto Martins

      Yep, not a big mark up to get a much nicer looking Honda!

    3. JDM guy Avatar
      JDM guy

      Nah, I would have a Honda any day over Tesla. Honda is a brand I would trust. Prefer the look of this too.

    4. Nick Firth Avatar
      Nick Firth

      @Tyley61 I hate the way Teslas look, but this is ugly AF too. May as well have the better car…

    5. Kyle Hubb Avatar
      Kyle Hubb

      @Tyley61 LOL. This is better looking than a Model Y? lol

  4. Tim Austin Avatar
    Tim Austin

    For that money you can get an Ioniq 5. And there’s absolutely no comparison there: the 5 is a far, far superior automobile.

    1. Rob C Avatar
      Rob C

      And a lot bigger for the same money.

  5. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
    Jonathan Taylor

    For a £45k car to simply be ‘adequate’ is NUTS…!
    It may sell to the Honda-faithful, but to anyone else, they’ll simply look elsewhere, I imagine… 🤔

    1. Rafael Rossetti Almeida Avatar
      Rafael Rossetti Almeida

      Same story with the Honda E. It sounded good if it wasn’t for the ludicrous price…

    2. drfisheye Avatar

      @Rafael Rossetti Almeida The Honda E wasn’t that good even without considering the price. The only single phase charging EV I know of.

    3. Frederico Matias Avatar
      Frederico Matias

      ​@drfisheyethe leaf only has 1 phase…

    4. drfisheye Avatar

      @Frederico Matias thanks. Yes I see the Leaf is also really bad at charging. You’d think Nissan could have borrowed charge tech from their partner Renault. Even the Twingo can charge at 22kw.

    5. Frederico Matias Avatar
      Frederico Matias

      @drfisheye when the leaf was designed they still were developing cars que independently.. reason why the leaf and Zoe share any components or technology. at least the leaf had 45kw DCF although only using outdated Chademo plug

  6. Audrius A Avatar
    Audrius A

    One pedal driving so satisfying on my Nissan Leaf that its main reason why I did not change my car yet. So sad that on market only few cars have one pedal driving, its so game changer.

    1. tony n Avatar
      tony n

      Tesla has one pedal drive

  7. Clarkie T Avatar
    Clarkie T

    The weak GBP makes all EVs expensive in the UK. And all EVs should have one-pedal driving.

  8. Space*Cadet Avatar

    The pricing of some of these vehicles is ludicrous. If we are serious about the adoption of new forms of personal transport, they have to be more affordable.

  9. Andrew Dwyer Avatar
    Andrew Dwyer

    It’s a HR-V with a battery bolted on underneath ………. you can see it !!

  10. Rolf Adler Gjerdsjø Avatar
    Rolf Adler Gjerdsjø

    It would probably been decent if it came out 4-5 years ago. Now it’s just mediocre and way too expensive. One of the largest motoring magazines here in Norway gave it the worst reveiw I’ve seen in years as well. This just smells compliance car, and should be judged as one. Just sad to see what Honda has become, even if the e was a fresh and cool.

    1. Nesvarbu Avatar

      and 20k £ maximum price

  11. Ricco123tube Avatar

    For what it is and how it does it, it’s too expensive. Better options available IMO.

  12. Lucian Iacob Avatar
    Lucian Iacob

    A base Ny1 is €5000 more expensive in Germany than a base Model 3, which is larger, has more range, more power, charges quicker and has its own charging network.

    That’s not great.

    1. Joop Plankman Avatar
      Joop Plankman

      Yes, reality bites! Honda is too expensive and late to the game.

  13. Kangaroo Island TV Avatar
    Kangaroo Island TV

    Thanks heaps for the kms!! I’m beyond excited as I placed my order on the weekend for a Polestar 2 long-range, single-motor RWD that gets 650km. That’s 400 miles 😉

    1. pb5x5 Avatar

      With the Volvos on tests they only do about 66% of the claimed range.

  14. Ryan Lucia Avatar
    Ryan Lucia

    Is it bigger than the new little Volvo? I think the full spec Volvo xc30 would be better than this, for the same price or less even if it’s a touch smaller. Will you do some comparison vids again?

  15. Jawolf Avatar

    I love the one pedal driving on my Kia E-Niro. It feels so good to know you can drive and regenerate as much energy as possible when slowing down. This car is again too expensive. It seems all current ICE manufacturers charge a silly amount for an EV.

    1. drfisheye Avatar

      The brake pedal on the Honda will always use regeneration, so it’s not less efficient. Just not with one pedal. And it’s easier to coast this way, which is even more efficient.

  16. Edward Ott Avatar
    Edward Ott

    Loved your review (and you as a reviewer, Nicola!) of the e:Ny1. Like you, as I heard your description of it and the pros and cons, I came to a similar conclusion, save for the fact that it lacked physical buttons for the center console control panel (me and touchscreens don’t work well together!) and frankly the placement of it would be a major impediment of my line of sight while driving it. It should’ve been placed a bit lower – or have the option to adjust it so that you’d be able to have a clear view of the road ahead of you.

    Just out of curiosity, Nicola…how tall are you? You mentioned having plenty of room in the back seat, but without mentioning your height it made me wonder if I’d be afforded that same room (as I’m just shy of 6 feet tall), or would I look like a giant cramped in that space. Finally, this vehicle (like many EVs) suffers from the same pricey problem – it’s made out of “unobtainum” with a mixture of “cantaffordium”. 45K British Pounds for that? Sorry, wouldn’t be able to get one. 🙁

    Thanks for the great video (you look gorgeous, btw!), Nicola! (hugs)

  17. Tom Marrison Avatar
    Tom Marrison

    Based on how long these cars take to design, develop and build, I wonder if manufactures lose touch of where the market competition sits, before it’s even launched.

    A few examples here:

    1) charging speeds – Adequate at best and 2) Price – too expensive for the majority of people who are considering it’s rivals.

    This car may have seemed really accomplished 2 years ago, but now, it’s difficult to see why anyone would buy it – I feel the PCP marketing department have their work cut out.

  18. carl bushnell Avatar
    carl bushnell

    I agree. I love 1 pedal driving.
    Lack of 1 pedal driving is a total deal killer for me.

  19. Peter Walker Avatar
    Peter Walker

    The i-pedal mode on my Niro EV4 is brilliant. Took a bit of getting used to (first BEV I’ve had) but now use it everywhere except on the open road where the adaptive cruise control is also superb.

  20. Nick Foster Avatar
    Nick Foster

    I love the one pedal driving in the Tesla Model 3. I use the brake pedal so rarely and berate myself for not anticipating the traffic well enough if I have to 😀 Honestly I wouldn’t buy a car that didn’t have this feature.

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