FIRST DRIVE: All-new KIA EV9: Has Kia’s seven-seater won the space race? | Electrifying

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Complete review:

's success story in Europe is impressive. The brand has actually gone from being a spending plan option to a front runner which is capable of handling the very best– and winning. It's not simply the mainstream brands which need to stress, as is pinching customers from the status German brands too, specifically in the electrical vehicle markets.

The most significant test of Kia's brand-new premium status is the – a vast, seven-seater long range SUV that has Land Rover, Audi and Mercedes in its sights. Has the Korean brand name built another winner, or is the concept of a ₤ 65,000 Kia an action too far?

The starts at ₤ 64,995 and that's for the 201bhp rear-wheel drive design in 'Air' trim. It gets functions such as 19-inch wheels, roofing system rails, 7 seats– with the fronts having electrical modification, and the front and 2nd row are heated and aerated– a heated steering wheel, an electric tailgate and an electronic rear view mirror. GT-Line with four-wheel drive is priced from ₤ 73,245 and adds fancier LED headlights, 21-inch wheels, sportier body styling and 'superior relaxation seats', while top-spec GT Line S designs start at ₤ 75,995. Six-seater versions are the priciest of the lot, beginning at a massive ₤ 76,995.

A 76.1 kWh battery is offered solely with the Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) Standard design, however this will not be provided in the UK at first. We will instead get the 99.8-kWh battery in both the Long Variety and All Wheel Drive variants. In regards to range, Kia declares a WLTP figure of 349 miles for the Long Variety and 313 for the AWD.

The EV9 includes basic Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) performance, allowing the discharging of energy from the vehicle battery at approximately 3.68 kW. Via the Kia Connect Shop, consumers will be able to add Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) compatibility to sell electrical energy back to the grid.

Performance will be an interesting one given the fact the EV9 weighs more than a Rolls Royce Cullinan, however we do know that it will have quick charging ability thanks to Kia's 800 volt electrical system. This allows you to include around 60 miles of range into your battery in simply 6 minutes utilizing a super-fast 350 kW charger – generally discovered around the motorway network – making it easy to top up on longer journeys. If you're charging at home, you can anticipate to take around 16 hours for a charge.

Sign up with Ginny as she puts the brand-new through its speeds for the very first time. Is the EV9 on your dream list for next year? Is this a step too far for Kia? As constantly, we like to hear what you think, so get commenting below.

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23 responses to “FIRST DRIVE: All-new KIA EV9: Has Kia’s seven-seater won the space race? | Electrifying”

  1. ogriboy Avatar


  2. Richard63 Avatar

    KIA has the benefit of a long history with 7 and 8 seaters. Loved my 2008 Grand Carnival (Sedona). Lots of room, comfort and 3.8L power. This EV9 looks like a carry-on of this, minus the petrol engine. If I had the money it would be top of my list. Well done KIA. Thank you for showing this on this channel.

  3. Echodub Avatar

    It‘s a huge beast but i love the design, i would never be in need for such a huge car, but Kia seems to outplay some other brands here

  4. bryan Avatar

    At just under £77’000 it had better feel nice and plush.

    1. Q Graham Avatar
      Q Graham

      I suppose it has exclusivity on its side at this stage anyway with no other electric 6 seaters other than the Model X, I’m guessing. To be fair, it looks great inside in my eyes. There is the EX 90 coming as well as the Ionic 7. EVs, especially with a 100kw battery, are still pricey, too

  5. Dqtube Avatar

    Do you plan to test the V2G feature in the future when it becomes available ?

  6. synpol Avatar

    Great review and great news on the driving experience, I am certain this is the replacement for my BMW iX and as soon as I can get pricing from the Salary Sacrifice company I will be placing an order…. Assuming the residuals have not priced it out of my budget …. Thanks Ginny

  7. Simon Sinclair Avatar
    Simon Sinclair

    Nice first drive review.
    As someone who has had a Niro EV for the past year, I absolutely would buy the EV9 over the others. Quality looks really good and we cannot forget that 7 year Kia warranty.
    The Niro is a perfect size for my needs now but if you have a young family, the EV9 would be fantastic.

  8. P M Avatar
    P M

    Love the looks of the car, especially in that blue.
    That shinny black plastic trim looks great when new. Couple of trips to the supermarket, and a few grannies with out of control trolleys later and it will look 💩

    1. Nick Beardshall Avatar
      Nick Beardshall

      Your spelling of shiny and trollies doesn’t look great.

    2. P M Avatar
      P M

      @Nick Beardshall
      I’ll give you shiny , predictive text is great.
      As for trollies, it’s a plural noun.
      Your English knowledge isn’t great, is it 🤣🤣

  9. Graeme Williams Avatar
    Graeme Williams

    Great review @ginny – interesting car! Lovely colour too. I would definitely prefer to JLR (but I’d prefer a LADA to one of those 🤣) needs driving…. Thanks!

  10. Nogginthenog Avatar

    In my experience of range rovers, it is going to be much more reliable than anything they make. But like everything this size, merc and the rest included, it is too big for the UK.

  11. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Thank goodness a proper large SUV that can take it to Mercedes GLS or Range Rover. As long as you can get over badge snobbery.

  12. Grow YouTube Views | Gain Fame Avatar
    Grow YouTube Views | Gain Fame

    🎉 congratulations on hitting another milestone!

  13. Richard Foster Avatar
    Richard Foster

    Good Looking EV-SUV car… Would like to see a side by side test with other EV-SUV cars,, Also the test should be on the base version on each EV-SUV Car !!

  14. T H Avatar
    T H

    Can you do a proper review of the Microlinio? An actual, in the rain, pothole avoiding one. I’m really interested in it as a city car, but it’s a huge leap to commit to one without anything but the puff pieces that have been produced so far.

  15. Peter Walker Avatar
    Peter Walker

    Love my (2023) Niro EV4. This one would be too big and too pricey for me, but delighted that KIA are continuing to forge ahead in the BEV market. First KIA I’ve owned and I’m a definite convert.
    Enjoy the channel, thank you.

  16. Mark McCombs Avatar
    Mark McCombs

    @Ginny As you were not climbing a mountain for this test drive, could you comment on the efficiency you saw while driving the EV9? Thank you.

  17. Anthony Stevens Avatar
    Anthony Stevens

    If you need the space to house extra people it’s a pretty decent package and given the spec and interior it’s… err hmm a decent price considering some of the options taking into account the decent warranty and reliability. But it is stull a huge amount of cash however you look at it. For airport or hotel executive taxis this should make a lot of sense ferrying the corporate VIP’s around. It may never end up on my drive but I sure do like it. Many thanks Ginny for sharing.

  18. Q Graham Avatar
    Q Graham

    I only have 3 people who would use the passenger seating, but there’s something about this KIA EV9 that makes me REALLY WANT IT ❤

  19. Robert D Avatar
    Robert D

    i wish i had the money to buy this Ev9 love it👍

  20. Allan Nielsen Avatar
    Allan Nielsen

    I have an EV6 GT-Line, that I love. I don’t need an EV9 at all – but I really want one😄

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