FIRST DRIVE: 2024 Fisker Ocean: is Fisker’s electric SUV worth the wait? | Electrifying

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One of the most keenly prepared for new electrical cars is finally set to strike the UK early next year. The Ocean might have been a long time coming, however patient customers who took a punt on the fledgling carmaker are about to be rewarded for their perseverance.

The Ocean is the very first automobile from Fisker, Inc. which is the 2nd vehicle business begun by CEO Henrik Fisker. The former Aston Martin designer's very first company presented an amazed luxury saloon to the world before Tesla could, but the range-extender Karma couldn't rather crack the mainstream.

He has a brand-new plan for success this time around, which plan starts with this compact SUV that has two rows and seating for five individuals. It's called the Ocean, and it's a direct competitor for the Tesla Model Y, Audi Q4 e-tron, BMW iX1 and the Volkswagen ID.4. Prices will eventually start from ₤ 34,990, however the very first variations to show up in the UK will the launch special Ocean One that sells for ₤ 60,880.

The Ocean One includes a huge 113kWh battery pack that provides a WLTP variety of 440 miles – the longest of any SUV on sale in the UK. It can quick charge at speeds of up to 250kW, which indicates a 10-80% charge is possible in just over thirty minutes.

The Ocean isn't a vehicle short on celebration pieces, and certainly takes a few tips from Tesla's handbook when it concerns eye-catching features.

There's an optional full-length photovoltaic panel roofing, called SolarSky roofing system. This can deliver up to 1,500 miles of extra driving range per year and as much as 2,000 miles if you live in a sunnier environment. You'll actually be driving on sunshine if the weather condition works together, and you'll save cash by not having to charge rather so often.

And If sunlight is actually your thing, there's the automobile's California Mode. This at the same time opens all the windows – even the rear one as well as the three-quarter 'dog' windows at the rear. The concept is on warm days, you can have the whole cabin available to the pleasant weather condition, or hang a surf board out of the rear boot securely.

Fisker's had a go at revolutionising infotainment too – no pun intended. The main infotainment display determines up at 17.1-inches, and can rotate from picture (useful for maps while driving) to a landscape orientation called 'Hollywood Mode', on which you can see movies and TV while the recharges. The system does not feature Apple CarPlay or Android Automobile combination yet though.

Join Ginny as she takes the Ocean for a drive in America ahead of its arrival in the UK. Are you a fan of the Ocean? Would you pick something else? Let us understand in the remarks.

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22 responses to “FIRST DRIVE: 2024 Fisker Ocean: is Fisker’s electric SUV worth the wait? | Electrifying”

  1. @evkx Avatar

    Thanks! A long awaited review of this model. Added the test to our frontpage

  2. @angrypom Avatar

    TIL I don’t use my glove box for all my documents, spare bulbs, spare air fresheners and assorted stuff and my charging cables, V2L adapter, warning triangle and first aid kit aren’t really in my froot. Meanwhile Fisker’s research told me that I really want to wind down the rear window, but not have a wiper on it. Sounds fine in California, but a few hundred miles in Lincolnshire would send me right back to my Niro

  3. @Yanquetino Avatar

    Hmm… so it does not have true 1-pedal driving, since regen can’t bring it to a complete stop. Disappointing. The range is impressive. I’m glad it has some buttons and a binnacle, as Tesla goes overboard with its “minimalist” design. Too bad the vents can’t be manually adjusted. No glove box? My wife wouldn’t put up with that, as she’s always got “stuff” in ours. And no frunk? We always use ours on roadtrips. I think a solar roof is more of a gimmick than anything. My car is never out in the sun long enough to make any difference. Besides, I “fuel” my EV with rooftop solar anyway. I think I’d be happier with an Ioniq 5, truth be told, despite its much lower range.

  4. @richardwaller7721 Avatar

    Saw one of these in a matt finish at at some services on the M6 a couple of weeks ago and was blown away by how good it looks in the metal. One of the most impressive cars I’ve seen in recent years and as you say the pricing seems really competitive. Only concern from the new owners was whether Fisker is going to last the course as a new brand. Time will tell but I certainly hope so…

    1. @SWR112 Avatar

      Wait they are actually over here in the U.K.?

  5. @MrCheGuev88 Avatar

    Brilliant maybe but really not priced cheap when all the competitors in Europe are cutting price down , for exemple the entry volkswagen id4 is now available for less than 35k€ i don’t see how Fisker can really get a place there.

  6. @adamshooter6302 Avatar

    There is one in our village. It does look fab. Will we ever see in one sale in big numbers? Can control quality? Residuals could be a risk too I did also notice a few things that should be standard are in expensive packs. I hope Fisker make a go of it and it and continue to grow. New entrants have to be better, cheaper or have a USP. I am not sure it has any of those.

  7. @alunjones2550 Avatar

    I’d sooner have the frunk and save the environment with a smaller screen that doesn’t have to needlessly rotate, and manual controls for all the common functions. That way I could turn the screen off.

  8. @mikadavies660 Avatar

    I was just going to say that it reminder me of the small Range Rover… when you mentioned it on your video. One great benefit of the Fisker is it should be insurable in UK, unlike any Range Rover that is so stolen in UK.

  9. @nielsen6725 Avatar

    Fisker Ocean looks amazing, went for a test drive a few months ago and it was absolutely splendid 👌

  10. @ObiePaddles Avatar

    I wish the driving modes were called Earth, Wind and Fire.

  11. @anthonystevens8683 Avatar

    This is an interesting car well reviewed Ginny. I do find it interesting that Fisker have done some market research on what people actually use but I guess the may be different for different territories. I like that all the windows roll down (great to let those pesky wasps out in the summer days) but it adds cost and we don’t have a rear wiper. The loss of a frunk however might be good to keep costs down but to have somewhere to put the charging cables without emptying the boot is a downside if the car is loaded with on a family holiday run or after the weekly shop. As for the loss of a glove box, OK I can understand that I don’t use mine that often but I keep all my emergency gubbins in it, a pen, paper (for details of an unforeseen incident) and a small first aid kit and phone cables etc. I could live without an electric window in the tailgate and doggy windows to keep the frunk and glove box that require no power and are simple mouldings but that’s just my view. Overall it looks like a great car though. Many thanks for sharing.

  12. @dewarmc Avatar

    I really enjoyed that Ginny, right to the end and up to the point where you said that ‘two years ago, Fisker wasn’t even a company’ which confused me a little, because I’m sure Fisker as a company have been going for nearly 20 years, one of the earliest companies to get into Hybrid and Electric vehicles with all the interiors being recycled then, the ‘Fisker Karma’ can be seen here ( in a review done by Autocar 12 years ago.

    1. @yitzele Avatar

      This is a new company. The fisker that produced the karma went out of business

  13. @USUG0 Avatar

    pretty sure, literate EV owners/buyers do want a frunk/froot. And, a very spacious one!

  14. @UAPJedi Avatar

    Ginny, one of the best car reviewers on the tinternet, prove me wrong!

  15. @FangPaw Avatar

    It’s an AWD SUV, so it’ll be mainly driven around town? So what do people who live in the sticks drive? Sports cars?
    Yes, I use the glove box, and yes, I’d want a frunk to store the charging cables, rather than having to empty the boot area. Other than that, I love the doggy windows, and the opening tailgate window is a brilliant feature. An opening tailgate window makes BMW estates so practical. I was thinking of replacing my old AWD BMW diesel estate with a Model Y Long Range, but the Fisker may be the better choice. But… i can’t find anywhere in Yorkshire to test-drive one.

  16. @larsvaneynde4281 Avatar

    Great looking car and I love the idea of the rotating screen. My Volvo XC40’s portrait screen is sooo small to watch YouTube on that I always wish I could rotate it to landscape while charging.

    The only thing I don’t like about it is the logo’s honestly. They look outdated and don’t do the rest of the design justice.

  17. @-Derp- Avatar

    Theres alot to like about the Fisker Ocean, one being these are made in Austria, not China, as alot of Teslas are. What scares me a little is if Fisker will be around in a few years, 15:25, and any warranty is best used for kindling. Fisker need to convince Tesla buyers to hand over their cash. With Tesla’s charging network thats a tough sell. However charging network and longevity of company concerns aside, I would take an Ocean all day over a Model Y. Although not premium, the Ocean is nicer than the Model Y both inside and out. And it doesnt look like a jellybean.

  18. @timoliver8940 Avatar

    I test drove one in Glasgow on a terrible day raining stair rods – I was concerned about no rear wiper but the rear view mirror can be old style or a camera screen – in camera mode it stayed crystal clear even in heavy spray conditions but the back up camera badly needs a water jet to clear it after driving in those conditions. The aircon works on a very reduced mode in Earth mode and the car has no heated front screen – misting up was a problem until I moved into Fun mode when the screen cleared in seconds with a very powerful blast from the fan. Needs a heated front screen if you are going to drive in the most efficient mode. I’m used to driving air suspension Land Rover Defenders and Range Rovers – the ride on steel coil springs on 22” wheels with low profile tyres on potholed roads on the south side of Glasgow was as good as on air suspension. To me though too many standard items are still “to arrive by OTA update” or just missing from the specs. I doubt in Scotland that neither the California mode or the solar roof will get much heavy use………… for the time being I’ll stick with my 2023 Defender 90 but in 2 years time maybe Fisker will have sorted out the OTA update items. It is a lovely car to drive though and the quality feel of everything you touch was very high. I don’t have a frunk in my current EV and rarely need to dig out charging cables as I have a tethered home charger or use rapid fast chargers with tethered cables when out on the road so keeping the cables in the under boot floor box isn’t really a problem and my EV is a Mini Cooper S E where storage is at a premium.

  19. @BMWHP2 Avatar

    Nice review, thanks.
    We love the cars that come with an open roof, and that one seems a good roof.
    But, an EV with a real world range of 330km with a 75kWh battery? (whattherange) That can been done much better.

  20. @brianiswrong Avatar

    I wonder how much it costs to reset the boost function when you sell it as ” 1 vicar owner”

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