Fancy FREE FUEL forever? Kia’s incredible Vehicle To Grid system goes live NEXT YEAR.

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The Kia has lots of extremely smart functions which will keep you comfy and safe and do all the things you might expect. However forget the appearances and the seats that massage your bottom. The most interesting part of this automobile for is the fact that you can 'sustain' it free of charge.

At home. Permanently.

In truth, you may even make money to charge it.

And you will be helping the planet at the same time.

This all noises too great to be real, ideal? Free electrical power? How does that work? Well, this truly is the plan. And while it sounds insane now, do you remember when cellphone calls were 50p per minute? Now you get them for free as part of a bundle costing a tenner a month.

Secret to Automobile to Grid tech is Kia's brand-new battery charger, which permits the energy to flow two methods. We wanted to show it to you, but it's not pretty enough yet for the business to flaunt yet.

However it works. If your house has an unexpected spike in need due to the fact that you put your telly on at the same time as the kettle, oven and immersion heater, it can 'borrow' a bit of energy from the 's battery without you even noticing.

This suggests you won't be using electrical energy when it is at its most pricey. As there is less strain on the grid, it will also imply that the producing business will not need to fire up another coal power station. The has enough energy to power the average house for 5 days. So you can take a lot out without fretting about having enough variety to get to work the next day.

That's clever enough. But the next phase– if you permit it– is that your cars and truck's battery can power not simply your home– however feed power back into the grid so your neighbours can utilize your cars and truck's battery to boil a kettle. And as it's a peak time, you will get paid more for the energy.

As you are charging on the low-cost and feeding it back in at costly times, you can make a profit. Or at least get your energy for free. It is being attempted in Spain first, and we've been assured that it will remain in the UK by the end of 2024 when Kia has done the handle some energy firms. However every EV9 will be ready for it when it comes.

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32 responses to “Fancy FREE FUEL forever? Kia’s incredible Vehicle To Grid system goes live NEXT YEAR.”

  1. Christopher Gallagher Avatar
    Christopher Gallagher

    What will the range be for the EV9

    1. Darren Silk Avatar
      Darren Silk

      At 80% charge it shows 391km at 2:57 it says. But 541km total on the spec sheet. However if we extrapolate out what’s shown on that dashboard at the timestamp by comparison at 100% it would be showing 488.75km. so the person that drove that EV9 to that display area achieved that.

    2. Phuket Explorer Avatar
      Phuket Explorer

      Zero if you’re uploading every last watt into the grid. 😄

  2. leedeehan Avatar

    I wish they would release this already or at least tell us what it costs? Is it a state secret?

  3. OttoT Avatar

    Very promising but I want to have one thing clear, I see it has V2L (you can have 2 sockets in your car to power something) but is this car V2X (Vehicle to everything), or V2G (Vehicle to Grid) and V2H (Vehicle to Home) or only V2G?

    1. benrgrogan Avatar

      They say in the video. V2H and V2G with the KIA wall charger.

  4. Chris Bailey Avatar
    Chris Bailey

    The Nissan home charger/collector was very expensive and only certain electricity companies were in the scheme, so area specific. Will the new home unit be bought by home owners or part of a scheme so that it’s yours eventually. Looks a good idea against having separate home batteries, and on that will it take into account solar and make it more worthwhile selling home generated energy too at peak times?

  5. Michael Kaiser Avatar
    Michael Kaiser

    Very interesting. How will this work if you have solar panels? Would you be able to store excess energy not used during the day in your cars battery to use overnight and also top up the grid? Then top up your car when the sun rises in the morning?

    1. Narom Avatar


      Essentially its a Tesla Powerwall with wheels that you can drive around.

    2. Glen Douglas Avatar
      Glen Douglas

      Yup, sort of! It’s what I do just now with my home storage battery. You need additional electrical work carried out and an extra consumer unit, meter added as well as a safety device that won’t allow electricity to get onto the grid in a power cut, in case you electrocuted an engineer

  6. fugixi Avatar

    V2G is great to have, but to think that you will charge for free is kind of ridicolous.
    If anything you can get paid when essentially selling back to the grid, but then you would have to buy it back. Does not seem any different than having a battery with solar panels on the roof.

    1. Mark Reed Avatar
      Mark Reed

      …the big difference is the grid/solar/home has access to the battery at home 24/7

  7. Phuket Explorer Avatar
    Phuket Explorer

    Filed under perpetual energy. No more gas or nuclear power stations, wind or solar farms. Well done Kia you’ve saved the planet. 😂

  8. mev202 Avatar

    Interesting, essentially the same as my solar panels and house battery, i charge it at night or with solar. Then it just sells the excess throughout the day. The only thing i cant do is sell it for more than i buy it.

  9. Sleepy Games Avatar
    Sleepy Games

    So looking forward to when V2G will be widely available to the general public!

    1. Glen Douglas Avatar
      Glen Douglas

      True but you’ll need extra consumer unit rewired and safety devices added. The system that Ford require installed in the USA for their Lightning customers costs around $3000 to get installed.

  10. The Graphite Whisperer Avatar
    The Graphite Whisperer

    What is max power output in KW of the vehicle for house loads? 10KW would be great, but I have a feeling it’ll be half that.

    1. Mike Whitehead Avatar
      Mike Whitehead

      I’d be surprised. I think it’ll be more like 3kW.

    2. The Graphite Whisperer Avatar
      The Graphite Whisperer

      @Mike Whitehead you’re probably right. Was just wishful thinking on my part, given the car can probably take in 11KW or 22KW AC, figured they’d arrange the onboard inverter to reverse the flow back out at a decent amount.

      I think Ioniq 5 has a max output of 3.6KW at 240v from a small dedicated inverter?

    3. Mark Reed Avatar
      Mark Reed

      @The Graphite Whisperer I think you need 3 phase to go any higher than 7.4Kw in the UK

  11. Flemming Skovbjerg Avatar
    Flemming Skovbjerg

    Hvad er energi tabet ved V2G ( %) ?

  12. Nick Simpson Avatar
    Nick Simpson

    Will it be an open standard?

    1. Matthew Burroughs Avatar
      Matthew Burroughs


  13. Caliwish Avatar

    Is Kia pushing this out to the USA?

  14. Graeme Murray Avatar
    Graeme Murray

    I want this but can’t afford an ev9. Will it be on 24 plated ev6s or nitro EVs?

  15. Simon Shepherd Avatar
    Simon Shepherd

    Will this work for all Kia ev cars ? Such as the new Niro ?

    1. Mark Reed Avatar
      Mark Reed


  16. Robert Berry Avatar
    Robert Berry

    Great to see this idea being developed beyond current capabilities and I look forward to seeing it arrive in the UK.

  17. Alan Edward Avatar
    Alan Edward

    Love this style of presentation and great presenting.

    Reminds me of that Jeremy Clarkson q&a on top gear but this is very informative.

  18. Suresh Gangar Avatar
    Suresh Gangar

    This guy’s a comedian 😂😂😂 Love it!

  19. Alun Jones Avatar
    Alun Jones

    I’m not convinced when Kia says it doesn’t harm the battery. I’m not aware of any battery technology that doesn’t have some degree of degradation through use. My main concern with using a car battery as a two-way power source for the grid, is battery longevity. Battery life is still one of the big question marks with EV’s and until we have an abundance of 10-20 year old EV’s with a broad range of mileages, we just can’t be sure how robust they are..
    Those of us old enough to remember combined TV/video players that were thrown away when either of the two broke. Are we going to be throwing away a perfectly good EV prematurely because we’ve used the battery for other means.

  20. Mark Reed Avatar
    Mark Reed

    My problem with V2G for consumer vehicles is the need for a new more expensive charger and that electric companies will mainly want access to your car battery between the 4-8pm peak period when most people will be driving home from work. I can see business vehicles like buses and vans working well as a more predictable use case, but we will see…

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