Electrifying.com Money Saving Hero Awards 2023

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In spite of current energy cost increases, an electrical automobile can still be a terrific way to reduce your driving expenses. However did you understand that there are certain cars and trucks and companies which will assist guarantee you maximize your money when making the switch?

To assist you pick the ideal cars and truck, we have actually created the Money Conserving Hero Awards. We have actually crunched the numbers and compared every model in every category to find the very best electrical cars and trucks for your money.

00:00 Introduction – Our 2023 winners
01:44 Finest Urban Vehicle: MINI
05:41 Best Little Family Automobile:
08:07 Best Big Household Vehicle: Kia 6
11:55 Finest Van: Ford eTransit
15:06 Person of the Year: Greg Jackson, Octopus Energy
18:34 Electric Brand Name of the Year: Kia
20:14 Best Used Electric Cars And Truck: Kia E Niro
21:30 Best Premium Automobile: BMW i4
23:42 Automobile of the Year:

Join Ginny, Nicki and Tom as they expose our 2023 winners and explain why we believe you ought to have them on your shortlist. Do you agree with our choices? Make certain you let us know in the remarks listed below.

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19 responses to “Electrifying.com Money Saving Hero Awards 2023”

  1. Eric MacNaughton Avatar
    Eric MacNaughton

    Great awards list, thanks! Reaffirms my eye for the EV6. 🙂

  2. Roberto Avatar

    The mg4 gives a slap on the face to all

  3. Mike Kyffin Avatar
    Mike Kyffin

    I love the round table discussion and banter between the three of you. A perfect blend and a joy to be entertained and informed. Thank you for all the good work you do. Best wishes to all at the Electrifying Team

  4. Kevin Bullas Avatar
    Kevin Bullas

    I really enjoy your collective and individual presenting styles and found the Vlog enjoyable but also illustrative that the public are really poorly served by manufacturers who are producing expensive, vastly over engineered, EV’s…when are affordable EV’s going to arrive…credit to MG…

  5. Brian Avatar

    Tesla just dropped prices, the other stuff doesn’t look so good now. Admittedly the Tesla’s still expensive but with minimal servicing and the supercharger network, they’re still a good value proposition especially for long term ownership. And this from an eNiro owner.

  6. paul waldock Avatar
    paul waldock

    Hyundai Ioniq while it’s still around, well priced and fantastic efficiency 👍👍👍

  7. Atholl McNicoll Avatar
    Atholl McNicoll

    Okay you 3 how about the most affordable Hybrid car for 2023, as them that have tested EV’s on a grander scale all pretty much agree, the recharging of batteries takes too long, so are opting for hybrid instead and we are talking taxi cabs.

  8. dylan adams Avatar
    dylan adams

    Talking about affordable cars, with EVs you need to factor in the massively cheaper running and maintenance costs. Also any rebates your government may give you. Here in New Zealand it’s about $8000 for any car under 80k – for reference the Model 3 is about 74k. When the MG4 gets here it’ll be about 50k – that’s a rebate of 16%!!! So of course if your fuel costs are about 25% of a petrol car, you can put that 75% weekly saving into car payments and afford a much nicer car.

  9. Robert Skarratts Avatar
    Robert Skarratts

    I got the niro ev 4 compromised wanted the ev6. Had it for a month now very happy

  10. Pateldaku Avatar

    Tesla 3 and Y now reduced price, especially the Entry Level Rear wheel drive £43k. And range of over 300 miles.

  11. gathonar Avatar

    Got a BMW i3 and I never use the rear wiper lol

  12. BH London Avatar
    BH London

    Interestingly the MINI Electric was £24,400 when it came out. Now it’s £29,000. Funny how much things have changed in just a few years

    1. David Lewis Avatar
      David Lewis

      Yeah Tesla dropped by about 7K today go grab a bargain while they are still making them.

  13. 💰 Make $750 Per Day Avatar
    💰 Make $750 Per Day

    “The number one reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors.” –Napoleon Hill

  14. Thomas Eriksson Avatar
    Thomas Eriksson

    Nice video!👍 The three of you are perfectly coordinated!…could lead Eurovision song test together!😁🌹

  15. Riaz Avatar

    Problem with the Mini as the “Urban” pick, yes it’s nippy, but if you live in the city, you’re more likely to be in a flat with no charging at home. So something with decent range is a boon.

  16. chris penn Avatar
    chris penn

    Had my MG4 for a month – haven’t missed the rear wiper at all. Gear selector location is fine too! Bigger irritation is the driver assistance systems can be too keen – like many other new cars. Still very happy with it though. 🙂

  17. Wayne Moore Avatar
    Wayne Moore

    In Australia the Mini costs more than a Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2. $72k starting price!

  18. Edge Reviews Avatar
    Edge Reviews

    Please do your research guys. The MG4 does not come with a 7 warranty on the whole car. The warranty on the MG EVs doesn’t cover much.

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